Jack London "Martin Eden": a summary of the chapters

Like his literary character, John Griffith Chaney childhood hard work earned the "daily bread."As a child, he sold newspapers, worked as a janitor, a factory worker.Then he hired a sailor on a fishing vessel, as well as Martin Eden.Summary of the novel in its early chapters due to the self-identification of the young writer - sailor.After all, the journey - in the Bering Sea - overwhelmed the soul of the future writer such vivid impressions, he took up the pen.Then, as his Martin Eden, John Cheney decided to change his life by becoming a writer.

In something similar and the death of a 40-year-old Jack London's how it happened with Martin Eden.Summary of the book tells us about suicide.Former sailor dived into the lungs and inhaled water.Death is the same Jack London experts connect it with the suicide (though not proven) - intentional overdose of morphine (writer weakened their symptoms of kidney failure).Further, the logic of the article leads us directly to the summary of the content of the novel.

Heads of I-II.The plot of the story.Dissonance: in appearance - a sailor in - poet

kindly ironically begins "Martin Eden".Summary of the first chapter shows us that Jack London that obviously jeering at himself in his younger years: physically strong, self-centered, but constrained by poverty and lack of education, sufficient for intellectual development.

His character falls for lunch in the aristocratic house of the family code.The reason was that he was twenty sailor rebuffed by local hooligans, when they tried to rob his peers Arthur Morse.

There he met his sister Ruth, studying in the university, and falls in love with her, her image dofantazirovat.In turn, the girl made a big impression male charisma of Martin and his passionate desire to learn.

not from noble motives had been invited, as we said Jack London, Martin Eden.Summary of Chapter II tells us that for the aristocracy and education outside Arthur Morse was a banal human baseness.He wanted to make fun of his savior - "uneducated chump" in front of their home, having made an advance announcement of the visit, saying he will "interesting savage."

However, Martin rose to the occasion by employing all his powers of observation, his whole "instant learning."Without knowing, he destroyed the plan of Arthur.

When he tried to provoke him into a rough story, Martin led the way so that rudeness sailor softened good-natured humor punctuated by a spirit of adventure and beauty is seen clearly passed their peace, and events.It also organically combined powerful energy and indifferent to beauty.

Heads of III-V.World crippling the world is being duped

We see temporary home of the protagonist."On the Rights of the bird 'lives here (judging by the way tells Jack London), Martin Eden.Summary Chapter III - a description of his life in the house of his brother Bernard Higginbotham.

One shopkeeper by profession and by nature - a greedy, malicious person, prone to meanness.Sister lived with him the main character, Gertrude, is not easy.He exploited it mercilessly.

Martin Eden lives in "cramped little room" with a bed, a sink and a chair.Here, in bestial conditions, inspired by love for Ruth, he decides to change.It takes an important decision: to give time, education, culture, hygiene, to rise to the level of his ideal - "flower girl."

His outraged primitivism of his neighbor Jim, of spending free time for dancing, booze and women, he refuses his proposal boring time.

Martin decides that "it is - not a 'and goes to the library.Not without irony about the first visit of this institution writes in Jack London novel "Martin Eden".Summary of the story is the protagonist of the depression amount of the surrounding "the treasures of wisdom" and realizing that the key to them (ie. E. The knowledge necessary for a full reading) had yet.He wandered through the halls of the Oakland library, helpless and confused, and then to anything back home.

Chapter VI-VIII.Step self

time passed.Martin Eden and immediately enrolled in Oakland and Barkleyskuyu library.Moreover, it is in each of them, in addition to its subscription, opened subscriptions to two of his sisters Gertrude and Mary, and another - on the journeyman Jim.In his room, he wore a pile of books, reading them day and night.

he started reading the works of Swinburne, and then drew attention to the writings of Karl Marx, Ricardo, Adam Smith.He tried to even read the "Secret Doctrine" Blavatsky ...

He sought a meeting with Ruth.And even once I went to the theater as a well-kept, with clean ironed shirt and trousers.With it looking Lizzie Connolly - beautiful brunette from the work of the family.Martin knew that in his heart there is a place only for Ruth.On the advice of a librarian on the phone, he agreed to meet with her.With Ruth, he spoke only of his self-education.Her advice - standard: first secondary and then higher education.However, the tuition fees exceed the income of Martin, and the family could not help him.(As it was close to Jack London!)

young man was only one way - self-education.Ruth really helps him to learn grammar.After a grammar he suddenly and not without success, began to develop a poetics.

Martin became increasingly meet Ruth.She discreetly start falling in love with him.

