Legend of the mother I. Pankin.

Readiness mother sacrificed all that she has, for the happiness of the children written in the literature a lot.One of the best works on the subject can rightly be called a small-scale story "The Legend of mothers' children's writer of the second half of the XX century by Ivan Pankin.For half a century, he was a model of selfless maternal love and dedication, which brought up several generations.And released in 1965, a collection of the same name immediately fell in love with young readers.

briefly about the author

can say that the story in some way the result of personal experiences I. Pankin.

He was born in 1921 into a peasant family in early childhood became an orphan.His path to the dream - to become a sailor - was not easy, but during the Second World War he had fought in the Marines.Then there was one desire - to write.Even in adulthood, Ivan graduated from the Literary Institute and literary creation has turned to his primary occupation.Many works of I. Pankin ("Legend of the Mother" among

them) dedicated to children.They teach goodness and justice, foster a sense of respect and compassion for others, affect the issues that will always belong to the category of the eternal.

Genre originality

Ā«Legend of the matter" ... Pankin he defined the genre of his work, having taken its name in the title.Traditionally, the basis of legends, folk and author, is the story of some heroic or historical events that took place in reality, but set out in fabulous shape.Indeed, Ivan real (in this case, the desire of young men to become sailors, as well as the sacrifice and selflessness of their mothers) combined with the fantastic elements.Firstly, along with ordinary people become heroes of Neptune and his daughter.And the power, the beauty and the vigilance of mothers unusual way passed their sons and rescued from the wrath of the last ruler of the sea.

narrative form

The work is addressed to children.This largely explains the form in which it is written, "The Legend of the matter."The text begins and ends with direct appeals: "My dear boy," "my friend."They are not repeated again, and in the course of the narrative that brings the author to the reader, helps to create a trusting relationship between them.This also contributes to question-answer form small discussion with comments on the story.Enliven the narrative abundance of dialogues and spoken vocabulary.In summary, it can be noted that the product is increasingly resembles an ordinary fairy tale that tells the child before bedtime.

I. Pankin "Legend of the matter": tie

the author "... do you know where the sailors took power?" Immediately attracted the attention of young readers to the story.

Boys one of the tribes in ancient times lived on the Black Sea every year during the celebration of the end of field work dart happiness.So they determined their fate.For a long time no one dared to shoot an arrow into the sea, which is very pleasing Neptune constantly watch the games.He laughed and said proudly that his fear everything and never find a brave man, who decided to seek his fortune at sea.

But one young man, every one, was shot in the side of the sea.This has infuriated terrible master.He roared and threatened to bury all in the depths of the sea.

Legend of the mother and her selfless love for children

pride of the tribe have always been a woman - "strong, beautiful, never growing old."Hearing the threat of Neptune, the mother of thinking about how to help their sons to survive in the sea.Their solution - to give children their strength - was way out of the situation, but in a moment made women weak.Young men also stood against the mighty waves, and not abandoned his desire to devote himself to the sea.

But the legend of the mother and her sacrifice ends.Furious Neptune warned women that their sons will tear veins, when they go out to sea.Learn about this daughter of the lord, the same ugly, as a father, are turned to their mothers.They promised to get to the bottom of the Manila grass, which will help young men find the same power in their hands, like Neptune.In return, they asked the women their beauty.Truly inexhaustible love for children - to such an idea brings the legend of the mother.Each of the women, without hesitation, agreed to give its beauty.Neptune's just learned about everything and severely punish their daughters.He turned them into gulls, now they moan over the water, attracting the attention of seafarers.

Soon young people hit the road.Long awaited their mother to return home until we learned from Neptune that children wander in the sea.Then the women gave the light of his eyes distant stars, and they lit the way for the mother ship shore.So all attempts to stop the Sea King boys were unsuccessful, and the sailors have since become a strong and invincible men.After all, his mother gave them the best they had.This tells the legend of a mother and her boundless love for children.

idea works

Act women really deserves to be called heroic.They gave health to save the life of beloved children.Because it is so named his story - "Legend of the matter" - Ivan Pankin.Always loving and protected from life's troubles, ready for any donations for the happiness and well-being of your child is the mother.

As a rule, she did not return calls from children.However, I. Pankin repeatedly encourages young readers to be careful with respect to living alongside them women.The only way to thank them for the great feat of life, which they do every day.After all, if they are weak, then their power now belongs to the children.Not very nicely - then they sacrificed for the sake of her sons and daughters.