Vladimir Bogomolov, "Ivan": a summary of the story

war did not spare anyone, because it is inhuman in nature.Although half a century has passed more than after the terrible events of 1941-1945., Can not be indifferent to read about the heroes who gave their lives for the sake of the homeland.Especially if it is a child.Early knower grief and matured before the deadline ... Hot loved his family and vowed to take revenge on the enemy ... even at the cost of his own life ... A bold, thoughtful, ready to test the most inhuman ... but still a child.That he has devoted his work to a former war veteran Vladimir Bogomolov."Ivan" (read a summary of the possible in this article) proves once again how incompatible these two words: "war" and "children".

plot: Night Guest

It happened in October, on the banks of the Dnieper.Acting battalion commander lieutenant twenty years Galtseva middle of the night woke up duty.He said that on the shores of someone detained.He floundered in the water, he refused to answer questions, and demanded to take him to his superiors.G

altsev saw at the entrance of the boy of eleven years.He was all wet and turned blue from the cold.And "in his eyes ... I felt some inner tension and distrust and dislike ...".The lieutenant tried to find out from the lad who he was and what was in the river.So begins the story Bogomolov "Ivan".

Summary talk of heroes can be summarized as follows.Ignoring the questions, a boy named only the name and all required to report it to headquarters.Galtsev long refused to do so and called only when a guest named Lieutenant Colonel Gryaznov and Captain Choline.Hearing the name Bondarev, at the other end fuss.Ordered to give the boy a paper, ink, and recording immediately sent to the headquarters.And to convey that he was already leave surprises the reader Bogomolov.

Ivan (summary lets you know the boy's name before you do read the book) counted carefully taken out of the pockets of grain and needles, then long I am writing something.Finally, I put all in an envelope, carefully sealed and ordered to send to headquarters.Galtsev not believe the boy now felt uncomfortable and wanted to please him in every way.He has prepared and warmed up with warm water remaining dinner.Little eating, a boy lay down and went to check Galtsev posts.He tried to understand what had happened.Who is this and why Bondarev in the headquarters so worried about it?How could he so cold to swim across the Dnieper?Not every adult is under force.Omit the scene talking to the soldiers who found the boy, it allows a summary of the story "Ivan".Bogomolov in the first part strongly emphasizes the unusual happened to lieutenant battalion was preparing to force the Dnieper.

Arrival Captain Choline

Returning, Galtsev saw Bondarev is not sleeping.Soon came the captain.He ran to the boy, and only now the lieutenant learned the name of his guest.Ivan immediately perked up and smiled for the first time.Choline said that his waiting Katasonych.To which the boy replied, there were Germans, because to get to Dikovke it was impossible.Another added that floated on lazy and almost drowned.So gradually reveals the image of the hero Bogomolov.Ivan (summary, unfortunately, can only superficially tell about the hero) still seemed small and weak lieutenant.

Choline ordered to remove people from the dugout and secretly fit the machine.Ten minutes later, the boy dressed in a shirt and trousers, with a medal and a medal on his chest, was not found.At the table, they talked, and the lieutenant found out that Bondarev sent to Suvorov, but he refused: no time.And when Choline poured vodka, boy toast: "... that I always come back" - and took a sip from a mug.Soon Ivan stood up and demanded: "Let's go!" Choline is confused, but did not contradict.

Before leaving Galtsev shook the boy's hand and said: "... Vanya, goodbye!" However, Bondarev corrected: "Not good-bye and bye!" - And looked askance.This scene makes it clear that the heroes are destined to meet.And it becomes more mysterious.

Bondarev, "Ivan": a summary of the events that took place in the following days

The battalion arrived unexpectedly Katasonov, who led the reconnaissance platoon to division.He went around observation points, studied the situation on the other side.From Katasonova Galtsev heard the phrase Vanya (so affectionately called his foreman): "He burns the soul of hatred."

Three days later came Choline.He also inspected the troops and for a long time staring into the scheme and a map of Defense, to the opposite bank of the Dnieper.Ready for something serious, it makes it clear Bogomolov.

Ivan (summary does not include the details of the description of all the actions Katasonova and choline) appeared one night as mysteriously as the left.

«He has gone through so much that we never dreamed»

From the conversation of their guests Galtsev realized that night Bondarev must forward to the other side directly to the Germans in the rear.The lieutenant asked to take it with him, but was refused.Ivan behaved kindly and saw on his belt Galtseva homemade knife - the memory of his best friend - asked to give it to him.Having been refused, he started to act up, just like a child.

On the way to the bank - I had to make last-minute preparations - Choline told how Ivan died at the hands of my sister.The mother was gone, and his father was killed in the first day of the war.It was the death camp, he was at the guerrillas.Now eager to avenge and stop it no one can.Sent to study, but he escaped in the darkness of their own was shot in the shoulder Galtsev saw the scar is still at the first meeting.Now he served in the reconnaissance, and he had no equal.Pretending to be a vagabond, he could get into the most rear of the Nazis and obtain valuable information.

When all the preparations were made, Galtsev returned to the dugout, where he found the boy's ordinary child's play.But a few hours later he had to go on a mission, stressed Vladimir Bogomolov.Ivan (summary lets just mention it) led to this moment behave as any other of his peers.


Entered later Choline suddenly announced that Katasonova urgently summoned to the division - it was a ploy to not to talk to Ivan that the sergeant was killed.Instead, he went to the other side Galtsev.

After crossing the Dnieper River, the men have been waiting until twelve Ivan (real name - Buslov) passes Watch.He had to go through for the night about twenty kilometers and then - is not less than thirty.Choline is a long time did not dare to go back, and later, in the dugout, in the hearts said that they are fighting for the third year, "and in the eyes of death - as Ivan!- ... And did not look. "

died as a hero

Galtsev still could not forget the boy.And when he found himself in Berlin, I saw the index cards of the secret police.On one of the photos stared familiar face.On the card pinned to the list indicates that the restricted area detained a teenager, one of the local residents identified him Ivan.He was interrogated for four days, but he stayed defiant and did not disclose any details.Early in the morning of December 25, 1943 he was shot.A policeman caught the teenager received a hundred marks.So ends the work of Bogomolov ("John").

Read the summary of the book, in order to fully comprehend the tragedy of what happened, is not enough.Only the full text will help you understand how fast children growing up in the terrible years of war.