O. Henry, "The Gifts of the Magi": a summary of the story

tradition of giving gifts at Christmas there was quite a long time.Initially, it is connected with the biblical story of the Magi, who brought a gift of incense just born Jesus.Seeing the star appeared in the sky, they realized that in the world there was the savior of humanity, and are come to worship him.

about what people can donate in order to bring true joy beloved, referred to in the O. Henry story "Gift of the Magi", a summary of which is given below.

Exposition.Meet the heroes

Already from the first sentence the work becomes clear how hard it is necessary married couple Dillingham Young.They rent apartment, for which every week you have to pay $ 8.In the whole situation is viewed "silent poor."Doorbell not working.A slit in the mailbox is so narrow that there is no way it was not possible to delete a letter.And the sign on the door with the name of the host, which came when he was earning $ 30, now seemed faded.Since then, as the family income dropped by ten dollars, the couple had to sav

e everything.But every evening after returning home Mr. James always been waiting for joyful voice of his wife and "gentle embrace."


Summary story "Gift of the Magi" should continue description hostess.On Christmas Eve she sadly counted the money that was able to save up for a few months, saving everything, wherever possible.She remembered the humiliating scenes of trade with the grocer, the butcher, greengrocer per cent.But the costs were still very high, because in the end managed to collect only a dollar and eighty-seven cents yes.On them, and had to buy a gift for her husband, whom she loved.

First Della jumped on the couch and cried.However, it was necessary to do something.She went to the window, and then suddenly went to the pier standing in the mirror.Her eyes sparkled and his face turned pale.

only wealth hero of the story "Gift of the MagiĀ»

Summary description must include hair Della and James hours, because they constituted their main pride.

Young woman coming up to the mirror, freed from the pins curls ... Those scattered over her shoulders and covered her entire figure below the knee.They glittered and sparkled, reminding chestnut waterfall.But Della immediately started to collect them.At this point, two or three tears rolled down from her eyes.The decision is ripe instantly - because she could not leave her dear James without a gift.Especially as its magnificent clock, had inherited more from his grandfather and father needed a chain.It will replace the old leather strap.Then your favorite will be able to proudly take their watches to see the time.

Twenty dollars for a gift

Della dressed quickly and rushed to the street - well developed plot story "Gift of the Magi", a summary of which is offered to the reader.She ran up to the second floor of the building, where the madam Sophronie, buying up hair.A few minutes - and Della had twenty dollars and went shopping for a gift.And after a couple of hours, hurried home with the remaining eighty-seven cents, and bought a platinum chain for hours.

Return husband

First of all, Della curled curls - she hoped that James was not very upset to see her new hairdo, and certainly not cease to love.Make coffee, cook patties to skillet.Then, holding the string in your hand, she sat closer to the door and froze in anticipation.

Entered Mr. Dillingham Young, he saw his wife, stood in a strange daze ... Something like O. Henry continues, "Gifts of the Magi."Summary of the story does not allow to describe the scene that occurred at this time.The important thing - James still could not believe that it is no longer Della her luxurious hair.

exchange of gifts

Pretty soon, his behavior will be clear to the reader.James pulled out a bundle of paper and handed it to his wife.Della turned him - and before her eyes appeared ridges.The ones which she had long dreamed of: tortoise, with pebbles at the edges.They came to the color of her hair.Involuntarily polivshiesya tears and groans of despair, help to understand the status of women.And this episode is the climax of the story could be called "The Gifts of the Magi."Summary arisen between spouses continue the conversation is as follows.Della tried to convince her husband that her hair grow back very soon.But she also bought him a magnificent gift.She opened her hand - and it sparkled precious metal.But James saw chain, lay down on the couch and smiled.He sold his watch to buy combs."We'll have to hide our presents until ... they're too good for us" - was his answer.


The final part of the works of O. Henry recalls the biblical story and gives it a very brief summary.Gifts of the Magi, called wise, you can always be exchanged if they are unsuitable.Unlike told stories that Delly and James were much more generous.These two are, without a moment's hesitation, sacrifice for a loved one most dear, that was in their life.And affectionately calling his characters' silly children from vosmidollarovoy flats ", the author notes that they are wise.

This is the story of a great love between two ordinary people described in the story by O. Henry "The Gifts of the Magi", a summary of which you read.