Summary Nekrasov "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" (story)

In this article, we describe a summary of Nekrasov "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" - novel, written in 1946.The action begins in 1942, in July, a Russian retreat under Oskol.We describe the sequence in chronological order summary ("In the Trenches of Stalingrad", V. Nekrasov).

German troops came close to Voronezh, and a regiment of the newly dug defensive moves without firing a single shot.However, to cover the remainder of the first battalion, commanded that battalion Shiryaev.Lieutenant Kerzhentsev, the protagonist of the story, and decided to stay to help him.

Connection Battalion troops

Summary Nekrasov "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" episode continues the connection with other parts of the battalion.It occurs as follows.The first battalion was withdrawn, laid to rest in bed for two days by the order.Suddenly he meets Igor Svidersky, other Kerzhentsev, cohesive staff.He announces that the regiment is broken, so you should change the route and go to connect with him.The troops of the enemy -

just 10 kilometers away.

Another day people go until you finally settle in dilapidated barns.The Germans found them here.The battalion defended with a lot of losses.Exit with 14 fighters Shiryaev and Kerzhentsev stays with orderly Valega Lazarenko (connected Staff), and Igor Sedykh to cover them.Kill Lazarenko and other soldiers leave the barn and safely connect with his.Make it easy, because the backing of the stretch in a mess on the road.They try to find their own: the army, division, regiment, but it was impossible.Crossing the Don.Battalion reaches Stalingrad.

life in Stalingrad Marya Kuzminichna

where fighters settle Marya Kuzminichna, which is the sister of the former company commander, Igor, and begin to live a peaceful, long-forgotten life.Communication with the hostess and Nikolai Nikolaevich, her husband, as well as a walk with Lucy, Yuri Kerzhentsev reminiscent of his beloved, who is also named Lucy, tea with jam, library, swimming in the Volga River - a quiet life.At the Kerzhentsev Igor falls in reserve, impersonating sapper.He now belongs to a group of special forces, whose mission - to prepare industrial sites in the explosion.However, the peaceful life is interrupted suddenly a two-hour bombardment and air raid - the city are starting to attack the Germans.This continues a summary of the "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" (V. Nekrasov).

Kerzhentsev conversation with George Akimovich

After that sappers are sent to the location of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant.It is painstaking, long preparation of his explosion.Repair the chain falls several times a day, because the next time the shelling of it was torn.Igor in between arguing with the duty electrical engineer George Akimovich CHP.That angered the inability to fight their countrymen.George Akimovich believes that Russian can save only a miracle.The protagonist recalls a recent conversation between the soldiers on its soil, "like butter" fat, about bread, which cover you with his head.He does not know what to call it.Perhaps the "latent heat of patriotism," as Tolstoy.Maybe it's a miracle, which is waiting for George Akimovich, more powerful than tanks and organization of the Germans.

Kerzhentsev battalion forwarded to the other side

For 10 days the city bomb.From it probably has nothing to loose.

However, the order does not arrive on the explosion.And not waiting for him, the sappers are sent to a new job - in the engineering department, the headquarters of the front, the other side of the Volga.Here they get an appointment.Igor parted with Kerzhentsev.The main character is sent to the 184th Division.With his first battalion, he is transported to the other side, which is all on fire.

Kerzhentsev - battalion commander

Immediately getting into the battalion into battle.Battalion Commander dies, becomes Kerzhentsev battalion commander.These events continued summary of the book "In the Trenches of Stalingrad".4th and 5th company and a platoon of infantry scouts, whose team Chumak, are available Kerzhentsev.Plant "Metiz" - his position.Stay here longer soldiers.On the morning cannonade begins day.Then attack or "drinking bout."So goes the month in September, the next begins.

Preparing to attack

battalion sent to the position between the ravine on Mamayev and "hardware", a sweep.Major Borodkin, the regimental commander, draws the main character for the construction of the dugout and demining work along with Lieutenant Lisagor, sapper.

total of 36 people in the battalion instead of 400 positions and a small area for the whole is a serious problem for them.Begin soldiers dig trenches, lay mines engineers.But soon it turns out that it is necessary to change the position of Colonel, the division commander, arrives at the CP and ordered to go to the hill on which there are enemy machine guns.Scouts provide assistance to, and Chuikov also promised to "maize".Slowly stretches time before the attack.Politotdelschikov who came to check, the protagonist puts to KP and goes, suddenly found himself in the attack.


