A brief retelling of "The Overcoat" by Gogol heads

modern students do not always understand the language and style of famous writers of the past, so some of the works difficult to read to the end.But you need to get acquainted with the classics, besides these stories are part of the school curriculum.What to do?Learn the story of the famous works of Nikolai Gogol will brief retelling of "The Overcoat."

Familiarity with the main character

He is Akaky Bashmachkin.Why is the hero of that name and patronymic, we will tell you now.

baby was born on the night of March 23.Then the kids called solely on behalf of His Holiness: Dula, Varakhasy, Trifilov, SOFA, mocha - one of those names was to reward the mother of his son.But she did not like it none, so she decided to call the boy's father, that is too Akaki.Last they had Bashmachkins.

boy grew up and became an adult man, who now all named Akaki Akakievich.He joined the department, where he worked then for many years, but over the years was not able to earn the respect of not only colleagues, but even

the staff: Switzerland is not even greeted him as if he had not seen.

staff openly poked fun at Akaki, he had to endure their taunts.They could throw his head torn pieces of paper and say that it is snowing.In such an attitude towards himself, he only timidly requested that people do not do that.

brief retelling of "The Overcoat" goes on to describe the appearance and character of inconspicuous hero.He was short, balding.


Akaky many years served as a state councilor.His job was to rewrite papers.He was passionate about this work.The clerk carefully deduced each letter, it was clear that some are his favorite.

Perhaps the only one who is well regarded state councilor, was his boss.He tried to give Akaki more complex tasks with the aim to improve the position.But Bashmachkin trying to accomplish, sweated over them, and asked him to return the old job.

It was simple, but paying for it is suitable - a little.Therefore, the official rather poorly dressed.About it tells you a brief retelling of "The Overcoat."


suit clerk was not rich, and his coat at all was a sad sight.Akaky has repeatedly attributed it to fix a one-eyed tailor Petrovich.The last time he said that to put patches on his coat is no longer possible, as it will soon fall apart.Taylor concluded that it is necessary to buy a new one, and it costs 150 rubles.In those days it was a lot of money, so Bashmachkin very upset.Indeed, in St. Petersburg, where he lived, there were harsh winter without warm outerwear clerk would just froze.Such money at the official was not found, but he needed his coat.A brief retelling of the story tells how Bashmachkin came out.

He thought that if Petrovich sew apparel, it will cost 80 rubles.However, the official was only 40. And he postponed them with great difficulty, to save on everything.But the clerk was lucky: the chief added his salary.Now, instead of forty, he received as many as 60 rubles.That was enough for new clothes, Councillor of State had more to reduce their costs, so now living from hand to mouth.However, after 2-3 months, the correct amount has been accumulated.

Joy Bashmachkin

brief retelling of "The Overcoat" went so far as a positive moment when the hour of execution dream state councilor.Together, Peter and they went to buy the cloth and everything you need to create new things.For his work, the tailor, as promised, took 12 rubles.But the result was a warm fashionable thing.His work Petrovich was very pleased.He overtook Akaki roundabout routes to, going to meet him again in order to enjoy what turned spravno thing.

great impression on colleagues soundly fashionable overcoat.A brief retelling of the story goes that when Bashmachkin came to work, everyone began to consider a new thing, and to congratulate him.Then someone said that the event should be noted.The official did not know what to do.But he has come to the rescue of a colleague, who announced that on this occasion to invite all to yourself.Besides, that was the day of birth, which had to be noted.

If only Akaky knew how it would end for him, it is unlikely to go.A brief retelling of the story "The Overcoat" tells the reader of future events.

collapse of Dreams

Our hero has arrived at the specified address.It was fun.First, all talking, discussing Bashmachkin new clothes, then went to the table.People drank, joked.Officer was good for the company.But the clock has struck midnight, so he decided to go home.

Wine played a role: Akaki was good fun, he even wanted to hit on the counter woman, but she quickly left.Soon, however, beside him were two suspicious characters.One of the bystanders pushed state councilor, and took off his coat.

Bashmachkin trying to catch up with the robbers find protection from the policeman, but to no avail.He advised the poor thing tomorrow to go to the warden and tell him everything.The poor did so.But no overseer or higher officials did not help him.Moreover, a "significant person", which the clerk tried to seek protection, shouted at him and kicked.


From this injustice Bashmachkin went home to his old shabby duds, gulping cold air.Therefore, he had a cold, fell ill and died shortly thereafter.This is almost completed a brief retelling."The Overcoat," Gogol wrote in 1842, but now the story is relevant.

Since then, the spirit of Akaky is sometimes passers-by and demanded they cloak.And with the addition of "significant person" ghost stole the subject of outer clothing and has since ceased to be the people to calm down.This completes the story and its brief retelling.

¬ęThe Overcoat" by chapters

story is not divided into chapters, but it can be divided into 5 parts, and reveal very briefly the basic content of each.

So, we learn from the first birth and named Akaki, about his modest clothes and work.The second describes how Bashmachkin came to Petrovich, he repaired to his coat.The third chapter tells that the tailor Akaki Akakiyevich advised to get a new coat.The fourth chapter describes how cheerful evening ended sadly for our hero, and he tried to seek protection from high officials, but no one helped.In the fifth part of the story, we learn of the death of a clerk and that his ghost was often walking in St. Petersburg and demanded robe.

This ends the brief retelling."The Overcoat" by Gogol conceived as "office anecdote" about the poor clerk, and he got it.But that's a great pity the protagonist - a small, inconspicuous, which no one did wrong, and he endured insults, and his short-lived happiness turned into a real tragedy.