Chapter IX-XIII.Martin Eden, the stage of self-knowledge.Ignoring editors

earned a sailor before the money was wasted, and for the purpose of earning it took part in the eight-month expedition to the Solomon Islands.Surrounding noted: his speech was much more correct.In addition, a Norwegian sailing captain gave him reading a volume of Shakespeare.

Undoubtedly, a kind of evolution of man the creator is very concisely formulated for the novel "Martin Eden" summary.In English, good old Shakespearean English, learned how to express their thoughts in a voyage Martin.

Back in Auckland, he went immediately to Ruth, but three days wrote an essay in the journal "Observer San Francisco" and then the first part of the story of the whalers.Now he wrote three thousand words a day.He hoped to earn, to appear before his lady successful.

Soon, the young man was waiting and disappointment he failed the entrance exam to high school - everything except grammar.In addition, editors of magazines, where he sent his works, he returned them back, without publication.

unexpected call Ruth, and ... Martin accompanies her by the arm to a lecture.Along the way he meets and greets Lizzie Connolly and her friend, trying to meet with him in the theater.

returning home in his miserable little room, he sat on the bed, painfully ponders: rights if he recklessly fell in love with Miss Morse, a woman not of his circle.He ponders over whether the selected them love him any good?

Martin finally right creatively identifies itself.He initially taken aback by neprobivaemosti editors then undertook a "brainstorming."Because of painful reflection, it is doomed in its development to rely only on itself, it comes to true conclusions.Assessing his former literary failure, he exposes himself in ignorance, in the sense of unformed beauty, feelings of immaturity.Valuable is that it is their work in developing these qualities.

tool for rethinking the philosophy of Spencer was the unity of the world.He finally figured out how to build a mature reasoning, I realized how to write, came to this creative process: to the denial of his former dilettante failure grayness of the world.He realized that much more important - the harmony of the world.

his guesses about the redundancy of "general education" (aggressively imposed Ruth) confirmed in an impromptu "debate on the three", which was attended by Ruth Aulnay (Norman each) and it.The victory of the opinion that talent should develop only in a certain "his" direction.

Chapter XIV-XV.Self-knowledge

Obviously, as a personal (not a documentary but fiction) confession about his way of creativity, wrote the novel by Jack London ("Martin Eden").Summary of chapters of this book says it all: developing creativity through trial and error ...

Ruth at the request of Martin read his essays, to maybe find a weakness.Part of this she manages.However, at the same time she feels the artistic power of Martin, describing heartfelt "wrong and dirty life" of ordinary people, which is unknown to her.The emotional power of the writers are so expressive that Ruth clearly feels his love.However, her subconscious ideal man - a type of her father.

Martin himself by this time spiritually reborn.He reminisces about his six-year conflict with a fellow named Cheese-Face.Fights were regular.At the end of the opponents (the guys are adults) nearly killed each other.Stupid, pointless conflict.The protagonist is terrified of his inner world in those years ... He feels remorse.

Heads of XVI-XVIII.Work in the laundry room, "Warm Springs»

needed money to engage in literature.Martin - an accomplice working for $ 40 a month, room and board - guaranteed.The work - exhausting, long.The young man felt a "ghost in the realm of labor."He leaves this vicious circle, debilitating, and interest in life, basically decided: do not let the void in his life.

At the same time an aristocratic family Morse discuss it.There is talk

mother with her daughter - Mrs and Miss Morse.Ruth says that Martin is in love with her, about her influence on him.Mrs. Morse recounts a conversation her husband.The couple decide when Martin goes sailing (in the laundry of money he has not earned it), send a daughter to the east to Aunt Clara.

Heads of XX-XXIII.Love and engagement Ruth and Martin

Ruth finally falls in love with Martin.He instinctively wise is in no hurry to show their love.The first explained Ruth.Her worries its internal energy, courage, talent.

's parents, in principle, against it, but decided to consider their betrothed, secretly hoping to break their fast.They do not make a mistake by betting on commercialism daughter.

Heads of XX-XXIII.Breakthrough writer

protagonist of renting a room from a poor Portuguese Maria Silva.He continues to write articles unpublished desperately in misery.Sell ​​items: coats, bike, suit, used the money to buy a simple product.He is hungry, occasionally dining with her sister and Ruth.

Suddenly one magazine "Transcontinental Bulletin" agrees to publish his article "The Bells", though not for a legitimate $ 100 (Martin desperately need to pay the debt of $ 56 in payment for the purchased and eaten food, shelter, things in a pawnshop).Fraudsters are going to evaluate his work only only $ 5.He crushed morale, his immunity is reduced, and a former sailor seriously ill with influenza.

suddenly begin to publish articles Martin gradually come checks for small amounts of logs.He pays his debts.Finally, it is recognized as a writer.

