"Crime and Punishment": a summary of the epilogue.

"Crime and Punishment" - a work written by Dostoevsky in 1866.In this article, we describe a summary of the epilogue."Crime and Punishment" - a novel, which addresses the most important issues of faith.The fully revealed in the concluding chapters of two small works.They constitute the epilogue of the novel "Crime and Punishment."The writing that was written by Dostoyevsky in many respects for him.In this you will see by reading the epilogue to the analysis presented in this article.

time and place of an epilogue

Action epilogue takes place in Siberia.One of the administrative centers of the country is located on the shore of a deserted, wide river.In the city it is a fortress, and it is the prison in which the 9 months concluded Rodion Raskolnikov, exiled convict.It has been almost 1.5 years from the date of the crime of the hero.

sentencing of the protagonist

goes on to describe a summary of the epilogue of "Crime and Punishment."It tells us briefly about the events preceding the prison Rod

ion.Raskolnikov hid nothing on the court.Judges and investigators struck fact that he did not use things and purse, hiding them under a rock and do not even know how much money is available there.It is possible to conclude that the crime was committed when Rodion "temporary insanity."This circumstance, as well as confession, several mitigate the sentence.

were taken into account other aspects, favorable to the defendant.He kept while studying at the University of the latest tools friend, suffering from tuberculosis, and after he died, his care for the sick father.Raskolnikov gave this man to the hospital and buried him when he died.At trial, the landlady Rodion said that once he had saved two young children from a fire, while receiving burns.The judges took into account all the circumstances, on the basis of their perpetrator was sentenced to only eight years in prison.

What happened to Pulcheria Alexandrovna, Dunya and Razumikhin?

All Pulcheria Alexandrovna was assured that her son had gone abroad.However, she felt the soul, what happened to him something terrible, and lived only waiting for a letter from Raskolnikov.Her condition day by day getting worse, and soon the woman died.Razumihin married Dun.Zosimov Porfiry Petrovich were among the guests at their modest wedding.Razumihin his studies at the University resumed in a few days going to move closer to Rodion in Siberia.This supported him Dunya.


Act is largely based on the image of this girl epilogue of the novel "Crime and Punishment."Dostoevsky's works without this character is difficult to imagine.

Sonia Svidrigaïlov money left to her before dying, went to Siberia, and are regularly reported in the letters all Razumikhin and Dounia.Quite often she visited Raskolnikov, who was not interested in anything, she said, and was kept in a gloomy mood was sullen and neslovoohotliv.He clearly understood his position, nothing good from the future did not expect any hopes harbored not surprised nothing of what is observed around.He did not shy away from work, however, and did not ask, was indifferent to food, he lived in a communal cell.

As written by Sonia, Raskolnikov at her first time visits are not particularly interested in, but after a while suddenly felt the need for them, and even sometimes missed when she come to him but could not.This girl is reported to herself that she met during this time with influential people who earned their living by sewing and even made great strides in this case, since there was a milliner in the town.However, Sonia did not mention in the letter that with the help of her friends was the best bosses treat Rodionov, facilitate his work.She reported in the last letter that Raskolnikov fell seriously ill and he was taken to the hospital.

Raskolnikov life in prison

This hero lived in prison without noticing much.Eventually he became a wonder some things, such as the gulf between him and the rest of the people are here.The exiles tried to avoid Rodion, they did not like it, and after a while began to hate, as mentioned by Dostoevsky in the final product.You can see this if you open an epilogue ("Crime and Punishment").

Dream Raskolnikov

Raskolnikov during his illness was a long time in delirium.This hero imagined all the time, because of the unprecedented affliction world should perish, and be able to survive only your favorites.People affected by a microbe, going crazy, ultimate truth apart from any idea of ​​his, any belief.No one knew what is good and what is bad, everyone was convinced that the truth lies only in it.

goes on to describe the product of "Crime and Punishment" (summary of the epilogue).Dream Raskolnikov in its structure is important because it symbolizes the transformation of the main character.This we will tell you more in this article.Sonia during illness Rodion on duty under his windows, and once he accidentally saw this girl.Sonia then two days did not come.Rodion returned to the prison, learned that the girl is sick, and so is the house.Sonia, knowing that it is worried about Raskolnikov, sent him a note in which he wrote that already recovering and will soon come to see him.

explanation Sonya

The next day Rodion worked on the river burning oven, a girl came up to him and held out her hand timidly.This time, Raskolnikov, who used to take it as if in disgust, and the very Sonja met with annoyance, sometimes silent persistently during the visit, took the girl's hand and would not let her, and then suddenly fell to her feet, hugged her knees and wept.Lovers have decided to be patient and wait.It remained for seven years.

Start a new life

That night Rodion took the gospel that was lying under the pillow, and opened it.This book belonged to Sonia, was the same one from which she read about the resurrection of Lazarus Raskolnikov.Rodion thought at the beginning of hard labor, that she was his torment religion will impose the book and start talking about faith.

But she never made it, not even offered the gospel.Shortly before his illness he asked her him, but did not disclose until now.Now, however, the protagonist decided to do it.

