Image of Natalia in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" Sholokhov

Natalia - wife of Gregory Melehova daughter Miron Korshunov.This character is one of the most important in the work.Image of Natalia in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don", we describe in this article.The author is not by chance as much attention is paid to the image of the inner world of the heroine.It bears the characteristics peculiar to the Russian woman of the 20th century.Thus, Natalia Korshunova ("Quiet Flows the Don") - a typical representative of your environment.

image of women in the novel

If the image of a hero Grigory Melikhov - a symbolic image of the Russian peasant of the 20th century, the women's facial features embodied the author's idea about their fate in Russia.Priority over all politically engaged and socially specific eternal moral values ​​reflects the charming image of the fair sex by the novel.

Character Natalia

For Natalia, wife of Gregory, characterized by patience and calm wise women - homemakers.Moreover, it is inherent tucked away deep capacity for strong spirit

ual experiences.About Natalia pride, the strength of her feelings saying deeds, not words: it is her suicide attempt, as well as reluctance to have a child of unloving husband.Natalia in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" - a woman who was able to devote himself to the children home.In the portrait of her tragic life story of lies: with the "crushed the operation", "big" hands contrasting beauty of the face, and gray eyes staring boldly contrasted reserved and shy smile.Such is the portrait of Natalia ("Quiet Flows the Don").

psychological interpretation of character

Portraying the other women in the work, the writer uses the principle of so-called psychological interpretation of character.That is the image of Natalia in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" given the dynamics in the development, with penetration into the inner world, in the spring of action heroine.At the beginning of the book we see it still quite a young girl when it came to wooing Melekhovs.When the bride for the first time show Gregory, he thinks: "Okay."Selecting a father he approves, seeing that this girl is obedient, submissive, affectionate and bashful.The nature of the heroine are intertwined intricately enslavement ancient patriarchal traditions and constantly putting it in a dramatic situation and pushed to protest the huge human potential.It was embodied in the high moral qualities, as well as beauty and grace, which evolved into the very depths of the people.

Relations Natalia and Gregory

Natalia tenderly loved her fiance Gregory, another bride "loving eyes" stared at him, looking calculates the days that are left before the wedding.This woman, seeing the bride looked "with tears of joy excited" after him, feeling her heart beating rapidly.Normally timid and shy, she insisted on her when the parents initially did not want to give her in marriage to Gregory.However, the life of this man of joyful hope of the heroine is not justified.Do not be happy in his work "Quiet Flows the Don" Gregory and Natalia in family life.The heroine is increasingly convinced that the husband indifferent to her that he loves only Aksinya.And when he recognized her honestly that did not love her, Natalia alone and silently going through her grief, losing weight, and in her eyes there is something "pathetic."

selfless feelings of this woman and her chaste restraint stresses writer.Creating the image of Natalia in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don", the author notes the sadness, the sorrow of his endearing heroine.Especially remembered her eyes that Sholokhov calls "sad", "sorrowful."Discreet and modest Natalia ashamed to be in public feelings, hide them.This is the main characteristic of the heroine (the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don").Image of Natalia - one of the brightest in the product.

relationship with Natalia Melehova

This girl is unselfish love for Gregory and infinitely faithful to him.It is his personal charm, moral purity attracts all Melehova (Sholokhov, "Quiet Flows the Don").Natalia in the family was immediately well received.And her father and mother in law, she won her spiritual qualities and work ethic.Shy and did not allow her chastity before marriage even kiss her future husband.

Natalia finds happiness in work and motherhood

Love Natalia in early married life was still slow and cold, and feeling it - hidden deep in the soul.Only after the birth of children revealed this character, gaining confidence.About the people she cares all his generous heart, she is going through a lonely misery unloved wife.Oblivion is Natalya in a heavy daily work.Even more than Aksinia this character likes to work and Sholokhov poeticizes is its quality, inspiration and the ability to easily give all his strength to it, while not regretting their "hands."

Natalia, without knowing the joy of love, finds happiness in motherhood.Once you born Polyushka and Mishatka this character prettier and flourished.Her face glowed with proud joy when she showed the children her husband.Happy mother, Natalia gives children all their unspent tenderness.And Gregory wins "pure inner beauty" in the image of the character of the mother.His heart fills tenderness.However, Gregory caress his wife never indulged, so now is not the kind words.

Natalia husband curses

long had to put up with his Natalia difficult situation unloved wife.Insulted in the best feelings, bruised, she cursed her husband in the desert during a terrible storm.Gregory mutilated her life.With the tragic force of this traumatized woman passes a parallel between the state of nature and its inner sense.Natalia, mad with grief, clasped his hands in prayer, wet with tears, asked Gregory's death.At this time, crept cloud from the east, black, swirling.Thunder rumbled hollowly.Stinging white lightning piercing the top of the clouds, gliding across the sky, writhing.Clones wind west grass, carrying the dust from the bitter Way, bend down almost to the ground cap sunflowers, weighed seeds.Natalia, a strong character, with the same uncomplaining resignation broke decisively, stating authoritatively about their right to a real, bright life.However, it is destroying itself because it does not know how to fight for it.

image Natalia before her death

Before his death, in recent days, is shown with all the force of her courage and greatness of spirit, moral purity and selfless love.Image of Natalia in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" is fully revealed.Dying, the heroine asks her to wear a green skirt.It was her love to see Gregory to his wife.It also sends last will Mishatke kiss my father and for her to say sorry to the children.Despite the humiliation, resentment, grief grave associated with married life, before his death Gregory forgives all his wife Natalya ("Quiet Flows the Don").The characteristics of this character is respected, and its fate - heartfelt sympathy.Sam Gregory also did not remain indifferent to the death of his wife.For him, it becomes a shock departure of Natalia, he feels guilty.No grief after the death of her could not have hurt him.In Memory of Gregory's wife is beautiful, radiant inner beauty.

role of female characters in the novel

Natalia ("Quiet Flows the Don"), a characteristic which has been presented - is not only interesting female character in the novel.Roman gives the considerable advantage of the combination of the epic picture of historical events with lyrical narrative disclosure of the deepest thoughts and feelings of the characters.This applies to a greater extent to the images of Russian women.

In the domestic literature is difficult to find other work, the pages of which have been so much attention given to the woman, her share of difficult.From the depths of the heart of the writer come pain and tenderness in relation to heroine.Natalya Korshunova ("Quiet Flows the Don") - a girl who certainly deserves sympathy and attention Sholokhov.