What is the antithesis of the literature?

antithesis - a sharp contrast between the rhetorical images that states or concepts linked inner meaning or shared device.What is the antithesis of the literature?Numerous examples, which compares sharply opposing or contrasting concepts and imagery to reinforce the impression, explain it.At the same time the stronger the contrast, the brighter the antithesis.

ASPushkin used such comparisons as "poems - prose", "wave - stone", "ice - the flame."At NANekrasov and SAEsenina they become oxymorons: "miserable luxury," "sad joy."

role antithesis manifests itself in the exact subordination, such as "catch up blizzard, while writing about the summer";"It was plain speaking, but mutili."But it does not have to be carried out, for example, "OK sing, but not pulled," "Beautifully praise sounds so bitter."Here, the individual concepts sang and not pulled , sounds and bitter are not in logical subordination of the opposite type water and flames or light and darkness , but the concepts are taken wit

h a certain specification, although there is noaccuracy and clarity of logic, as is often found in Proverbs.

How to expressive antithesis?

Increased expression is achieved in the following ways:

  1. Contrast can be meaningful: "All the misquote, drove to the bottom."Contrasted with both words and designs.

  2. antithetical concepts (containing the opposition) can combine to express something in common, such as contrast.What is the antithesis of the literature, it is seen by the hero Derzhavina where he calls himself a king and a slave at the same time, shows the contrast of human nature.

  3. antithetical image often plays a supporting role at the counter, which is the main thing.It expresses the subject is characterized by only one member of the antithesis, where the second is purely utility function "For ideal forms do not need content."

  4. Comparison can express a range of alternative solutions, "" share or not? "- Thought a calculator. "

  5. can use the phonetic similarity, such as "teach - bored."

antithesis may contain not two, but more contrasting image, ie,be polynomials.

antithesis: examples from the literature

Oppositions in products used in the title, the characteristics of the characters in the image and methods of psychological problems.What is the antithesis of the literature?The general definition is not fully disclose its meaning.It becomes clearer and versatile in the analysis of well-known works.

Roman LNTolstoy's "War and Peace»

title of the work is full of semantically, despite the fact that applies a simple antithesis.The world is presented as the antithesis of war.In the drafts the author tries to vary the word, trying to find the best solution.

The work Tolstoy creates two poles: good and evil, or the world, and hatred.Author sharply contrasts the characters to each other, where some are carriers of life, while others - disorder.Throughout the novel there are constant comparison "wrong - the correct", "elemental - reasonable," "natural - ostentatious."All this is manifested through the images, such as Natasha and Helen, Napoleon and Kutuzov.The antithesis of "false - true" manifests itself in the absurd situation of a duel, which hit Pierre Pierre.

Roman FMDostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment»

methods Dostoevsky completely different, because it has somewhat different views on human rights.His heroes combine good and evil, compassion and selfishness.The inner court of conscience of Raskolnikov is the biggest punishment for a crime.The characters of Dostoevsky is a dispute not personalities, and their ideas, leading to a moral tragedy.Before the crime, Raskolnikov was a good man, and then the author gives it a characteristic of the murderer.

Roman ISTurgenev's "Fathers and Sons»

shift in public consciousness in the middle of the 19th century is reflected in the novel "Fathers and Sons", in which the protagonist is opposed to all others.It mainly serves the conflict of generations, the cause of which is attached.Contradictions with friends due to differences of opinion and uncompromising.To defend their ideals and defeat the enemy becomes an end in itself heroes.Some of them look ridiculous because of their limitations.Trying to overcome it, they are trying to implement new ideas in order to assert itself.Turgenev applies welcome antithesis as an artistic tool.This is best revealed live, their relationships, and develops the plot.

Thus, it is clear that such an antithesis in the literature.Classic works demonstrate this stylistic device.


For comparison or contrast of opposing concepts to enhance the experience is the antithesis.Examples from the literature suggest that it may be the main principle of construction of individual parts, and the whole works.