She was also in the excitement all day, and at night again fell ill.But she was happy to the point that almost frightened her sudden happiness.In just seven years!

This Dostoyevsky completes its work.Accordingly, the ends, and a summary of the epilogue "Crime and Punishment."On the future of Sony and Rodion it did not say, however, it can be concluded that they will find a new life.

structure of the novel, the role of the epilogue

six part structure of a Dostoyevsky novel titled "Crime and Punishment."Summary epilogue was presented to you.Epilogue, as you know - is the final chapter of the work, which introduces readers to the subsequent fate of the characters.This part of the novel is one of the strongest in the product.It seems to be the culmination of the long past, the main events have already taken place (the offense is committed, the recognition is made, the penalty enforced), but only in the epilogue to the novel actually reaches the true, spiritual peak.

structure epilogue

Summary epilogue "Crime and Punishment" by chapters divided into two parts.It consists of two domes, a small volume.If the first more formal, largely illuminating "external life" characters, the second is devoted to the inner life of Soni and Rodion.

This part (summary epilogue "Crime and Punishment" See above.) Highlights a very important stage, which was marked by the spiritual development of the protagonist.We learn at the outset that he confessed during the trial and after spending a lot of time in prison, his crime has not repented, their attitude to it is not revised.

only thing Rodion complained that it was frustrating, it was a disappointment because he could not bear his act and surrendered.On a sharp turn in the inner world of the hero tells us the author only in the end product (the epilogue of the novel "Crime and Punishment").And its importance can not be overestimated.

What Raskolnikov felt after committing a crime?

As we can see, the act only estimates from the worldly point of view of the protagonist of the work "Crime and Punishment."Summary epilogue shows how to change his inner world.At first Raskolnikov cares only that think or say about it people.

Rodion, speaking with such positions, perplexed.He can not understand what his crime so terrible if everyone else is the same can afford, and the law - only the result of the desire or whim of individuals.From this he concludes that his guilt is only weakness is that he was not able to overcome the moral torment.

question about the very essence of the hero does not think, does not believe that murder is a terrible thing to do, which is contrary to human nature.It is why torment began.But while the hero is still far from this discovery.

spiritual fracture in prison

Raskolnikov in prison comes a spiritual turning point that marked the beginning of a new life.It becomes a precursor to the disease of the protagonist.Strange visions come to him in his delirium.Rodion soul once again makes him a hint, seeks to direct the right way.

role of Raskolnikov's dream, which he saw during his illness

The dream that Raskolnikov sees through a fantastic story Dostoevsky conveys its own point of view about the spread around the atheistic, nihilistic ideas like the one that was Rodion.This dream is no accident described in the product (the epilogue of the novel "Crime and Punishment").

analysis it is possible to hold the next.Theories such as the one that was at Raskolnikov, make people possessed with devils, mad, infect them.But the most frightening thing, do not notice the infected, who fancy themselves the missions elected.Craze such ideas degenerate human race.Only a few fragile souls who kept the moral purity, are able to save the people from destruction.

It is a dream to change something in the mind of Raskolnikov.He helped him to understand what had long felt Rodion.He finally grasped that Sonia loves what she - his support, support and salvation.Waking up, the protagonist is not even aware that there was a change, but he feels in his heart that unconsciously did not like it the other prisoners: the fact that he was sick of the plague itself.Name it - contempt for the people, pride, lack of love, lack of faith!

true culmination of the novel

When Rodion sees Sonia again, finally wakes up, his soul, and his eyes opened again, filled with tears.Severe pain, but the giver of light, but not hopeless, throws it at the feet of Sony sobbing.So cleaned rebellious heart of the protagonist.

Raskolnikov, which opened to the love of one man, gradually began to love everyone.Not without reason have changed the attitude the other convicts, as mentioned by Dostoevsky (the epilogue of the novel "Crime and Punishment").Analysis of the composition gives an indication of the fact that it is in the epilogue - a real culmination of the novel!It is the triumph of faith and love.Raskolnikov finally opened for the first time the Gospel than the epilogue ends.

"Crime and Punishment", a summary of which we have considered, without this final would lose a significant part of the ideas that we wanted to convey Dostoevsky.This is where we realize that in life there comes a new Raskolnikov moment - a moment of rebirth.Although the writer on the future of Rodion not tell us, it becomes clear that this life will be quite different.Between the lines in the epilogue sounds life-affirming and bright chords that mark the spiritual revival of Raskolnikov.The fully disclosed here Dostoevsky's deep conviction that each person has a divine spark in his heart.

largely the product of "Crime and Punishment" was written for the sake of the epilogue.Dostoevsky argues in it that revival and the forgiveness possible for any person, even if he is a terrible criminal.Epilogue of the novel "Crime and Punishment", a summary of which you have just read, gives everyone hope for spiritual revival.The need for this is only repentance and "turn" to the people, to love, peace, towards God.That's what was needed epilogue."Crime and Punishment", a summary of which, of course, does not pass all the greatness of this work - a novel about spiritual revival, in which the author does not cease to believe.