Tale Vitaly Gubarev "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors": summary

In this article we will talk about the story "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors".Summary of t

he book is unlikely to convey the extraordinary atmosphere, which plunge, falling into a fairyland with the girl Olga.Rereading this work as an adult is definitely possible to get a great benefit.

Why book worth reading for adults?

author of this remarkable work - Vitaly Gubarev ("The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors").Summary of this book, we try to convey today.It is useful to read and someone who was a child twenty - thirty years ago.First, reading children's books is very purifies the soul, makes the perception of reality more vivid.Secondly, living in constant work and worry, we forget that we must first work on ourselves.Thirdly, such a reading allows an adult to plunge into the atmosphere of the sun, carefree childhood, remember those days when leafing through this book is not Marya, and a pupil of the second class, a girl with pigtails provocative - Masha.

So, "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors".Summary of this book will give you the opportunity to understand that it is certainly worth a read to your children.

What book can teach a child?

This story, like any other, is able to give the children a lot.Importantly, this will not be the parent of edification, but a living, fascinating journey to the magical land.

children 7-8 years have not always able to assess the correctness of their actions.Help them learn to analyze their actions.They are easy to cope if they fall into the hands of the fairy tale "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors".

Vitaly Gubarev creates a wonderful sense of magic.The names of his characters - these are the words on the contrary, that, by the way, is very popular with the children.Anidag, Nushrok, Abazh necessarily cause the child's smile.

few words about the author

Homeland G. Vitali Gubarev - Rostov-on-Don.His childhood took place in a remote area Large Kozynka.The creative writer's life began with the release of school newspapers and magazines.His first story "rotten wood" was published when Vitali was 14 years old.Upon graduation, the young writer receives as chief editor of the children's newspaper.

Among his most famous works are the following: "Pavlik", "sun Polesie".These books are written by the author of the fate of children in war.

passion for writing fairy tales - a later stage of the writer.The most famous fairy tale author - "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", a summary of which you will soon find out.

little about the movie based on the story Gubarev

phrase "a summary of the works of" The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors "" certainly brings back memories of the famous Soviet film based on motives of the fairy tale by Alexander Rowe in 1963.Roles main characters in the film performed by nine-year twin sisters Tanya and Olga Yukina, 337 student-th Moscow school.Girl Olga, of course, played the little sister of the same name.The role went to Tanya Yalo.The shooting took place in the Crimea, where the girls went with my mother.

"Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors": summary

The book begins with a naughty schoolgirl Olya third grade, chasing the cat enters through the mirror into a fairyland.Finding himself in a wonderful kingdom, Olga magically saw myself from outside as like her grandmother.In this country girl meets Yalo, his reflection.Its disadvantages are the same with the weaknesses that have the most character.Since Olga was able to see what it really is.

In this kingdom all fake, there do distorting mirrors.Around a solid false.The only flat mirror has the king.The names of the inhabitants of fairyland - inverted words.King Yagupop name, his advisor - Nushrok.Names characterize these characters and make it clear what they are.Hypocritical approximate pretend to believe in the illusory mirror world.Anyone who is dissatisfied with this policy, Kara.Zerkalschik Gourde tries to rebel, for which he gets to the Tower of Death.He is sentenced to death.

girls decide to save Gourde.A good cook Askal helps them to change into the pages.The main character and its reflection come to the palace and extract the key.Girls Rescue Gourde.Then it turns out that the key is lost.You have to find a second copy that is kept by the Minister on behalf of overriding Abazh.Girls and extract it.After overcoming many obstacles, they were victorious.Also, it turns out that Yalo just could not find the first key in his pocket.The girls get into the tower, rescue Gourde and sing a song.All the evil rulers turn into animals.At the end of the fairy tale
Olya gets home and sees her grandmother, granddaughter that was finally able to see how it looks from the outside.

As a child, everyone wants to get to the magical land, which was created by an amazing writer Vitaly Gubarev."The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" (a summary of this book, you have now learned) - a symbol of childhood for many people in our country.