Who wrote the novel "Girls"?

Few people, especially from the older generation did not look wonderful comedy "Girls", in which the main role played by the talented Hope Rumyantsev.Script was written by the author of the novel "The Girls" Boris poor.The article is devoted to him and his work.

brief biography

He was born in 1916 in a village in the Kuban region of Yaroslavl in the family of teachers.He graduated with honors from Maikop Forest College and was enrolled in the Leningrad Forestry Academy.There he began to write.The first attempts were very successful.He was admitted to the various literary circles and studios.Literary activity did not prevent The poor learn to engineer water rafting forest.Before the Great Patriotic War he worked on the rivers of the North.

drafted into the Red Army in 1941 with the rank of second lieutenant.He was appointed commander of a rifle platoon.In the summer of 1941 in fierce battles at Voronezh was surrounded, he knew the horrors of captivity.It demobilized in October 1945 in the rank o

f second lieutenant.

Immediately after the war, once again went to the North to work in the specialty.

However, about his love for literature, the future author of the novel "The Girls" is not forgotten.He has written, printed in the Komi Republic in the republican newspaper "For the new North".In 1948 he made a sharp turn and entered the Literary Institute.Its main activity was writing.Poor Boris published in prestigious journals - "Spark", "New World", "Literary Gazette".

In 1950 Boris married the girl Mary, who was much younger than him.They settled in a rented cottage in the suburbs, as poor by the time a well-earned.His career rapidly went up.In 1951 he was admitted to the Union of Writers, he taught at the Literary Institute, conducted a seminar at the University of poetry courses.

In 1976, at the sixtieth year of life died.

most famous work of the writer

From the pen Poor Boris left many remarkable works, but he is remembered as the author of the novel "The Girls".It was published and reprinted in the Soviet Union thousands of copies, was the favorite book of millions of Soviet citizens.As written Poor scenario was staged the comedy, which is located at the box office for many decades and still attracts thousands of spectators from screens.

But not only at home he has received recognition and popularity of the one who wrote "Girls".The story has been translated into 15 languages, published in large editions in 20 countries.The author avidly admired foreign critics.He was invited to a conference in France, which, unfortunately, he could not get there.

What is so attracted readers of the novel "The Girls" Boris poor?


nezateyliv story plot.It describes the seventeen year old girl Antonina, whom everyone affectionately called Tosya.

Tosya - an orphan, her parents died during the Great Patriotic War, and she was raised in an orphanage in Voronezh.Vosloo release she had to work at a local farm and a housekeeper in a family of scientists.But, as she put it Tossia work maid her "pulled", she felt "subhuman."Therefore, "surprising the researchers their ingratitude," she dropped everything and left in a remote northern taiga settlement "building communism".

There Toshu lived in a dormitory with four girls.The main heroine of the story was entrusted the difficult task - to "feed burly lumberjacks" - appointed chef.To everyone's surprise, a small but agile and hardworking Tossia coped with the task perfectly.It not only prepares delicious hearty soup and hearty porridge, but watch out for the personal hygiene of workers, convenient kitchen has equipped van.

At the first dance evening Tosya attracted attention restive character.She refused to dance with a guy who treated her with sufficient respect.In the village on one guy I had 10 girls, so this behavior "blunt Toshi" led all puzzled.And to punish the new and prove his irresistibility, the first hunk in the village (Ilya) argued on his hat with the first teaser (sirloin) that Tosya fall in love with him.

Ilya befriended Tossia, spent a lot of time with her and did not notice how he fell in love with this unprepossessing little girl with a big heart.Now he is afraid that she knew about the dispute and will despise "handsome."Tosya did know about the dispute and feels "deadly" offense.Elijah had a very long and hard to achieve forgiveness, but in the end, between the young people to restore peace, because Tossia also managed to fall in love with the guy: "He's not my fault that I was born beautiful!"


author of the novel "The Girls", in addition to the main storyline, and Ilya Toshi describes the fate of the other four of its neighbors:

  • calls and fun Katherine, who has been dating "clubfoot" Sasha.They are all so smoothly and well, and that did not quarrel because of which;
  • very beautiful Anfisa, which is not fate;
  • ugly Hope that does not believe that can truly someone to please, and the hopelessness of going to marry an elderly Xan Ksanycha.Watching young love Toshi, Hope did not understand how this unpretentious girl managed ohmurit the first guy in the village;
  • Faith that young Tossia often does not understand: "Who can understand them, thirty zaochnits ..." faith itself is very well aware of the direct and naive "vzbalamoshennuyu" Tosya.She could see her humanity and firmly took under his protection.

secret of the phenomenal success

Tale "Girls" is no different ingenious plot, written in simple language with a certain degree of good-natured humor.Poor Boris does not use tricks and poetic literary devices.It is not a sentimental love story and an exciting detective story.What is the secret of success story?

her sincerity, good-natured and naive nice craftiness.The reader does not just get pleasure from reading love stories, he rests the soul in contact with a pure and kind heart of the protagonist.Everyone who meets Tossia unwittingly imbued with its belief in the best in people, infected with her boundless energy, and receives a portion of its courage.