The character in the story of Vladimir Dubrovsky Pushkin

In the novel "Dubrovsky", which was written by Alexander Pushkin, the protagonist is a young gentleman.He is sure of himself, confident in its future.He did not think about money, but rather about where they come from and how many of them from his father.Vladimir for his life never faced a shortage of money.

Familiarity with the main character

When meeting with the main character, the reader learns that Dubrovsky did not know a mother's love, because he has lost his childhood with his mother.As well, he was not attached to his father since the age of eight was closed Cadet School, where he lived and studied.His father always tried to give him so much money that he did not need anything.So after graduating from college, Volodymyr led his adopted circle of life - playing cards, often going into debt, could afford the luxury whims, was wasteful and do not care about the future, often thinking about the heiress.

It is in this we see the character of Vladimir Dubrovsky, when a person appears before

us in Chapter III.Basically, he is no different from other young men of his age and especially nothing attracts the attention of the reader.

true character of Vladimir Dubrovsky

Watching idle pastime of the young Dubrovsky, the reader runs ahead and already represents this person in the future, smug, cruel and indifferent gentleman.But soon all notions evaporate as Vladimir reveals itself completely on the other side.

One day suddenly Dubrovsky received a letter from home with the bad news (his father is very ill).From that day changed all of his usual life, and the reader is watching new traits Dubrovsky.Vladimir can not be called frivolous.The main character was very attached to her father, even though he knew his little

Here Vladimir Dubrovsky acts worthy son of his father.He is as honest, fair and just.Time is spent in Vladimir Cadet Corps, did not spoil the innate and inherent in the child's father positive and noble qualities.

When the young man learns about his father's illness, he said, without a moment's hesitation, throws everything sent to him.He considers himself guilty, that he did not learn about the health of his father, while he did not write it.

Meets father and son Alexander Pushkin wrote a few words, but they were enough to understand that some devotees, but reserved man was Vladimir Dubrovsky.The character of the hero this time is gradually changing for the better and better.

home to Dubrovsky

for young Vladimir homeland was not just a word.The author describes how a young man drove to his father's house, examining and learning from childhood friends and their homes.All the little things, such as high and branched birch trees that were planted even during his childhood home, which was once decorated with three flower beds - called hero awe, tenderness and pain.

Good character of Vladimir Dubrovsky also highlights a meeting with his beloved nanny, whom he embraced with undisguised love.At this point, the author shows the reader that the heart of this extravagant young man full of love, mercy and compassion.

justice and honor

After his father's death opened and other traits Dubrovsky.Vladimir long tormented by the thought of why the death of his own people, and how his father Troyekurov cost.Judges, arrived to enter into possession of the newly created master, belonged to Dubrovsky impolite and rude.And then the servants were in his defense.Brewing rebellion.Dubrovsky himself just seething with indignation, but despite the fact that he was young, he was quite reasonable.Many people respected him and listened to his opinion.The first flash of resentment of the peasants were repaid on that strong character influenced Vladimir Dubrovsky.But his enemies are now Troyekurov Vladimir configured to avenge what he deprived him of his own father, and all his possessions.

character of Vladimir Dubrovsky.Briefly about the main

The nature of the protagonist collect a large number of positive features.Dubrovsky not only decent and well educated, but also determined and honest.Also, it has its own skill and courage.

Dubrovsky speaks to the reader fearless, strong and daring.To refute the presence of these traits is just silly.But how restrained and timid brave guy that appears to the reader, when the author describes the meeting with Dubrovsky his lover - Masha.For Vladimir

love - a feeling of sublime and pure, the feeling is incompatible with deception.That is why Dubrovsky opens all the cards in front of his girlfriend, admitting who he really is.He reserves the right to choose Masha.

But all this is added a certain duality of the character of the protagonist.He lets the thought of revenge Troyekurov as soon falls in love with his daughter Masha, despite the fact that the reason for revenge he was quite serious.In some way this step characterizes his unpressing, but at the same time makes it more romantic image of the hero and faithful.

Dubrovsky per your

Putting everything said about the main character story Pushkin, develops quite an attractive image.It is this: a noble and honest, courageous and resolute, gentle, kind and sympathetic, the author would like to present to the readers of his character.Which character
Vladimir Dubrovsky in fact, to solve the reader, each individually, because someone admires his exploits, and someone touched by his feelings.And that's OK, because a true hero for all ages must be such as Vladimir Dubrovsky!