Hunting for wild boars with huskies.

huge hunting ground of our country are the place where live animals are not only small, but also a formidable fauna.And among them is not the last place is occupied by wild boars.It is incredibly hardy creatures that can run several kilometers with a wound in the abdomen.

Hunting for wild boar in Russia has always been considered a very responsible and dangerous.After all, this beast can give quite an unpleasant surprise, such as a sudden attack on the shooter.So hunting for him, usually in groups, thus ensuring the safety of the participants in this fascinating, but very risky.

season shooting

In Russia the best boar hunt begins in mid-August and the end falls on the last days of February.However, these dates depending on the region may change.For example, some hunting economy of our country offer to go after prey at ease since mid-June.

types of fishing

In our country, there is a possibility of shooting several species of wild boars.This Central Asian and Euro-Asian and Mongolian, and Far Ea

stern breed.The youngest members of this family weigh from 50 to 90 kilograms, while most have a large weight to 3 kilograms.

For many centuries there was a tradition of hunting this animal, which is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of character and behavior of prey.The main methods are fishing from the "ambush", with towers on forage areas, or a shelter.Quite popular, and wild boar hunting with dogs, whose owners must be properly pritravlyat to this production.In addition, the four-legged assistants must know how to overcome such a large and aggressive animal.

Efficiency hunting of "ambush" in the first place depends on the fact how well the chosen place.As a rule, arranged an ambush at the watering and the approaches to it, at the damage of crops and lands, where there is an abundance of food.

This type is similar to hunting from a tower, during which the pigs are already accustomed to a particular place, shoot from outside the territory of their reach.However, this type, according to experts, is deprived of excitement, since it lacks an element of surprise.Hunting from the tower, as many believe - is simple shooting game, in which the primary role played by skill hand.

much more adrenaline participants receive a shelter getting trophies.This hunt is carried out in the winter months and involves the participation of a large number of people.

with four-legged assistants

It's pretty specific, but at the same time very exciting experience can give a person a lot of unforgettable experiences.This boar hunt with dogs has its own characteristics.First and foremost, they are in the correct choice of assistants.

considered the most common hunting wild boar with huskies, well-established, but many successfully used dogs and burrowing, such as taxes, velshtererov or fox terriers.The latter, according to experienced professionals, able to grasp firmly this massive and ferocious beast, holding it for a long time.

Features shooting dogs

for catching wild boar is necessary to choose only the dog that is able to keep in the same place is furious animal, and after - to drive it in the direction of man.The functions of the four-legged assistants not included an attack on prey.That is why experienced "kabanyatniki" use nimble and fast dogs, but not too large, but those that are able to withstand the force of a wild boar.Boar, which is in a state of rage, or hurt, it is very dangerous.And so the four-legged helpers person should not be easy for him to concede.

Generally, hunting of wild boars - with huskies, Fox Terrier or taxi - is carried out with a small group of people, each person that takes a specially trained dogs chasing prey.


Preparation puppies should start after their first anniversary.At that age already matured Huskies are starting to feel their own strength.This is especially important as the pursuit of wild pigs requires not only psychological maturity, and physical stress.The representatives of the breed qualities such as the absence of fear, determination and anger are inborn.Therefore, in the process of raising the puppies have formed devotion and obedience.

coaching is best done in places where to be hunting for wild boar.With huskies carry out the following activities: show fresh signs of future production, encourage her run on them, and in the collision - approve rut.


hunting wild pig - a cruel, ruthless animals, so pets inept aides may lead to their death or to major injuries.Hunting for wild boars with huskies is that dogs were able to stop and detain animals on so long that people would be able to run up to him at a distance, convenient for accurate shots.

Some professionals tend to coach their dogs so that they, on the contrary, fetches a sacrifice to them, but with such a tactic many disagree.It is much easier reaches the place where the dog was detained production than to ensure that they escorted her to the owner.

hunting wild boar with husky does not like haste.You can not randomly shoot at the animal.Extraction should be killed with a single shot.A person should calculate in advance where his four-legged assistant, as well as to provide for how to behave in the wild boar after the inaccurate shot.

how to hunt before

long thought that to go on a wild pig with huskies - a meaningless exercise.And it can only lead to destruction of the dog.Therefore, for this purpose we use only the hounds that are best able to grab the scruff of production, trying to hold it until the owner.But this hunt ended successfully only when across gilts, but if on the way the poor dogs provided the adult, it often killed them with their fangs.

Thus Far East has long been a common hunting boar with huskies.This unique northern breed genetically receiving skills rutting animal.There were times when hunting man took with him no more, but a mother's husky.

boar in the Carpathians

Peccary today in the European part of Russia is widespread.With respect to living conditions that animal picky.In the Non-Black Earth, for example, wild boar prefers coniferous and mixed forests, in the Chelyabinsk and Omsk regions - located on the shores of lakes reeds.

But not only Russia has a wild boar.Many avid hunters leave him out of our country, such as the Carpathian Mountains.It is home to more than a third of all wild animals found in Europe.Hunting for wild boar in the Carpathians starts with the first of September and lasts until the end of the year.Selective shooting of wild animals is conducted in many local land.

cost of the collective lot

Usually visitors is a modern hotel with all the amenities.Currently, hunting for wild boar, the prices of which depend on the number of groups and of the living conditions in the region is becoming increasingly popular.

summer coming to shoot a wild pig is invited to choose the place.The hunt obyachno participate from 4 to 15 people.They are accompanied by huntsmen and beaters.The cost of collective hunting in many lands begins with 200 euros.It does not include a license for which you have to pay separately.Hunters provide transport and radio, in addition, the list of services provided for treatment of a wounded wild boar, as well as veterinary documents for meat and trophy - tusks.

Thus for the wounded without finishing the arrow will have to pay a fine rather big - 300 euros.