Vladimir Dubrovsky - noble robber?

basis for novel Pushkin "Dubrovsky" became a real event - the mass uprising of the peasants, who were dissatisfied with their lives after the war of 1812.The protagonist of the book - a young nobleman Vladimir Dubrovsky, noble robber.Events unfolding in the pages of the work, directly related to his life and destiny.

Dubrovsky - noble robber.Summary

To better understand the image of Vladimir necessary to apply to the content of the book.

Fathers protagonist and Masha Troyekurova were neighbors and fellow service.They are both widowers.Once Andrew Gavrilovic Dubrovsky, while visiting Troyekurov disapprovingly responded about the poor living conditions of his servants, compared with dogs.In response, one of Psara says that "another gentleman would do well to exchange the manor at the dog kennel."

Dubrovsky's father leaves, and in a letter demanding an apology from Troyekurov.The tone of the letter is not satisfied Kirill Petrovich.At the same time, Andrew Gavrilovic is in their possession serfs

Troyekurov stealing wood.It robs them of horses and tells carve.Troyekurov decides to take revenge on his neighbor illegally taking possession of his estate, the village Kistenevka.

Because of strong emotions Andrew Gavrilovic weakens.His son Vladimir, sent a letter, and he comes to the village.

Kirill Petrovich understands that cost the poor with an old friend and goes to him to make peace, but when he saw him, the old man dies Dubrovsky.

House passed Troyekurov.The city does not want to move to another master.Vladimir ordered to burn the house fire killed officials were inside.

Soon around begins to wield a gang of robbers looting manor.There is a rumor that the leader of the robbers - the young Dubrovsky.

Vladimir as a French teacher enters the house Troyekurov.Masha and the young Dubrovsky fall in love.

Vladimir open girl and disappears, as it becomes clear that Dubrovsky and teacher - one person.

Masha does offer a 50-year-old Prince of Vereya.Troyekurov tells her daughter to marry him.Dubrovsky Masha asks for a date, she wears a ring.Maria hopes to be able to convince his father.

Troyekurov but not inferior, and they decide to accelerate Vereisky wedding.
Masha and the prince get married.On the way back they come across Dubrovsky.Noble robber offers Masha release.Verey wounded Dubrovsky.Mary wed, so refuses to run away with Vladimir.Dubrovsky dissolve the gang.

image at the beginning of the novel Dubrovsky

On the first pages of the book Vladimir appears to us a young nobleman, the only son of his father.He received a good education and training, has been serving.Dubrovsky leads a merry life, spending his father's money, do not think about the future.

reason for the changes of the inner world and outlook on life

news of the illness of his father, whom he loved, excited young man.His death and the loss of the estate changed the character of Vladimir.After the funeral, he realizes how lonely.Dubrovsky first think about the future.Now he is responsible not only for himself but also for his peasants.

Revenge Dubrovsky

«Dubrovsky - noble robber."The writing on this subject are invited students of the eighth grade at each school.I would like to understand whether he is noble, given that he is motivated by a desire for revenge?Avenge all those unjustly wronged.He robs the rich and did not kill anyone.His image becomes romantic features.

Obsessed with vengeance, he enters the house of his enemy disguised as a Frenchman Deforge.However, love for Mary Kirillovna violates his plans, and he refuses them.The nobility of nature overcomes the desire for revenge.

Why Dubrovsky called noble robber?

Vladimir Dubrovsky stood in the way of robbery because they do not see another way out of the situation in his life.He could not allow the family estate went Troyekurov.Dubrovsky ordered to set fire to the house, but at the same time open the door, the officials were able to run out.Arkhip did not listen to his master, and the people burned.He did not count on the indulgence of judges in reviewing the incident because they did not spare his father's law practice.Dubrovsky with a gang of serfs on the path of robbery.So for Vladimir started a completely different life.

To answer the question, why Dubrovsky - a noble thief, you need to remember the content of the book.As it is written in the novel, a gang led by Vladimir robbed only the rich people.While the robbers have imposed on all the horror, they did not kill anyone.For this they are called noble.

However, having embarked on this slippery slope, Dubrovsky, noble robber chased by government forces, yet is forced to abandon its principles and commit murder officer.

To answer the question, why he was so called, also need to compare the circumstances of life, and especially the inner world of this young man.Vladimir - comes from a noble family, the representative of noble birth, the son of a man who was distinguished by frankness, courage, respected and wealthy neighbors entrusted to the serfs.He took over from his father many positive qualities, but as Andrew Gavrilovic, young Dubrovsky was inclined to the fervor and did not tolerate injustice.After losing his father, he becomes the leader of a gang of loyal people.

For all these reasons Dubrovsky - noble robber.

As the author refers to the hero?

Alexander Pushkin, of course, like the protagonist of this novel.He gives him such qualities as kindness, honesty, ability to love and forgive.However, he debunks the myth of the nobility of Vladimir, explaining that honest and decent people can not throw loyal people to their fate and escape abroad.The noble person is responsible for his actions.