A beautiful phrase about autumn.

Each season has its own distinctive characteristics and create a certain mood.A special place here is autumn.The transition period, when nature has reached the limit of its splendor, the harvest is different, special riot of colors, the effect on people's mood.On the peculiarities of this period say beautiful words about the fall.

Approaching autumn

Russian climate is not spoils people's warmth and comfort.It happens so when cool weather lasts from the spring all summer:

«In the clouds of lead lost bluish tint,
sad ate white gray hair.
I am moved the other day in the fall,
Although summer can be seen on the calendar. "

approach of autumn is always unaccountable sadness:

«Above the pond, the sadness of the loss,
are scattered thickets watercolors,
turned summer sunset
all hope that failed to come true."

If the summer has pleased us sunny days by the end of August has come frozen, and there is no longer that of the July heat and warm evenings outdoors.At the same time we want to capture mor

e fine days:

«Most take me with you,
last moment of warmth and light!
But only the river shines
Glitter summer float away. "

Suitable September and although we still pleases velvet weather, but nature is not fooled, and the inevitable signs of the beginning of its decay are already appearing:

«shakes with the wind of autumn clothing,
Seeking the clearing gold foliage.
lose hope today summer
Under maple leaf destined to me. "

Quotes about the fall of the works of Russian classics

with this time of year associated with the most fruitful period in the poetry of Pushkin and the famous line about the charm of dull pores, which sounds both sadness and admiration.

mentally and figuratively express their attitude to nature beautiful phrases about the fall of the poems Bunin, where birch trees are associated with yellow thread in blue azure and silent steppe sunset flares.

In Bunin's story "The Cold Autumn" true value stands love, where one of the main characters dies.Here early autumn razluchnitsa and unwittingly becomes the cause of all the troubles and hardships endured by the other heroine.

extraordinary mood and evoke sadness beautiful phrases about the fall of the poems Annensky about zigzags trembling leaf fall or about the first frost in the form of white and silver plaque, which is softer features fine fluffy feather work.

In the poem "Autumn" Balmont shine through nostalgic sadness of the outgoing 19th century.He foresaw that life will not get better.This is evident in the birds fly south in the fall of tears.

Autumn folk calendar

If the poet describes the splendor of autumn thin epithets and patterned style, the ordinary people have always perceived it purely practical.Despite the fact that this is a short phrase about the autumn, they, these statements are complete and are in fact the contents of aphorisms.Proverb differ brevity, precision, beauty and poetry, fully reflecting the difficult village life.

Villagers fed all year round so that they could grow over the summer.Autumn time is always rich in the harvest: "September is cold, so hungry."Witty and aptly describes the autumn weather, where there is a fall, leading for a rain.For each month of the fall of the people there has its own characteristic.September sometimes called golden autumn and October - the time cold.November becomes a transition between autumn and winter, "twilight years".

The village life is hard, because all year constantly have to work on the street or in the yard.For this autumn mud, rain and snow.All these features are reflected in people's aphorisms.If in September, you can catch the serene days are, it becomes changeable in October, where before lunch back in the fall, and then comes to the winter time.If a cold in October, then in November it necessarily "pereholodit."Days are so short that in November dawn can "meet" with the twilight at midday.

lot of attention people gave signs when there was no other way to predict the weather.Warm autumn means it will be prolonged winter.If there are mosquitoes in the late autumn, it says that the severe frosts will not.When the leaves stay long on the bank, then the snow comes not soon.

Folk wisdom passes from generation to generation, helping to live among nature and enjoy it.

phrases about love autumn and

In the poem AAFet "Autumn" nature seems able to live and feel.It sounds strings of the human soul.Nature Spirituality is transmitted to humans:

«But there are days when blood
Zolotolistvennyh hats
Burning Autumn seeking gaze
and sultry whims of love."

Here autumn is filled with light and sensuality.Unusual metaphor animates her, she is looking for a response in the blood of passion zolotolistvennyh hats.All the rushes of love and feelings, like a living person.

In the poem about autumn NA Zabolockij nature falls asleep, rolls and fall over.Human feelings in tune with the fall that they are also influenced, as can be seen from the quotation about the fall, "pluck speech lovers, the last starling flies ...".

truly beautiful poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva:

«blue expanse between the pines,
speak and hum on the threshing floor and smiling ...
Our spring."

These lines manifested spiritually rich and fine personality, broadcasting momentary thoughts and feelings.


beautiful phrase about Fall speak about the features of this period, characterized by the magnificence of nature.A variety of methods of its description appears in the works of classical and folk aphorisms.Together, it reflects a unique picture of Russian nature.