Short tales for children - the most important means of education

In the former time our illiterate, uneducated ancestors and could not imagine how a major role in educating the younger generation plays a young fairy tales.However, they notice that the young students fairy tales more loved their native land, treated with great respect for their elders, learned to be brave and bold.

deep symbolism

Short tales for children - is not just a fairy story, which is a deep symbolism, the meaning of which is rooted in the distant past, the birthplace of the culture and traditions of the people.Experts studying fairy tales, claim that, perceiving the archetypal images, the children learned the complex everyday truth.After all, fairy tales never received nothing just like that, on the contrary, more often they found themselves offended, deprived, or even sent to certain death ("Frost", "Goat-Dereza").Russian short tales for children demonstrate how their protagonists overcame all obstacles, sometimes with the help of supernatural helpers, and in the final invariably becomes

happy, in spite of all the enemies.Having learned this information, the child understood that love, honor, wealth must be earned.You need to be brave, kind, brave, dignified struggle with difficulties and help those who are weaker.

important means of education

All that give kids a short fairy tales for children, must necessarily be supported by actions.No child wants to be similar to Baba Yaga or Serpent Gorynych.All prettier Prince Ivan, Emelya, Russian warriors and the rest of the goodies.That is why children and reconcile their actions with the way the characters are good.In fairy tales, the children learn to distinguish between good and evil, to maintain hope for the best in all situations and under all circumstances.Therefore tale remains to this day an important means of education.

magic age

standard of physical and mental development of children is different.It depends on many factors: age, temperament, physical and moral condition.Tales are also different levels of complexity.The most simple short fairy tales for children, characterized by repetitive phrases and simple story, for example: "Gingerbread Man", "The Mansion", "Speckled Hen".Young children not only listen to them with great pleasure, but also trying to say keywords, continuing the story of the adult narrator:

- Santa ...

- ... crying.

- Baba ...

- ... crying.

Very often, listening to short fairy tales for children, kids are asked to choose one adult and again and again to re-read it.The fact is that the child feels comfortable enough in a predictable world of familiar, so beloved fairy tale, let and read to the holes, vyzubrennaya heart, is part of its security.Turning into a kind of ritual, it soothes better than mother's lullaby.

older children - a fascinating story

In two-three years of the child's perception of the process begins with memorization and comprehension continues heard.The kid is happy, as soon hears a familiar text is much stronger than when reading a new book.That is why the folk tales for children (short and simple) the best choice for caring parents.Growing up, children are more attracted to the development of the plot.Adventure characters, all the tests, the magical miracles that happen to the characters - all this becomes the subject of reflection and emotional perception.Preschoolers and children of primary school age are already free to talk about the read, draw conclusions, to characterize the characters and their actions.And then at an opportune fall short instructive tales for children, which affect the formation of the personality of the child, exercising his imagination, develop creative imagination.Legend also quite well and clearly share the idea of ​​the feminine and masculine demeanor.

Fairytale Fairytale - one of the new-fangled, and, most importantly, effective directions in children's psychological adjustment.It involves the impact on the child with the help of a fairy tale, and the action method is based on the deep subconscious mechanisms of perception of fabulous images.With this technique heal a variety of phobias, anxiety, depression, smoothed out some forms of autism.Skazkoterapiya to be effective and has brought tangible benefits, it must deal with a competent person, in unskilled hands, it can do more harm than help.

wisdom of ancient ancestors

Short tales for children - it is a wonderful means of education.The wisdom of ancient generations unobtrusively, but penetrates deeply into the soul of the child and sow the grain of good, love and beauty.After all, children perceive the magic of history as a matter of course, does not cause criticism or debate.