"Romeo and Juliet": where the action of the play?

In the world literature there are works that are considered absolute classics.Without a doubt, this includes the tragedy of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."Where the action takes place, every schoolboy knows.The small Italian town of Verona - is still a kind of place of pilgrimage for lovers of the world.Here you can see the house of Romeo and tomb, which is associated with the young heroine of the tragedy.

main arena events

ancient city where Romeo and Juliet lived, where there are events that led to their tragic death, is very well preserved.Guides vengeance exploit the image of Shakespeare's characters, arguing that every narrow alley can meet their ghosts.Verona was built according to ancient traditions.It is possible that the area of ​​drama - is the oldest town square, Piazza Bra, which is preserved to this day.

Juliet's House

In medieval Verona really were two noble family that served as prototypes Montagues and Capulets: family Montikoli and Dal Capello.It was between such irreconcil

able hostility, not known for certain, but the house in which first met Romeo and Juliet, where the action is, where they fall in love with each other, as if struck by thunder, - exists.Today it is a museum.City officials do not mind to earn a romantically minded tourists.

At the entrance visitors will immediately fall into the patio, which overlooks the elegant balcony with carved railings.It is not difficult to guess that this is the place where Romeo and Juliet was a first date.Kiss on the balcony of the legendary - the cherished dream of the romantics of the world.It should be noted, however, that authenticity is not fully respected Shakespeare clearly says that the young Montague hiding under a balcony in the garden, not the stone-paved courtyard.

However, do not be too picky.The city authorities have done everything possible and impossible to restore the interior of the house, where she was the heroine of the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet", where the action takes place, during which the lovers meet, and then say goodbye.Ball probably took place on the third floor - in a spacious room with a fireplace, decorated with the coat of arms Del Capello.Interior room Juliet lovingly recreated by the famous painting by F. Ayetsa "Last Kiss", which the artist depicted parting lovers.

Secret Marriage and exile

far from Verona preserved remains of an ancient Franciscan monastery in which, perhaps, was the brother of Lorenzo's cell - a monk with which combined the secret marriage of Romeo and Juliet.Where the action is directly related to the wedding, the drama is not mentioned, but, according to legend, it is the sacrament took place in this particular monastery.

Soon after the wedding, the protagonist turns into exile.In an effort to avenge the death of his friend Mercutio, he fiercely fights with Tybalt - a cousin of his wife - and kills him.

cup of patience overflowed Gentlemen of Verona.All are outraged, including the Duke - the ruler of the city.As survivors of the fighters was a Romeo, anger focused on him, he is forced to leave and Verona, and a young wife.

medieval Happy marriages

meantime trying to marry the bride.One of the most severe is the scene of the drama "Romeo and Juliet", where the action takes place in a room of the protagonist.There has recently said goodbye to love, and now head of the family throws the Capulet's daughter in the face cruel words: if a girl does not marry the count, he is not her father.

To understand the whole series of tragic events of the play "Romeo and Juliet", and where the action is - is important.This medieval town of the XIV century, in which the noble lords are civil war and where the desire of the bride is not necessarily a prerequisite for marriage.In those days with her daughters and really could not stand on ceremony: Capulet threat not empty - in his power to condemn Juliet hunger and wandering.

Brother Lorenzo agreed to help: he gives a thirteen-year girl with a terrible drug vial.After drinking it, she sleeps like the dead.

tragic denouement

Then begins the fifth, the last act of the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet", where the action takes place on the streets of Mantua, a city 40 km from Verona (in this "unthinkable given" the protagonist of the house serving his expulsion).For it is a servant and tells him that Juliet is dead.At the same time the messenger brother Lorenzo, who must warn that falsified death, late this important news.Immediately the young Montague pharmacist buys poison and rushes to meet his fate.

denouement of the drama "Romeo and Juliet", where the action takes place in the family tomb of the Capulets, known to everyone who can read.According to legend, the place is located on the territory of the monastery, where the heroes were married.

immortal heroes today

Juliet's Tomb is now considered one of the most popular attractions of Verona.In the underground room where the entrance is through the church courtyard is the tomb of red marble.It was buried the young lover Romeo.

absolute certainty in this, of course not, but the tomb and sarcophagus - authentic, very old.It is possible that there was resting just a victim of unrequited love, the more that the story about the supposed death of a girl resulted in the suicide of her lover, and then the real death of the heroine appears in Italian literature repeatedly (more) well before the first edition of the tragedyShakespeare.A similar story is described further in Ovid in "Metamorphoses," and in fact they may well have been created in the first century BC.