The image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter" by A. Pushkin

basis of the novel "The Captain's Daughter" Pushkin - events that occurred in 1773-1774.The author portrays a peasant revolt, led by Emelyan Pugachev.

image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter."Summary of the book

For a deeper understanding of the image, which has been recreated a brilliant writer, let us turn to the main points of the book.

young nobleman Peter Grinyov sent to serve in Fort Belogorsk.He met with the captain's daughter, Maria Mironova, which later falls in love.Peter is friends with the officer Shvabrin also in love with the captain's daughter.Between young people going on a duel, in which Green got badly injured.Maria and Peter love each other, but the parents are dissatisfied with their son's choice.

Emelyan Pugachev captures the fortress killed parents Masha, who is hiding from falling.Shvabrin trying to force Maria to marry him.Peter frees the girl and falls under arrest.Maria goes to St. Petersburg and rescues her fiance.Grinyova free.Young people become happ

y husband and wife.

Approximately would look like a summary of the story, if it were not Pugachev.It does not say a word about this character, and it would seem the essence of the story is not broken.

What is the image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter"?The reduction by transmitting only summary, it is difficult to talk about this hero.Portrait Pugacheva most fully drawn during meetings with Grinev that, in fact, could be made into a separate work.

Four Grinyova meeting with Pugachev

As mentioned above, the image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter" is revealed in the course of four meetings with Grinev.

first meeting determine the course of their future relationship.Pugachev Grinyova brought from the steppe during the storm.Peter thought his companion - a simple traveler.He gave Pugachev rabbit coat that marked the beginning of relations based on Christian concepts.

second meeting of these characters occurs in the Belogorsk fortress, which occupied the rebels.Pugachev recognized nobleman young man who gave his gratitude to toe.Grinyov refused to swear allegiance to the Ataman, a sense of duty to the fatherland was higher than fear for their lives.This Peter says frankly Pugachev, intuitive feeling that the impostor has his sense of honor and duty.

shocking impression on Grinyova meeting of the military council.It was clear that with his "entourage" impostor talks on an equal footing.Relations between all present, rather like the friendly.Most of Peter's execution shook the participants' meeting "a song about the gallows.It seemed as if everyone present, including Pugachev understand the outcome of his fate.

third meeting of the two heroes of the story occurred when Grinyov fought against the impostor in Orenburg and received news of Masha, who wrote to him about what forced her Shvabrin marry him.Petrushka hurried to help the girl, but on the way he was stopped by the posts Pugacheva and sent to the impostor.Yemelyan Grinyova recognized and warmly welcomed.Fortunately Peter, entered into force again its friendly relations with Pugachev, and impostor Grinyov assisted in the liberation of the beloved, when I heard that offend orphan.

Even Shvabrin not stop noble deeds Ataman Pugachev saying that Mary - daughter Mironov.Yemelyan angry that he had hidden from this fact, but responded to the call Grinyova let him go, and the fatherless.

last meeting with a young nobleman chieftain took place during the execution of the latter.Pugachev found his friend, nodded to him, and a moment later his dead head was paraded.

essay on "The image of Pugachev in the story" The Captain's Daughter "is often perceived as a rather simple disciples.However, this character is so complex and multifaceted that more in-depth analysis leads students to a difficult conclusion caused multifaceted personality Pugacheva.For example, it shows itself merciless against parents Masha Mironova, but it shows generosity.

image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter."The author's attitude to the hero

Emelyan Pugachev in the book depicts Pushkin not a murderer, shown by historians XVIII-XIX centuries, as smart and courageous leader of the people.Savvy, energetic, able to lead - this is the image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter."The writing of each student have to mention these as a hero.

In respect of the nobility and government officials Pugachev merciless in their face he sees enemies.Bloodthirsty, brutal - these features also determine the image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter."

Writing about this character necessarily affects the topic murder of Captain Mironov and his wife, with whom impostor cost mercilessly.Coolness with which he kills people, it is striking.

image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter" is a bit comical.Pushkin shows how simple Cossack impostor.His speech is full of folk proverbs and sayings.He tells his "boys" to call him the king-priest.At the same time in its relations with the people there is no respect for rank, and anyone can challenge his opinion.Pugachev recognizes that condemned to death, and realizes that it can easily deliver.

like Pushkin, Pugachev, but because of its easy to catch the irony mockery of this character.

Russian national character

essay on "The image of Pugachev in the novel" The Captain's Daughter "" must contain an idea that expresses the hero of the tale of the eagle and the raven.Pretender believes it is better to live long, but worthy than there many years, feeding on carrion.

Stressing the hero of intelligence, courage, wit, the author shows the best character traits of the Russian people.

Pushkin's attitude to the peasant uprising

image of Pugachev in the story "The Captain's Daughter" is definitely endowed with a variety of positive characteristics.However, Pushkin did not idealize this hero.The author of the novel has a negative attitude to all sorts of bloodshed and prefers reforms.He calls the Russian revolt senseless and merciless.The author does not set himself the task of showing his work in crime rebels, and was just trying to recreate history.

Pugachev in the pages of history and in the works of Pushkin

Turning to the work of historians, we can find out what Pugachev - a native of the village Zimoveyskoy Don region.His name came from the nickname of his grandfather imposter - Michael Pugach.

in official historical documents Pugachev characterized solely as a thief, a murderer and an impostor.

But Pushkin showed Pugachev talented national leader.He drew attention to the other side of the personality and, most likely, was right, giving his mind, energetic, charismatic, do not be such an imposter, he could not lead the peasant uprising of this magnitude.

idea of ​​rebellion in his book "The Captain's Daughter" finds echoes in Pushkin's novel "Dubrovsky".Emelyan Pugachev - more colorful figure than Vladimir Dubrovsky.However, the two heroes - rebels, coming from different social classes, but have common features "predatory nobility."