Feature Skalozub in the comedy "Woe from Wit"

It is worth noting that many of the heroes of the play Griboedov "Woe from Wit", written in 1824, are comic masks.However, this is only the surface layer of the bulk of its plot.And one of the most important guests, who visited the house Famusov became Sergey Skalozub - to the bone the military, which is in the rank of colonel, which is rapidly going up the ladder.He is very proud and boastful, and career moves, often using their own comrades.Feature Skalozub not too flattering.She even makes a kind of parody of the so-called ranks.

Feature Skalozub

How about potential suitors Sofia, about it at the very beginning of the act suggests maid Lisa.She says that he is "a gold bag and is aiming to generals."Rather, it is for him and arranges FAMUSOV ball to present to its guests, and especially important for high society women Hlestova, which, however, he did not like it because of the lack of obedience and servile flattery, and he was too tall.

However, biographical information Skalozub very favorab

ly presented and distinguish it from an impoverished nobleman Chatsky.For the rich, straightforward and expressively expressed that, of course, does not fit the tone of the secular courtesy, but, according to others, it does not harm.It would be foolish to underestimate the impact of Colonel in the Moscow environment.It supports and recognizes the secular society.

Skalozub: characteristic."Woe from Wit"

culminating moment was the announcement of Colonel Skalozub that schools, lyceums and gymnasiums will soon be converted into barracks for the model.He says: "There will only teach in our one, two;and the book will remain for the big occasion arises. "A FAMUSOV went further and suggested that simply burn books.

citation Skalozub response speaks volumes.In general, such a character as Skalozub is a collective image in which the contemporaries of that time recognized the Divisional Colonel Frolov, the Grand Duke Nikolai Pavlovich (the future Russian emperor), and so on. D.

Feature Skalozub not happy in hisfirst drill, commanders' orders, barracks ranks.He is in a conversation with Hlestova becomes talkative when it will be about the differences of all the regiments of epaulettes, piping and buttonhole on uniforms.Already it is clear that more than anything he is not interested, and is connected to talk to him not with his hands, he is not only capable of gossip and embellish secular.By the way, Colonel great pleasure in gossiping about the princess.In his conversations and then slip military terms like distance, the sergeant-major, rank, and so on. D., And even where there is no question about the military life.

Colonel Skalozub

When FAMUSOV asks him about Nastasya Nikolaevna, whom she brought to him, he laconically replied: "I do not know, sir, is to blame, we are not serving her together."But when they give birth to talk about Moscow and its residents, the FAMUSOV all praises Chatsky contrary, exposes, and about Moscow Skalozub notes a few concepts familiar to his words, "a great distance."

Colonel tries to be polite with the owner of the house Famusov, but with others he especially did not stand on ceremony, and can even speak sharply.FAMUSOV and Skalozub have common views on the service and rank, but mentally and intellectually much losing the last to the first, which is pretty fairly clever, observant and eloquent.

Sophia just speaking about toby says that he and clever words can not say, just say "about Fruntov and ranks" and Lisa agrees with her: "It hurts not clever."This citation Skalozub response speaks for itself.

mood of the Russian army

Feature Skalozub says that he attended military training in the Prussian-Pavlovian school of the Russian army, which was very hateful to many noble officers at the time, characterized freethinking, because they were brought up in the covenants of the great generals Suvorov and Kutuzov.And, characteristically, Griboyedov puffer opposes his cousin, who became the representative of the Russian army of another medium, that part of the officers, from which came the officers Decembrists.It is after the war years 1812-1814, resigned and went to the village to "read the book."

Freedom of

Decembrist P. Kakhovsky evidence of the truthfulness of this interesting image.He says that many of these retirees at their very modest incomes themselves learn and educate others in their rural houses.

What does a brief description of Skalozub?The fact that at that time many leading officers retired, it was also due to the fact that the army was going Arakcheyev strengthening the regime that persecuted freedom of thought and planted blunt military drill and servile submission.This was a form of protest, so no wonder young nobles and servants Famusovs looked with disapproval.Now it is clear that in the world of the aristocracy famusovskogo except the Famusov and Skalozub, there is the adulation and ministered officials Molchalin type.

Now we can hope that much will be clear when considering a person as Skalozub.Feature ("Woe from Wit" - a work that is included in the program of the school of literature), this character has been presented in this article.