Rafting in Losevo - adrenaline artificial stream

Love Russian speed and all types of leisure activities related to this factor has long been known.Perhaps that is why rafting and kayaking have taken root in Russia.In addition, the geographical features of our country favor this passion.Suffice it to recall a great number of mountain rivers in the Caucasus, where each threshold - is a test of spirit and strength Rafter.

Fusion of beds turbulent rivers has become a tradition for many families seeking active leisure activities.Rafting in Losevo - a great opportunity for residents of the central part of the country's plunge into the world of extreme sports.

Rafting in Losevo

But on mountain rapids, suitable for extreme rafting in the center of the country, little is known.After all mainly mountain rivers are located in the Caucasus and the Urals.However, we hasten to tell you about the place, which is located just 80 kilometers from St. Petersburg.

Stormy creek originating in Finland - Vuoksa (or Kiviniemi) - gives extremals beautiful trails.The l

ength of the rafting - 900 meters.The level of complexity threshold has three points, but the pleasure of traveling through this route is not measured by standards.

The river never freezes, giving a further opportunity - a winter rafting.Year-round flow of tourists to the shores of the Vuoksi - silent advertising this place.

little history

torrent has been created by man, yes you heard right!The fact that in the 19th century, the Finnish authorities decided to connect the river to Lake Ladoga.This was done to create a navigable channel of the Saimaa in Ladoga.But the result did not meet expectations.The resulting channel was shallow.Then the builders decided on additional blasting, in order to rectify the situation.But due to the fact that the bottom of the river is lined with hardwoods, error correction failed.The result is a rapid flow duct.And builders attempt to rectify the situation led to a steep steps.The idea of ​​creating a new waterway became uninteresting for the states, and the government decided not to tempt fate further.That's almost out of the blue formed a powerful artificial stream, contrary to nature.

Losevsky threshold today

Rafting in Losevo - a spectacle of emotions.Also developed infrastructure attracts new tourists.In the surrounding area, including the village of Losevo, in whose honor and was named the threshold, there are many tourist spots.They differ in the profile and level.

The route can not be attributed to the very extreme view, but the paradox of a powerful stream in flat terrain is impressive.Spectacular scenery - another important factor.

wishes to try out the service rafting in Losev, the price of which, incidentally, is quite acceptable, may book a place on the recreation and camping.

annually in these areas rest thousands of tourists, extreme.Guided tours, competitions on rafting and kayaking.It's a great experience for both beginners and professionals.

Experienced instructors will help curb the watery element.

Features tracks

powerful flow is not as simple as it seems at first glance.On the way there are tourists and funnels, and suvod.Turbulent flow is always ready to surprise its guests: water barrels, passing under the road bridge, challenging stages and shafts.

Rafting in Losev, seasoned extremists reviews confirm this, can be described with the phrase: "This track surprises!" And what do you need the soul thirsting for adrenaline?900m fly as one, but those experiences that you will take away with them, remember.

In Losevo You can spend your vacation without extreme.At the disposal of tourists lake where you can swim and go fishing.And they say there are excellent hunting.

Artificial stream in Losevo - a chance to know yourself and your opportunity!