D. London, a summary of the "On the banks of the Sacramento"

Works D. London familiar to every lover of adventure literature.His heroes - brave, strong-willed, determined people who can find a way out of any situation.That such a man can be called a boy of fourteen story "On the banks of the Sacramento.

"Reader Reviews suggest that his conduct deserves the title "feat".

Familiarity with Jerry - the son and father

epigraph to the story became an excerpt from the song of sailors.She often sang the protagonist - a little boy with red hair, blue eyes and white skin, freckled.He had never seen the sea, but have heard a lot about him from his father, an old man, Jerry.Once he decided to leave the ship to watch the Sacramento River, and so they settled here.Married, he entered the mine "Yellow Dream", where he continued to work to this day.His job was caretaker at the ropes to cross to the other side of the trolley with the ore.

After Margaret's death he became a son to raise, Jerry Jr., giving him all my love.So begins the story "On the banks of the Sacramento."

left for the host

meeting kid with Jerry Hall, superintendent of the mine cable "yellow dragon", makes it clear that even before his father went to San Francisco.The boy was alone, was very proud.He tries to behave in a conversation as an adult, and even after learning that goes to the Hall Gorge hunt, says: "It seems that the rain is going."

weather really turned bad, and Jerry went to the house where was not going to go today.

Summary "On the banks of the Sacramento": tie

In the afternoon there was a knock on the door and into the room, "broke" the couple Spill.They were looking for the Hall, as they had to urgently get to the other shore.These services are provided to residents only "Yellow Dragon".When he learned that the superintendent went to the gorge, they were very upset.Across the river there was an explosion at the mine, and seriously injured his father Mrs. Spill.Now, the couple was only one way out - to cross on the rope, which was looking for an old man, Jerry.

in the difficult situation puts its young hero Jack London.On the banks of the Sacramento a crisis, and "Yellow Dream" has been dormant for a long time.In addition, the cable was not designed to carry people.The boy does not dare take up the crossing, as he had never done it himself, without supervision of his father.Finally Mr. Spillenu managed to convince him that the other way to get to the other side just does not.

Jerry knew how zapukat cable, but now he had to do it alone.And in the trolley instead of ore were men, and the rain and the wind increased incredibly.

Summary "On the banks of the Sacramento" to continue the description of the incredible courage and ingenuity of the hero.

People at risk

Jerry task was to adjust the speed of the trolley.To do this it was necessary to monitor the spinning drum.Now crossing complicated the strong gusty winds and lack of visibility.It seemed that the couple journeyed immediately swallowed abyss.

Simultaneously laden trolley was moving from the other side empty stall, helps maintain balance.At first all went well.However, at some point the rope stopped and did not react to the actions of a boy, it means one thing - no longer work mechanism has deteriorated, and people hanging out there in the mist over the raging river.While the boy was examining the drum, hoping to find a fault, the clouds dispersed, and at some point he saw the raging and Sacramento, and dangling over her Mr. and Mrs. Spill.What to do: leave it as is or try to remove people from the captivity - before such a choice puts his hero Jack London.

«On the banks of the Sacramento": the culmination

Jerry understands that the cause of the problem should be sought on the other side, rushed to the "yellow dragon" ... But in the second drum kid problems found.Mr. Spill inspected his truck.Its wheels were also intact.So the whole thing in an empty trolley.

The boy did not have time to think.Synopsis "On the banks of the Sacramento" does not include the details leading up to the dangerous "travel".Taking the necessary tools, erecting a noose for him to play the role of the booth, Jerry went on the rope in the opposite direction.His knees were shaking with fear inside all sank, but he scraping palm stubbornly moving towards its goal.About one and a half hours it took him out to put the wheel popped into place.It was not easy.At times it seemed that everything is hopeless, and he never cope with the rusted mechanism.But the boy again and again has made a new attempt, yet it never occurred to the decision.Repair the damage to the old helped nail miraculously overlooked in the pocket.

climbed into the truck, tired and mentally exhausted, Jerry went to the beach.


get to the place, the boy slowly got out.Then reinforced trolley.And only after that I fell to the ground and wept.Unbearable pain in the ragged palms, lived through the fear, the incredible tension, finally, the joy for the salvation of men - all this has led to tears, which he is not ashamed.

Summary "On the banks of the Sacramento" concludes prosaically.Staggering, Jerry Jr. got to the house.Tears were replaced by pride, as it is, without false modesty could appreciate what he did.And only one thought bespoila it now: "If my father could see!»