Invective - a derogatory speech, addressed to a particular person

invectives - is, in modern parlance, black PR.And the term came from the ancient times and modern expression represent an action aimed at worsening the image of a specific object.


Ancient Roman expression invectiva oratio and translated from Latin as "the battle of it."Reprove people to each other since the beginning of verbal communication.Therefore, the term has a lot of synonyms.Invective - a pamphlet, lampoon, philippic, diatribe and Menippean satire.These synonyms too, came from the ancient times when it was possible to break a man's career and even life, publicly calling him a bastard.Over the years, people deserve angry speeches, as they say, the skin becomes thicker.To break through it, the speech became plaintiffs scenic and candid.And in our time, some argue that the invectives - is areal, swearing or cursing.In short, the vocabulary of invective or allegations made publicly.What words can still be called this action?Suit and attack and attack, and "attacks".There is a delicious n

ame marketplace abuse - verbal (verbal) attacks.That is homogeneous concepts abound.

function is natural and necessary, as the language itself

Some papers indicate that invective function of language is natural, and that the person who owns the speech has on it the same right as to communication, to receive and impartinformation.That is the person possessed the ability to speak, communicate, learn and teach and at the same time learn to praise and insult anyone.But it should be noted that in the literary version originally implied that invective - it's still not obscene language, and the kind of pamphlet.They should be at least witty.Satire, causing laughter - a terrible weapon, more effective than public humiliation.A pamphlet - a literary genre, and invective as he is such a kind, too.The difference between them lies in the fact that the artistic and journalistic work, a pamphlet called, is of a political nature, as is almost always directed against the system or any of its sides, and invective, as a rule - a phenomenon privately.To what kind it is, there are still some genres in literature?

Multiples genres of literature

from school textbooks known that there is a historically stable division of all kinds of literary works, and it is called from.The three main kinds: epic, lyric, and drama - are divided into genres.There are lyric-epic genres, such as, for example, a novel in verse.Invective well as an epigram refers to the lyrics.To it also ranked as the ode and the madrigal.That is, praise and slander, these are different in the sense orientation genres belong to the same genus of literature.And, as noted above, it invectives are not alone.In skaldic, for example, were hulitelnye verses, called Nida.Philippics also represents an angry diatribe, which received its name because of Demosthenes, who angrily denounced the Macedonian king Philip II.The name became a household word.Diatribe is also a diatribe, combining seriousness and mockery.Menippean satire, is a kind of diatribe - a peculiar assortment consisting of philosophical discussion and parodies.Lampoon (closest to the black PR) - is generally something obscene, do not disdain caricature distortion, misrepresentation, slander and malicious attacks.Here are some genres in literature, in addition to invective, close to her in spirit and form.But these genres and varieties are rooted in antiquity.Not now, some called the absolutely correct, but very expressive statements Vladimir Zhirinovsky philippics and diatribes.These genres are several forgotten as invective, examples of which, however, can be reduced easily.

Vivid examples

most familiar to inhabitants of the CIS countries invective is a brilliant poem Lermontov's "Death of a poet."It Mikhail, referring to the high society, where everyone knew each other and were clear, I'm talking about, called the killers of Alexander Pushkin derisive ignoramuses, confidants of debauchery, cowardly descendants "known meanness famous fathers."Brilliant work abounds with invectives.In a poem by K. Simonov, invective, turned to his wife on the eve of the deceased officer.It is full of just, deserved this woman abuse.The school held a poem "To the temporary worker" KF Ryleeva, one of the five Decembrists hanged facing the all-powerful at the time Arakche'ev.Literature knows a lot of sharp protests against specific individuals.

intriguing name

can add that term for being rude, very melodious.Maybe that's why the so-called herself Moscow musical team."Invective" - ​​a group formed in 2006.The album "Zodiac" has appeared in the public domain in 2008.Now they are the leaders of the informal stage and gaining popularity.The achievements include the soundtrack for the film "Nirvana" by which Invektiva hit the Ramp Festival in 2008.The group consists of 5 people.His creativity they relate to alternative rock, but consider silly to drive themselves to the style of the frame.