Took hill that was not so hard: 12 of the 14 men survived.They sit with Karnaukhov, and Chumak company commander, the commander of the scouts (recent opponent of the protagonist) in the German dugout and discuss the fight.Suddenly it turns out that men are cut off from the rest of the battalion.They defend.We will not describe in detail the episode works "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" Nekrasov in a summary.In the dugout unexpectedly Valega, orderly Kerzhentsev, which remained at the command post, as injured his leg for 3 days before the attack.He brings the men stew, as well as a note from Kharlamov, chief adjutant, that at 4 o'clock to be an attack.

Kerzhentsev losing battalion conversation protagonist with Farber

However, you can not attack, he writes about in his story "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" Nekrasov VPPeople are dying all over - from a direct hit and wounds.There is no hope to survive, yet to them still break their own.Shiryaev hits the Kerzhentsev.He was assigned to the battalion commander, instead of the main character.He hands over the battalion, and then moved to the Lisagor.They sit back the first time, go to visit Karnaukhov, Shiryaev, Chumak.

Kerzhentsev the first time in 1.5 months dating talking about life with Farber, a former company commander of his battalion.This person - the intellectual in the war, is not very well knows how to command entrusted to him by a company that marks the work "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" Nekrasov.However, he feels responsible for everything that did not learn in time to do so.

new attack on the orders Abrosimov

have Kerzhentsev November 19 birthday party.On this occasion, it planned a holiday, but it breaks down due to the fact that the front should advance.This continues work "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" Nekrasov.Briefly describe the content of subsequent events as follows.Kerzhentsev, preparing manual Borodin, Major, let the shore with Lisagor sappers, and he goes to his former battalion command.

Shiryaev got the idea of ​​how to get the lines of communication and major with this stratagem agree - it will save people.However, the captain Abrosimov, the chief of staff, insists on the offensive "on the forehead."He goes behind the CP Kerzhentsev Shiryaev and ordered the battalion to attack without listening to any arguments.

protagonist of the attacks, along with the rest.Immediately soldiers lie in craters, fell under the bullets.After consultations in the funnel 9:00 Kerzhentsev finally manage to connect with his.26 people lost battalion, nearly half of all soldiers.Killed Karnaukhov.Shiryaev, wounded, gets to the field hospital.Farber takes command of the battalion.It's the only commander who participate in the attack did not take.Abrosimov decided to leave with him.

trial of Abrosimov

"In the Trenches of Stalingrad" Nekrasov in the summary trial of the proceeds Abrosimov.It took place the next day.It Major Borodin said that the trust's chief of staff, but the power is exceeded, the regimental commander deceived.People were killed.Then perform a few more people.The accused believed that was right because tanks could take a massive attack.Farber then arises.Saying he can not, but he knows that those who died in the attack, not scared.He said that the order was "master", and not "attack".Admission coined Shiryaev, would have saved the people already there.

New fighting

defendant was demoted to a penal battalion.It is removed, without saying goodbye to anyone.Kerzhentsev are now calm for Farber.The long-awaited tanks come at night.The main character is trying to make up for missed birthday party, however, describes a new offensive in the work "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" Nekrasov.Shiryaev resorts, escaped from the medical battalion.He is now chief of staff.The battle begins.It hurt Kerzhentsev that fits to the field hospital.From it he returns "home" under Stalingrad, Grizzly encounters and learns that Igor alive, going to him in the evening and again does not manage: North grouping them relocating for a new battle.There is offensive.

Thus ends the summary Nekrasov "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" - a work dedicated to the war.For this story writer awarded the Stalin Prize.Summary Nekrasov "In the Trenches of Stalingrad" tells only about the main events of the work.They can be found also in the film "Soldiers," loosely based on the story.It Innocent Smoktunovskij played one of his first big roles."In the Trenches of Stalingrad" Nekrasov, in summary, as well as the movie, of course, all the details of the story does not tell.Therefore it is best to read the original story.We tried as much as possible aptly and succinctly describe the summary of the "In the Trenches of Stalingrad".