February 10 - Day of Remembrance AS

genius of Russian literature - Alexander Pushkin.His works have become a role model not only for contemporaries but also to future writers.Each year, the memory of the great poet honored February 10 in all schools, universities, concert halls and museums.

New Year's literature

great and glorious past from Russian literature.Hundreds of classic quotes all over the world.And in order to know about the genius in their native land, the authorities organize the celebrations.February 10 - Day of Remembrance of Pushkin, February 9 - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, November 20 - Leo Tolstoy, and so on. D.

Know the best writers of Russia should not only abroad but also in thehome.Therefore, 2015 was declared the Year of Literature.

throughout the year in the country will be range of government programs.Their goal - to encourage people to read more representatives of Russian and world literature.Over the popularization of the project employs thousands of professionals.They are engaged in advertising, systematize and

create an action plan.

worth noting that participate in planning at the regional level can be anyone.Site "Year of Literature" indicates the contacts on your pages, which can be contacted with the authorities.

The event Memorial Day ASPushkin (in the year of literature) received maximum publicity and pomp.

Emperor literature

Every country in the world has a writer whose name is associated with it.This figure in Russia is Alexander Pushkin.His legacy - the pride of the whole nation.That the man considered the founder of Russian literary language.

In its short life, Pushkin managed to create a database of works which later became a role model.His family was rich enough, but not titled.In the native genius of the future were already representatives of literary art.His uncle, Davidov, was a writer-lover and communicated to the circle of writers.

Alexander was born 26 May 1799 in Moscow.He died at the age of 37 on January 29 (February 10 New Style), 1837 in St. Petersburg.

At the request of his wife, he was put in a coffin in a tailcoat.The funeral, which was first appointed to the St. Isaac's Cathedral, the church moved to Konjushennuju.There people were allowed by invitation.All this time was near his close friend, AITurgenev.

It was subsequently announced that it is February 10 - Day of Remembrance ASPushkin.Start


lot for the birth of the man as the creator made his enrollment in Royal Lyceum.There, he spent six years.Alexander meet and communicate with the same creative individuals like myself.But at the same time since his life was closely linked to the ruling regime.

In 1949, the 150th anniversary of the birthday of the poet, in Tsarskoye Selo Museum was opened lyceum.It was there once born first poems of Pushkin.

His choice was the young Natalia Goncharova.In 1836, Pushkin's wife noticed the connection and Dantes.Through the efforts of a jealous husband had provoked a duel.So, January 27, 1837 Alexander lost and Dantes, after spending two days in agony and died.At the last minute with him were close friends.In the courtyard there were hundreds of fans.So Russia lost one of its best sons.Therefore, this day is traditionally celebrated as in the history of Memorial Day ASPushkin.

first museum

Chief Pushkin Museum Russia begins its history since 1879.The main difference from other buildings - the collection introduces the audience not only with the life of the classic and the XIX century, and in which he lived.Each of the copies tells a fantastic story.The fund was going to for decades to come.The museum has in its arsenal of unique things.

Russian Museum of ASPushkin Museum is composed of the above-lyceum and five objects, each of which takes the crowd of fans February 10.Day of poet Alexander Pushkin noted in the various institutions of the various programs.

One of the most interesting rooms - Memorial Apartment Museum on the Moika Embankment in St. Petersburg.

Last House

Before his death, the great poet to his house on the Sink, 12-wishers came to know his state of health.When people are notified of the death of Pushkin, the hearts of many were filled with deep sadness.According to documentary evidence, last farewell so I had about fifty thousand worshipers.

Annually, February 10 (Day of Memory of Alexander Pushkin) becomes a day of celebrations, dedicated to the great poet.

house itself - an old mansion that belonged to several generations of princes.Recently changed under the form of a memorial to the 30-ies of the XIX century.Reconstruction carried out on records in documents.Pushkin's family moved there in 1836.The apartment consisted of eleven spacious rooms.They stored the materials of the last period of his work, things that belonged to Alexander, his family and friends.

Since 1925's apartment on the waterfront was assigned the status of a museum.Since that time, the date of death of the poet celebrated as Memorial Day ASPushkin.Visit the museum on this day not only ordinary passers-by and school children, but also creative people, representatives of local and national authorities, guests from abroad.The most talented read their poetry classics.

Moscow Museum

only museum in Moscow - Memorial Apartment ASPushkin on the Arbat.That it took place before marriage bachelor poet.Also in this apartment were the first three months of a happy married life.A lot of new knowledge will bring House Museum VLPushkin at the Old Basman.It is the home of the poet's uncle, who introduced the little nephew to the world of literature.Two halls are working under the leadership of the State Museum of ASPushkin.That he was honored to open the Year of Literature.

Visit the museum - it is the best way to mark the Memorial Day ASPushkin.February 10 - has long been a national holiday.

memory of genius

familiar with the work of the poet millions of people.His works are read.Many of his works are relevant and of interest to the present generation.He is one of a number of those whose works will never grow old.That is why the monument to the writer are in hundreds of cities not only in the post-Soviet space, but also throughout the world, the Chinese Shanghai to the US in Washington.

Annually, February 10 (Day of Memory of Alexander Pushkin) to the pedestal presented with flowers.The squares of his name read out poems, put scenes from the show films and documentaries.

Pushkin art

Day of Pushkin's death - a special event in the history of Russia.That is why today the government supports museums that line of work - the life and work of the great classics.In this February day dozens of schools offer a completely free access to their rooms, watch concerts and peek behind the screen, which hides the real world talent.Programs museums are meant to contemporaries knew more about the festival on 10 February.Happy memory ASPushkin opens exhibition with dozens of new exhibits.

to verse writer many composers have written music.More than thirty works were filmed and broadcast at the request of the audience, not only on the day of memory of the poet, but also in everyday life.About short life make films.

with such love to the people so his fame will never die down.