Analysis of Nekrasov's poem "In Memory Dobrolyubova."

NANekrasov "Memory Dobrolyubova" written in 1864.The poem refers to the martyrology, who created Z, dedicated to the memory of close friends.It includes the addition of this product "Memory buddy" (written in 1853 and dedicated to Belinsky), "Do not weep so crazy over him" (inspired by the unexpected death of Pisarev, who under mysterious circumstances drowned; 1868), "On the death of Shevchenko"(year of establishment - 1861).In this article we will analyze Nekrasov's poem "In Memory Dobrolyubova."

Death heroes martyrology

heroes died prematurely of all products listed above: in 37 years - Belinsky, 47 - Shevchenko, 25 - Dob, 28 - Pisarev.The death of each of them interpreted by Nikolai therefore not as a result of a tragic accident or illness.This is a real death, perfect for home, for my people, for the love of neighbor.Analysis of Nekrasov's poem "In Memory Dobrolyubova" proves it.

Dob in life Nekrasov

Dob Nikolai - one of Nekrasov's "martyrs."The years of his life - 1836-1861.This man i

s a famous literary critic.He created a very bright and insightful article about the work of Goncharov, Turgenev, Ostrovsky.Nekrasov and Dobrolyubova friendly relations.Nikolai in his later years was the leading publicist Nekrasov published "Contemporary".

He lived in an adjacent apartment, came almost every day to dine with the writer, even worked in his room over their articles.

What especially like to express in this poem Nekrasov?

In 1861 died Dob.Dedicated his poem was written three years after his death.Poet, therefore, led not only to live the grief for the dead.After all, three years later it was bound to blunt.There was another artistic purpose.This poem, the author says that he strove not primarily about loyalty fact and wanted to express the ideal of a public figure, one time cherished Dobroluboff.It is important for us is the recognition of Nikolai.Analysis of Nekrasov's poem "In Memory Dobrolyubova" must be based precisely on that thought.Openly acknowledges the poet that did not create a portrait, painted icons.In the poem through the real features of Nikolai Alexandrovich translucent glow of his ideal.

new "holy" type

In Russian culture, a moral ideal, it is certain, of course, existed for a long time.It was developed over the centuries of the Christian (Orthodox - in Russia) Church and was embodied in the assembly of the saints.However, for the intelligentsia of the 1860s, atheistic-minded, long-lost Christian holiness its guiding sense its appeal.Before Nikolai Alexeyevich task was to describe the new "holy" type, standard sample, which could become a landmark for the people belonging to the new formation.This pattern - the main theme of the poem "In Memory Dobrolyubova."

Nekrasov in the formation of his new poetic system used many of the elements inherent in the old one.He appealed, expressing in his work "the ideal of a public figure," to the images, in Russian culture existing.Poet spoke in a language familiar to readers.

Grief Nekrasov

deeply intimate, personal sense of citizen-fighter fills this work.Our analysis of Nekrasov's poem "In Memory Dobrolyubova" confirms this.The poet in the first lines as though holding back his own feelings: masculine, harsh sounds only sorrow in the subtext.It is expressed in the fact that, referring to Dobroliubov as a living, telling his friend "you," Nekrasov is used together with the elapsed time (in the line of "severe you were ...").However, the brighter the image of the late, it sounds more tragic sense of irreparable loss.

Transfer virtues

Nikolai lists the main Christian virtues in his work "Memory Dobrolyubova."This verse describes them in the idiomatic language.It is a struggle with worldly pleasures, the passions, the voluntary asceticism, the conversion of hearts, preach, serve the homeland and the end of life - martyrdom.However, Christian traits in Z's are filled with different meaning, as, not God, the homeland is at the heart of the poetic world that describes Nekrasov ("Memory Dobrolyubova").The poem becomes so artistic originality.

public figure - the prophet

poet alludes to the prophetic gift Nikolai Alexandrovich - "prophetic pen" with him.Mythologeme "prophet - an ideal public figure" will be deployed later in detail in Nekrasov's poem "NG Chernyshevsky (the Prophet)," written in 1874.

well was already known at the time the image of the prophet of Russian poetry, but it functions vested poet.Times have now changed.Nekrasov wrote at the end of his famous lines of the poem that the poet can not be, but be sure to be a citizen.

Nikolai, continuing hagiographic tradition, also applies to the posthumous fate Dobrolyubova memory.Poems dedicated to him, praises the self-described ideal.Nekrasov wrote that Dob "highly exalted" through the years, when the "dust settled".The author cites the inertia of Christian images to a belief in the immortality of the man - the paradoxical outcome.

last two lines of the works have become winged.They often repeated VILenin.This has made them the leader of an epigraph to the article, which is devoted to the memory of Frederick Engels.And today they can hear when expressed sorrow for the death of a great man.With this characteristic laconic poet Nekrasov managed to express the pride of the patriot who gave motherland life and the feeling of pain.

This is a brief description of the work that is created Nekrasov ("Memory Dobrolyubova").This verse today is included in the school curriculum in literature.