Image Zahar Berkut: an example of a great man

in piggy literary masterpieces, there are many works that capture the first line, and do not let go until the last.Classics left a legacy on which many generations of learning, credited the young and the old.Among them Kamenyar takes pride of place - a great philosopher, a talented writer, poet, educator, revolutionary and public figure.And in some ways the prophet, as predicted much of the life of their people and mankind in general.This Ivan Franko Ukrainian genius, who lived at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

One of the best works

Many works of Ivan Franko wrote."Zahar Berkut" is considered one of the best.What is so attractive to the reader the story today?The people liked it at the time of its creation?First of all the characters.Image Zahar Berkut - central in the work.His response will be filed below, but now look at the other highlights of the story.

her second feature - this is nature, skillfully sketched writer.Love to the native land, the author draws her like an ar

tist, noticing every detail.But nature Frank - is not just a background for the events, and active participants.Nature helps goodies as you can: zipper predicts trouble, stones, as if in obedience to the will of the community, stopped the river and turn it into the valley, where the enemy is hiding.And even a large stone guard who prayed for ancestors of residents of rotten seemed accomplice Zahara.

third feature - an amazing and melodic language that communicates tuholtsy to which the author complained.Crowded folk wisdom, proverbs, phraseology and archaisms, he takes the reader in those days.And the fourth aspect of the story, of course, is an interesting story that shows the struggle of civilians from cruel invader.

«Zahar Berkut": the plot

Briefly tell the story the story, the Franco draws idyll Carpathian village in the distant thirteenth century.Community Russia was still living under the laws of sort: all the important decisions taken at the Council, and the social life led the wise old man.Image Zahar Berkut - a portrait of the elders of the assembly.

Despite the fact that Russia has dominated Christianity, the people worshiped nature, the elements, believed in dreams and signs.They are opposed by lord appointed from the capital, which tends to grab all the power in their hands.At this time, the Tatar-Mongol horde past of the country, bringing war and destruction, tears and rivers of blood.In this beautiful place it came suddenly.Tuholtsy unison rose up to fight.But lord Tugarov Wolf volunteered to help the invaders.His daughter Miroslava in love with Maxim, the son of Zachary, renounces his father and helps farmers.Image Zahar Berkut and Boyar Tugarov very opposite, but all the same the author believed in the best in each person.Otherwise, Wolf would never have realized his mistake.

Private and public

Feature Zakhar Berkut would be incomplete without mention of the fight against the feelings and contradictions in the man.When Max is captured by the Mongols, the elder son refuses categorically to exchange for safe passage of the enemy in the valley.He is very fond of the boy, but believes that the security of rotten and neighboring villages (ie all native land) is more important than one person's life.

The same can be said about Miroslava: noble woman filled with love for the common people and renounces his father for his dastardly deed.She asks to be her parent Zahara and helps farmers and business, and wise advice.

Love Carpathian

Feature Zakhar Berkut - it is something on which focuses writer.Ivan Franko draws brave, wise, honest person who serves society.In parallel unfolding love story of Maxim and Miroslava, the two young men.Do not opposites, even though they grew up in different environments, and the pure in heart, noble and loyal guy and the girl, whose hearts beat in unison.They also knew how to separate the personal interest of the public and even a minute away from death, thinking about the rescue of the villagers.They understood that they could lose each other, but the thought of betrayal they did not have.


Tuholtsy won, young people are saved - the story approaches a happy End.But death reminds us that nothing on earth forever.Saving Maxim Tugarov die, then die Zahar Berkut, marking the coming changes.The writer wants to emphasize though that it was a turning point in the history of the time, the withering away of the public frets, but human values ​​will never lose its relevance.

image Zakhar Berkut both complex and simple.In his character no flaws, contradictions, evil thoughts, he said, he thought, and served the people as he could.However, this simple man understood that the welfare of his land depends on its people, their coherence, unity and rejection.And before his death, he foretold the prosperity of the homeland, but under the condition that people will continue to hold each other.His prophetic words can be repeated again and again, as the story of Ivan Franko want to read and reread to infinity.