However, it has yet to - learn vicious "kitchen" of journalism.Soon begin defaults editions.At the farce turns Returns Martin in "Overland Monthly" earned five dollars.At the same time the editors of "Hornet" - strong gladkovybritye fraudsters even "helped him quickly down the stairs."And though they then "had a drink in honor of dating," but remained at $ 15 "winners."

Ruth shortsighted in their perception of the ideal man.It does not recognize the talent of the elect, still wanting to Martin had a "fixed income", being an employee.She is convinced that he should get a job to her father.

In addition, Ruth - a child of his own circle.Her embarrassed that her choice communicates with the poor.

the Head XXXI-XXXVII.Creative maturity.Friendship with Brissendenom

Sociable Martin meets with guest Mr. Morse - Ressom Brissendenom, free-thinker, a person suffering from tuberculosis, but in love with life.They are close in spirit to the people, become friends.

Ress came from Arizona, where two years undergoing climatic treatment.Outwardly, he was of medium height, with a "sloping shoulders," live "brown eyes", aristocratic features: an aquiline nose and hollow cheeks.

He possessed an encyclopedic erudition.Martin read his poem "Efiremida" (ephemeral) - a philosophical rethinking of Man, called it brilliant.He has reinterpreted and in conversation expressed his personal, unique judgment.

In particular, it is with sex trafficking, she explained why no magazines published articles Martin: "In the depth you have, and magazines it is not necessary ... They print garbage, and deliver them in abundance."After reading the verses with a former sailor, Ress expressed the opinion that he - a real poet.He astutely warned Martin Eden "did not fly away," because "the wings that - too soft."Ruth as he described (with ruthless honesty and indignation Martin) "pale and insignificant."Her attempts to re-sailor - "pathetic morality" due to "fear of life."Ress advised the protagonist to find a woman - "a bright butterfly" with a "free spirit."

And he promises to introduce him to the people "is also something that reads," to which Martin will talk about.To do this, first friends "in the January evening" gave way to "working-class quarter of Market Street."There they met a really smart and educated people (idealist Norton, a former professor craze).Martin (with the filing Brissindena) entered into an interesting debate with the craze.

Chapter XXXVIII.Adversity and persecution

second time comrades come to the club Socialists.When discussing an interesting speech speaker stands and Martin.It simply clarifies the confusion of opinions, based on the basic laws of evolution.But here prisutstvovuet young, zealous and greedy for sensation reporter.

He composed a lampoon of "ferocious long-haired" socialists, and by inventing it, plays with the word "revolution", put it in the mouth of Martin, to present it as a socialist.

In our view, it is important to mention the irony with which he wrote the novel by Jack London ("Martin Eden").Summary of the heads of the English language has always attached vntimanie one scene from the book ... It is about the same brazen reporters.Trying to "deepen the theme of" the shameless slander youth sincerely believed that "advertising does Martin" came to take additional interviews.

Just a former sailor attended Brissinden ... with compelling irony (this - one of our favorite passages in the novel), Jack London says, with some commentary, holding his head reporterishki between his knees, slapped this liar, "to make the services of his mom"Martin.

In response to this same little rat wrote another lie - a lampoon Martin.Believe me, Jack London in this short story has expressed a lot of personal (because of its grass behind socialist views).

«infamous prank" reporter disorder the main character of the book of privacy.Soon, Ruth said a letter about breaking the engagement.The house is to Morzzam footmen no longer admitted Martin, arguing that "no one is home."

Five days after a meeting of friends, and the efforts of Martin "Eferemida" Brissindena was adopted by the magazine "The Parthenon" with exorbitant fee to $ 350 and with rave reviews from critics.Go in search of another Martin was shocked: he shot himself in the hotel bed, having returned from him and handed her a poem.In a crisis, tormented by lack of money, he appends his novel "belated".

Heads of XLV.The life force leaves Martin Eden

Later, he received a $ 350 pass executor Brissindena with the receipt of the debt of $ 100, which he presented at the last meeting it.

Next - Wheel of Fortune began working for Martin: he began to publish.First-class magazines vying published his article, offering hundreds of dollars for them.By mail came canceled checks, but it was too late.He was "burnt out from inside," I could not write more.Martin was immensely lonely, lost and Ruth Brissindena.Over the same money he earned just philosophically laughed.

However, his big heart still found them to good use.