Advice to parents: short fairy tales

Tale - One of the most amazing creations of popular fancy.It appeared in ancient times, and it is nowadays loved children, from the smallest to the already fully grown.Once your child learns letters, learning to read, a book with tales are his most dear and beloved friends.

Tips for parents

If your baby does not get up to mischief or moderately raskapriznichalsya if he does not want to eat such a useful porridge or bedtime, in most situations, it is a short children's stories help calm the out-of-control child.Why short?Because the need to reassure the child quickly.In large-volume works, as a rule, the story slowly, change of events happening slowly.But a short children's stories captured from the first row, taking him into the world of adventure and unusual characters.

In a joint reading the children must pay attention to the victory of good over evil.So you will place your child in the first moral and ethical criteria, will form the belief that for the offense to be punished and friendly and h

onest to be better than malicious.Do not carry on the assessment of the children of heroes and do not place labels on the kids.Do not frighten them with threats that come for disobedience, and the wolf will eat or Baba Yaga carry away in his hut.From early childhood, the child must be imbued with a poetic fairy tale world, the atmosphere of wonder, not fear.You do not want to instill in her daughter or son a lot of complexes!

rhythmic foundation

good that the product contained the rhymed lines.The children remember them, developing their speech and memory.Even better, a short children's stories written in verse form, such as works of Chukovsky Zakhoder, Mikhalkov.Their offspring can remember your whole.Then the parents are able to organize a new form of playing together - the role retelling.These classes are very useful for both adults and kids.They contribute to the development of pedagogical skills of mothers and fathers, communication skills in children.And be sure to try to buy the book in which short children's stories are equipped with bright, colorful illustrations.They will make the process of initiation to literature more exciting.

We come from childhood

However, grandparents, moms and dads can also try yourself in the writer's case.If you have the talent of the narrator, and the writing is also out.After all, we adults often do not know what they are capable.Moreover, the children's story of his own, short and dynamic, may be composed of current events and its heroes are clothes and toys surrounding the child.In this case, invented stories organically woven into the realities of life of the baby.Thus, the growing boys and girls brought up a special relationship to the world - a creative, effective, innovative.Custom view of the surrounding activates and thinking outside the box.Dear adults, remember: children's story of his own, a short, dynamic and loving, with a deep sense, will remain in the memory of your kids for life and become a bridge linking childhood to maturity.

to kids slept soundly

But back to matters pressing.The boys and girls of school age and even students grades 1-5 love to them to read an interesting book at bedtime.But let's think about what should be the children's bedtime stories.The main task of the reader - to soothe, relax, appease.So, of course, in any case, you can not select terrible stories: with witches, vampires, monsters and other otherworldly beings.Needless funny and dynamic, with a variety of storylines, too tight will not fit.But fairy tales like "Towers", "Cockerel and mills," "Puss in Boots", the Fox and Cockerel, Frost and Cinderella can take safely.Girls tend to like stories about princesses, boys - social and pro-domestic animals, knights and Ivan Tsarevich.

age criteria

Tales for children conditionally divided by age.What little daughter or son liked to 5 years, 10-12 will cause only good memories and a smile no more.This means that each age of their remarkable stories.For example, the works of the Brothers Grimm will suit younger students, and funny story of Astrid Lindgren designed for older troops.Most of Andersen's fairy tales, even those familiar "The Little Mermaid" and "The Snow Queen" have a hidden philosophical subtext, to understand that the child will often using older.Concerning the rights and the more complex things, such as, for example, a fairy tale, a parable about Exupery Little Prince and Anthony Pogorelsky of black hen, Garin-Mikhailovsky about a boy and his dog Theme bugs.But if your child suddenly picked up the product is clearly more complex its present level of development, it is not necessary to take away the book.What is not understood, it will make the inquisitive child again and again to the text - so formed thinkers!