William Shakespeare, "The Merchant of Venice": summary

In this article, we describe a work of "The Merchant of Venice."Summary written in 1600 by Shakespeare play will start as follows.Antonio, a Venetian merchant, is in causeless sadness.His friends, Solana and Salarino, trying to explain her unhappy love or concern for ships laden with goods.However, both of these explanations rejects the Venetian merchant.Summary continued appearance Bassanio - close friend and a relative of Antonio, which accompany Lorenzo and Graziano.Solana and Salarino go.Graziano, a joker, trying to cheer Antonio, but he did not succeed.The merchant says that the world - is a stage on which everyone has a role, and the role of Antonio sad.Lorenzo, and Graziano removed.

Bassanio asks Antonio money

then describes a conversation between two friends of Shakespeare ("The Merchant of Venice").Summary of his following.Bassanio alone with his friend admits that he was entirely without resources because of their carefree lifestyle, and therefore once again forced to ask for money from An

tonio to go to the estate of Portia, located in Belmonte.Portia - heiress, Bassanio and passionately in love with her virtue and beauty, as well as confidence in the success of matchmaking.Anton is not cash, but he offers his friend to find a loan in his name.

Portia and Nerissa discuss candidates

In Belmonte, meanwhile, complains Portia Nerissa, her maid, that it can not by the will of his father either reject or select the groom herself.Her husband would be the one who is choosing from three caskets (lead, silver and gold), guess which of them is a portrait of her.The maid starts to list the various candidates - Portia makes fun of each.Only about Bassanio - soldier and scholar, who visited once her father, she remembers with fondness.

Treaty Antonio Shylock

Meanwhile Bassanio asks Venice lend merchant Shylock 3000 ducats bail Antonio for three months.Shylock knows that all his state entrusted the sea.He appeared in a conversation with the main character, who hates of contempt for usury, and to his people, reminds him of the innumerable insults that subjected him to the Venetian merchant.Summary will not describe all the details of the meeting.Since Antonio lends without interest, Shylock, in order to gain a friendship with him, will also give a loan without interest.It takes only a comic pledge - a pound of flesh merchant, he can cut as liquidated damages from any part of the body of Antonio.He delighted with the kindness and jokes moneylender.Bassanio also has bad feeling and therefore asks his friend not to enter into this transaction.However, Shylock says that by such collateral it still will not be any good.A friend of his recalls that the ships will come long before the time of payment.

Moroccan prince arrives at the house Serves to choose the casket.He takes an oath, as required by the conditions of the test: not woo in case of failure of any one of the women.

Jessica runs off with Lorenzo

Lanchelot Gobbo, Shylock's servant, in Venice, convinces himself that escapes from the owner.He trifled continuously, as mentioned in his work "The Merchant of Venice" by William Shakespeare.Lanchelot, met the blind father, a long time it plays, and then talks about his intention to go to the servant to Bassanio, who is known for generosity.He agrees to take the service Lanchelota and go with Graziano in Belmont.The servant in the house of Shylock says goodbye to Jessica, the daughter of his former master.They communicate with each other jokes.Jessica is ashamed of his father.Lanchelot pass secretly called Lorenzo, the girl's lover, a letter, which describes a plan to escape.Jessica, taking the jewelry and the money of his father, dressed a page secretly leaves via Salarino Graziano and Lorenzo.Graziano and Bassanio in a hurry to sail to Belmont with the wind.

Trying Prince Moroccan

Moroccan Prince at Belmont chooses golden casket.According to him, a precious gem to another frame can not be concluded.However, there are didactic poems and skull, not a portrait of the beloved.Prince removed.

Solana and Salarino Venice laugh at the wrath of Shylock, who learned that the daughter robbed him and ran off with Christian.At the same time they discuss that in the English Channel sank one of the ships belonging to Antonio.

Choice Prince of Aragon

new applicant is in Belmont - Prince of Aragon.His choice - silver casket.However, there are verses mocking and picture silly faces.After he leaves, the servant reported that he arrived the young Venetian with rich gifts.Nerissa thinks that this can be Bassanio.

Shylock promises to fulfill the conditions of the contract

Solana and discuss Salarino Antonio has suffered new losses.Both admired the kindness and generosity of a man like the Venetian merchant.Reviews Solana and Salarino about Antonio say that they value friendship with this person.When Shylock appears in front of them, and first Salanov Salarino mock him, then expressed the belief that, if the bill delays the Antonio moneylender his meat is not required.Shylock in reply, said that he had disgraced him, let Affairs Shylock, inflame his enemies.He promises to do all according to the contract.

Jessica's father squanders state

Salario and Salarino go.Appears Tubal - a Jew who was sent to find her daughter, Shylock.But to do that he could not.He merely paraphrases Shylock rumors about the extravagance of his daughter.Father terrified of losses.Having learned that Jessica exchanged a monkey given to him by the late wife of the ring, Shylock's daughter sends curse.One consolation it - rumors that Antonio loses.He is committed to it to vent their grief and anger.

