N.Nekrasova poem "Frost, Red Nose": summary

Nekrasov always worried about the fate of the Russian peasantry, especially of women.This topic has he dedicated many works, among them, and published in 1863 - in the post-reform period - the poem "Frost, Red Nose".Summary of the work, of course, makes it impossible to fully assess its merits, but allows you to designate a circle of the problems that concern the author.


Nekrasov's poem dedicated to his sister, Anna Alexeevna.Even in the vast accession marked its overall theme and mood.This recognition of the author in the plight of the poet who knows much more about the life of other people.Therefore a new song, "there will be many sad old" and in the future, everything is seen "more hopeless."

Memories of his own home and his mother's death completed a direct appeal to his sister: "... you have understood for a long time - is nothing but stones do not cry ...".

Part 1. Death peasant

gloomy thoughts cause the reader poem.Here's a brief summary.

Ā«Frost, Red Nose" Nekrasov begins wit

h a description of tragedy in the life of a peasant family.He died its head and breadwinner, leaving orphaned parents, wife and two young children.Father went to dig the grave of his son ("Do not I used to dig the pit!").Mother went behind the coffin.Wife "gently weeps" over the shroud - sew the last outfit to her husband.And only "stupid children" noisy, not understanding what had happened.

Heinous share Slav

story about the difficult life of a peasant occupies an important place in one part of the poem "Frost, Red Nose".Summary is as follows.

Initially Russian woman theirs three bitter share: to be a wife and mother of a servant, and to submit to the fate of the tomb.And no matter how many centuries did not take place, this situation does not change.But no harsh life is not able to break the "beautiful and powerful Slav" - such Daria seen from the poem "Frost, Red Nose".

Beautiful and clever in all patient and majestic, with the gait and "look queens" Russian women have always admired.It is good, and at a time when mowing, and when her face was "burning with anger."Dislikes idleness even on weekends, but if they appear on the face "smile fun", replacing it "working seal", neither the song nor dance is not her equal.

She feels responsible for the whole family, because her in the house is always warm, the kids fed, and the holiday an extra piece of ammunition.And when this "woman" goes to church with her child in her arms, "all those who love the Russian people" becomes "the heart" picture emerged - so ends the story of NANekrasov."Frost, Red Nose", so - is primarily a poem about the fate of the Russian peasant.

Mounted proud Daria, but could not help the tears rolling down, falling on the "fast hands" and the shroud.

Farewell to Proclus

All preparations are completed: the grave dug, the coffin was brought, the shroud is ready."Slowly, it is important severely" were Proclus trick out.His whole life passed in.Now, the fixed and harsh, it lies with a candle in his head.The author notes big, work-worn hands and face - "beautiful, alien flour."

Only when the rites of the deceased, "the native of Proclus sirens."In their mourning and the pain of losing a loved one, and praise breadwinner and bitter mourning orphan proportion of children left his wife a widow, old parents ...

the morning trusty steed Savraska owner took his last journey.For many years he served Proclus: in the summer - in the winter - in carting.Hurrying in his last campaign in time to deliver the goods, a farmer caught a cold.I returned home - "in the body of the fire."He was treated by all known folk ways.Finally, his wife went to a distant monastery of the miraculous icon.But too late.When the gates, Proclus saw her, groaned and died ...

returned from the cemetery, and Daria, wanting to warm children, saw that no logs left.Share bitter widow!Leaving the son and daughter of her neighbor, she went into the forest.

Part 2 Daria

Summary poem "Frost, Red Nose" goes on to describe the tragic fate of the heroine.

was alone in the open, among the forests and plains of brilliant diamonds, Darya can not hold back emotions.Witnesses "great sorrow widow" steel forest, the sun, the birds ... Narydavshis plenty, she begins to cut wood.And the tears rolling down from his eyes, like pearls, and all thoughts of her husband.And that now expects a young widow and her children.Now we need to keep up with all the most: in the field and on the farm.Will grow up Masha and Grisha, but there will be nobody to defend them.

I remember Darya and recently had a dream.She had fallen asleep in a field, and it seemed that the ears, like a military army, surround it from all sides.I began to call for help.All they rushed but nice boyfriend.I take it to work, and all will hear and grains - not cope alone.It turned out to be a prophetic dream: "Now I will press one."Waiting for her long and lonely winter night but.Natket her paintings for the wedding son, but after waiting for Grisha recruits - warden on hand unclean, and no one to intercede.Because of the bitter thoughts of cut wood, not uvezesh.

But do not hurry home heroine works "Frost, Red Nose".

Summary meeting with warlord majestic forests and fields

reflection, Daria leaned to the tall pines, is "without a thought, without a moan, without tears."Soul longs suddenly found peace, dreadful and involuntary.And all the frost grows stronger.And there is a fabulous character, leaning over the head of the unfortunate, he invites her to his kingdom.And suddenly Proklushkoy Frost turned and whispered gentle speech.

Increasingly Daria grows cold, and there before my eyes the picture.Hot summer.She digs potatoes, close-law Masha.Suddenly there is a husband - near Savraskoy walks of field pea jumps Grisha.And under her heart - a child who will be born in the spring.Proclus then he stood on the cart, put Mashutka Grisha - and "rolled a cart."And on the face gazing after them Darya appears "smile of contentment and happiness."A dream she hears a lovely song, and the soul more and more immersed in a long-awaited peace.Hopped on the pine squirrel drops the heroine of snow, and Daria is getting cold, and "in his enchanted sleep."Thus ends the poem "Frost, Red Nose".

Summary works, unfortunately, can not transfer all the wealth and beauty of the language in which it was written.It is no accident the poem is recognized as one of the best creations of the poet.