"Crime and Punishment".

through the image of the character Dmitri Prokopyevich Razumihina Dostoevsky expresses its position that expresses his views and give a moral assessment of the theory of the murderer Raskolnikov, "the blood of conscience."In the novel "Crime and Punishment" Razumihin acts as a person is still unsteady, but very attractive.

Raskolnikov Razumikhin - a kind of comparison of the two new trends among young people of the time.Writer on these examples show that the development of a vital position may be very different from each other.Someone can become a "slave" of the theory that rejects God (this is the same Raskolnikov), while others will retain the moral "ground" and have the ability to distinguish good from evil (this Razumihin).

The school often write an essay on the topic: "Razumihin (" Crime and Punishment ") response."Who he is and what his moral principles, try to understand.

idea of ​​"Crime and Punishment»

main idea of ​​the novel "Crime and Punishment" Michael F. Dostoevsky pondered quit

e a long time, since the days of hard labor.And work on it, he began with great enthusiasm and elation.This work would be summed up as the last of his creative years and has absorbed all his thoughts and ideas.But the central theme of the year is also very good in this product are disclosed.Social problems have received a new philosophical direction in conjunction with the moral drama "killer-theorist," Rodion Raskolnikov, who is forced to bring on itself to get punished, and thus once again to join the people.The idea of ​​the protagonist Raskolnikov - to become the master of fate and qualify strong and fair to punish undesirable and thus make happy disadvantaged.That's the whole philosophical intent Dostoevsky, including modern revolutionary mood in 1860.

Razumihin."Crime and Punishment".Feature

Minor characters are ideological allies or opponents of the protagonist.In the novel "Crime and Punishment" Razumikhin - it is one of the closest friends of Raskolnikov, who, however, does not support his views.After all, a philosophical idea of ​​"small business" of Razumiha is that young people should work as teachers, lawyers, doctors and agronomists to everyone on the place served good.And she needs help in law, economics and education, and promote the purchase of land by peasants, to organize insurance, national loans and improve agricultural implements.

this way Razumihin seen as gradually overcome social inequality.According to him, just that it was possible to divert the public leading young forces of revolutionary activities and improve the lives of all violent.

«Crime and Punishment."Description Razumihina

In general, the whole point of this idea was the fact that all the "great things" should be left for later, until better times, and now we must begin to act each in its place and keep quiet cultural work.Raskolnikov justifies any bloodshed if someone got up on the way to some noble cause or a great discovery or when someone very much suffered from some bad man.These arguments and filled his Dostoyevsky novel "Crime and Punishment."Razumihin as it plays an important role and is completely expresses the views of the author.

Feature Razumihina quite interesting.Dostoevsky presented us with a type edakogo bumpkin, coarse ruffian, strong nature, but very noble and generous Russian people, which is completely subordinate to Avdotya Romanovna Raskolnikov's sister.He's just thrilled and belittles himself before this fragile and delicate beauty.


At first glance it may seem that Razumihin is a pragmatist, but it is not.In his discussion, he still relies on the theory of '' soil ', which was a Russian social thought for religious and philosophical trends, like the Slavophiles, opposed by Westernism.It was focused on the Russian identity, which distinguishes it from Western culture.

He criticizes the pre-reform law and order.People like Luzhin (fiancé Dunya), he really hated, because all calculate and everywhere seeking benefits.He feels on such cannibalistic people smell because of their beliefs.

Russian hero

Dostoevsky's novel "Crime and Punishment" is how Razumihina Russian hero, "the descended to the boys," who spends his mighty power to support other Raskolnikov and his family - his sister Dunya, mother Pulcheria Alexandrovna.He helped them even when learned that Raskolnikov - killer.

Razumihin sees through every human soul, with whom he ever spoke.He understands that such a scoundrel as Luzhin, a hopeless and do not fix it, but the same Raskolnikov is still possible to "revive" and again back into the circle of human society.

Love Dunya

Like Raskolnikov's loyal friend and lover of his sister, Razumihin doing everything to help them and make them happy.His dedication to this issue does not interfere with the construction of his personal fortune, which is constantly dreaming Razumihin."Crime and Punishment" clearly alluding to the fact that a person can not exist outside of society, and he created a family chosen profession bear the social stamp and indicate compliance with social and political order or disagreement.

image Razumihina

So, Raskolnikov Razumikhin very well contrasted."Crime and Punishment" way of making the last one of the important figures in the life of the protagonist.Dostoevsky describes him as a young man, a student, a gentleman who has a friend at the university - is Raskolnikov, with whom they are familiar and a half years.

Razumihin - open, kind, with a broad Russian soul man.He is a great truth-seeker and loves to throw a plain truth in the face.He has a few rough manners, but behind it is a very sensitive and delicate soul.Moreover, in the work "Crime and Punishment" Razumihin presented as an erudite young man who knew three European languages ​​and dreamed of creating his own publishing office.It comes to him, Raskolnikov immediately after the murder to help him find a job in teaching.In fact, he hurries to him to find a living soul for communion, capable of compassion that can share his meal.

faithful friend

very loyal and honest friend was Razumihin."Crime and Punishment" describes how he cares for the sick and even Raskolnikov asks Dr. Zosimova take his illness, and introduces him to his distant relative of blood, the investigator Porfiry Petrovich.He knew that Raskolnikov begin to suspect strongly justifies it and withdraws his strange illness, and with great attention relates to the arrival of the mother and sister of Raskolnikov, and almost immediately falls in love with Dunya.As a result, he would marry her.

to his friend Razumikhin Raskolnikov is with warmth and trembling, although aware that they are different people with him.It is curious that Razumihin from all different some peculiar honesty and directness incredible.His many statements and replicas can be freely used as a quote.And his sense of humor, irony and wit just touches, attract and charm can not and does not induce feelings of sympathy.