The literary treasure trove: any work written Pushkin AS

Pushkin Alexander, who lived from 1799 to 1837, unfortunately, tragically killed in a duel, all gained a reputation as one of the greatest poets who have only been in the history of Russian literature.This certainly contributed to his special talent.Pushkin's work due to the exceptional brightness.It fully shows the Russian character in its best features.

What works Pushkin wrote

whole creative life of Pushkin is divided into several periods:

  1. 1813-1816 biennium.- Lyceum years.
  2. 1817-1820 biennium.- Lives in St. Petersburg.
  3. 1820-1824 biennium.- South link.
  4. 1824-1826 biennium - Mikhailovsky.
  5. 30s - Boldin Autumn.
  6. 1831-1836 biennium.- Creative period.

The Lyceum period as the poet Pushkin was formed under the influence of such masters of artistic expression as Derzhavin, Karamzin, Zhukovsky, Radishchev, Voltaire, Rousseau.School youth are often interested in the question of what works Pushkin wrote.Let's start with his early works.

early works

patriotic freedom-loving sentiments appear i

n Pushkin in the early work on the example of such poems as "Memoirs in Tsarskoye Selo".He protested against serfdom "Licinia" satirical motifs interwoven with the philosophy of Epicurus in the "town".The theme of death, too, is starting to sound Pushkin already in his early works, this "desire", "will", "My Epitaph", "Elegy", which expressed his desire to die loving.

Literature: Pushkin AS

The Petersburg period he was actively drawn to romanticism and has Decembrists mood, he wants the triumph of freedom.Strengthening freedom-loving sentiments of the poet is shown especially in the southern period.His poems are born, in which heroes are strong personalities, who challenged the usual social order and opinion.Get introduced to romantic styling compositions may be in the "Southern poems."

Creativity Pushkin Mikhailovsky period saw the creation of the historical drama "Boris Godunov."

After the Decembrist uprising struck poet dedicates this event freedom-loving mood of many poems, is "to Siberia", "Anchar", "Arion".Generally, volnolyubiya theme in his work is central.In his poems, he expresses a burning hatred for the "samovlastitelyam villains" and "haughtiness wild" oppressed people.The idea of ​​freedom he is inextricably linked with the love for the Fatherland.This is evidenced by the famous poem "To Chaadaev" is the message from a friendly turned into a political one.

Pushkin's story "The Captain's Daughter" noted the historical truth, he goes to places Pugachev rebellion and self-collected material for his work.This work is complex and profound, felt strong and masterly skill of the author.

Artwork "Belkin" includes five short stories: "The Shot", "blizzard", "Postmaster", "Undertaker", then "Mistress into Maid" and "History of the village Gorukhino."

Pushkin's story "The Stationmaster," as did the rest of the story, introduces the reader to the bleak and hard life of poor people.Generally, these products are widely embrace the contemporary reality of the time.

main reasons

And now closer to the 30 th year for the first time in Pushkin heard hints of frustration, he tries to somehow overcome and wrote "I wander along the bustling streets ...".However, this period was the apex of his poetry.Finally, the appended "Eugene Onegin".Lyrics of Pushkin is more deep philosophical character, it begins to worry about the problems of life.

Love Pushkin, too, occupies a special niche.How can you not remember, "I remember a wonderful moment", "I loved you", "Madonna."He will always find the words that can express the magical properties of love and the human exposure.

Pushkin main motives were, of course, the theme of love and friendship, the search for meaning in life, a little later the problem of death and immortality, memory and oblivion, eternal and all-over, as well as the continuity of generations.His lyrics are captivating tenderness, sincerity and a sense of empathy in her whole Russian spirit and soul of the entire nation.It's like no one could enjoy nature, beauty, harmony, peace and human relations.

list of famous works of Pushkin

Getting to the question of what works Pushkin wrote, you begin to understand that this list is literally infinite degree, and therefore focus only on the most famous in their chronological order.

  • 1814 - poem "Osgar" poem "Bliss";
  • 1820 - poem-tale "Ruslan and Lyudmila";
  • 1821 - the novel in verse "Prisoner of the Caucasus", the poem "Brothers robbers";
  • 1822 - the Crimean experience Pushkin described in his famous poem "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai";
  • 1824 - meeting and socializing with gypsies inspired the poet in the poem "Gypsies";
  • 1825 - written historical work "Boris Godunov";
  • 1828 - ballad "drowned";
  • 1829 - ballad "Poltava";
  • 1830 - dramatic works, "Mozart and Salieri", "Before the noble Spaniard", "Eugene Onegin," "The Miserly Knight," "The Tale of Tsar Saltan", the story "The Stationmaster," "Mistress kretyanka";
  • 1832 - the novel "Dubrovsky", the poem "The Bronze Horseman" dramatic work "Mermaid";
  • 1835 - story "Egyptian Nights".

This, unfortunately, has not made a complete answer to the question of what works Pushkin wrote.And if not deadly duel of the great poet, the great masterpieces of Russian literature classics would have been much more.