Bassanio makes the right choice

Portia in Belmonte tempting to linger with a choice of Bassanio.If an error occurs, it is afraid of losing him.He also longs to immediately try their fate.Young people, exchanging witty phrases, declarations of love to each other.Bring caskets.Rejects silver and gold Bassanio, since gloss is deceptive.His choice - a lead casket.Opening it, he finds a portrait of Portia and poetic congratulation.Bassanio and Portia are preparing for the wedding, and with them - Nerissa and Graziano, love each other.Portia gives her fiance a ring, and it takes an oath to keep this jewel as a pledge of their mutual love.This gift makes Nerissa and Graziano.


Come Antonio Lorenzo and Jessica, as well as the messenger who brought the letter, which wrote the Venetian merchant.Summary Antonio next letter.He said that all his ships were lost, and he broke, overdue bill moneylender, and that requires the payment of a terrible penalty.In a letter to Antonio and asks his friend not to blame for his misfortunes themselves and come to before his death to see him.Portia insists that Bassanio went immediately to help Antonio, offered any money for the life of his friend Shylock.Graziano and Bassanio go to Venice.

Shylock reveling in vengeance, because the law is now on his side.Antonio realizes that you can not break it, so he's ready for his imminent death.He dreams of a merchant only one thing - to see before he died Bassanio.

Act Portions

Portia in Belmonte Lorenzo instructs his estate, and she removed along with her maid supposedly for prayer in a monastery.But in fact, it intends to go to Venice.Servant girl sent to Padua to Bellary, Dr. Law and his cousin.He must provide the male portion of the dress and papers.

Over Jessica makes fun Lanchelot because of the adoption of Christianity.Lanchelot, Jessica and Lorenzo exchanged between jocular remarks.They strive to outdo each other in wit, these heroes of the play "The Merchant of Venice."Quotes from the work very interesting.In the play there are a few such scenes depicting characters in verbal wit contests.


Shylock enjoys triumph in court.Nothing can soften the cruelty of moneylender - no appeals for clemency or suggestions from Bassanio to pay double the amount debt.Shylock referenced in response to the criticisms of the law and, in turn, blames the Christians for what they have slavery.Judge asked to consult with the doctor Bellary before making a final decision.Antonio and Bassanio, the heroes of the work "The Merchant of Venice", the contents of which in summary you read, try to encourage each other.Each of them is ready to sacrifice themselves.Part of the scribe, who is hiding under the guise of disguised Nerissa.Citing ill health, in Bellary communicated by letter recommends to conduct the process of their young, but a very clever fellow - Dr. Balthazar (Portia disguised).She first tries to appease Shylock.Having been refused, it recognizes that the law is on the side of the moneylender.

Wisdom exalts the young judge Shylock.Antonio says goodbye to his friend.That desperate.He is able to sacrifice everything for him, even his wife, if only it saved the life of Antonio.Graziano its part is ready to do the same.But Shylock only condemns the fragility of marriages of Christians.He wants to get down to business.

continues its works of Shakespeare ("The Merchant of Venice").Summary of further developments following the trial."Judge" in the last minute stops Shylock to recall that it should take a meat merchant, without spilling a drop of blood.Moreover, it should take exactly pound.

If Shylock violates these terms and conditions, according to the law it is waiting for retribution.Then the moneylender agrees to the fact that instead he paid triple the amount of debt.But the judge against as a word does not say in the bill.Shylock is ready to receive a payment of the debt, but again - the refusal.In addition, for the assassination of a citizen of the Republic of Venice to the laws he should give half of his wealth, and the other sent to the treasury as a penalty.The life of the offender at the mercy of the judge.However, Shylock refuses to ask for leniency.However, his life is still present, replace the penalty seizure.Antonio of generosity disclaims half, laid him on the condition that it will be bequeathed after the death of Lorenzo Shylock.Guilty same merchant must accept Christianity and all their possessions to bequeath in-law and daughter.In desperation, Shylock agrees to all.Imaginary judges as a reward lure rings have duped husbands.

Jessica and Lorenzo Belmonte moonlit night ordered the musicians to play in the garden.They are preparing for the return of their owners.

scene in the garden

next scene completes the event works, "The Merchant of Venice."The play ends with a conversation in the garden.Nerissa and Portia converge there with their husbands at night.It turns out that they have lost their rings.Wives say that they were given to women.Men are justified, but all in vain.Portia and Nerissa, continuing the rally, promise to share the bed with the judge, only to return the gifts.Then they show rings and are recognized in the drawing.Antonio Portia gives a letter, which says that all his ships intact.Nerissa also gives Jessica and Lorenzo act by which Shylock gives them their wealth.All go to the house to find out the details of the adventure there Nerissa and Portia.

So ends his work, "The Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare.The play, this is very interesting.In summary, we were introduced to her reader.However, our task is not a story about the peculiarities of such works as "The Merchant of Venice."Try to conduct an analysis of its own.