"Eugene Onegin", Chapter 8: summary, analysis

There is hardly another such product in Russian literature, which would have such a considerable popularity for a long time as "Eugene Onegin".Chapter 8 (summary) shows the essence of the events reveals the emotions and feelings of the protagonists.

This article will be useful to students of the school that are the product of the program, and teachers of literature, if they have to make literature lessons better and more interesting.Summary ("Eugene Onegin", Chapter 8) and the analysis also will be useful to anyone who wants to brush up on the main events.Those who do not have time to re-read a novel in verse as a whole, will help the text below.

«Eugene Onegin", Chapter 8: summary

This is the final part of the great works of ASPushkin, in which there is a meeting with Tatiana Eugene.The chapter says that the protagonist still lives without a specific purpose, it does not have permanent employment, as well as attachments, he is still not married.One event follows another, and here the reader se

es Onegin at the reception of the prince, his longtime friend.He introduces him to his wife, and Eugene was surprised to find out it Tatiana.But she had changed!Now, for what can not be found in her the romantic, gentle girl who loved to dream.

Tatiana, of course, also learned Onegin at the meeting, but did not lead even eyebrow.Such indifference has caused confusion in the soul of Eugene, he tries to find her unapproachable face a shadow of the past, but can not.Tatiana has changed so much prettier that one could hardly find in it traces of former love.Onegin long suffering, going through, but finally decides to talk with the princess and sends her a letter.

However, the message remains unanswered, and he goes up to her to fall on her knees and show love.Tatiana listened to him in silence and make cruel sentence: they will not have a sense of continuation, she is married, and later try to change anything.Onegin frozen in amazement, his coldness striking young woman.Here are the main events of the novel in verse "Eugene Onegin" (Chapter 8).The analysis shows the transformation in the soul of the characters, their inner changes.

Eugene What?

At the beginning of the chapter, we see the hero, which is a little tired of life.She had bored him, he did not see it as purpose, meaning.Onegin 26 years, but he still has not managed to find himself, does not know what should be devoted to exist, can not find a girl who would become his wife.The moment when the hero looking fed up, he stopped and began to look for a living.Onegin travels a lot, betrayed thoughts, but looks lost and lonely.It seems that it is in no one needs, and he obviously does not need anyone.

Changes Tatiana

reader meets the heroine after a certain time.And here before us is no longer the naive girl Tanya, what it once was.Tatiana became fashionable lady, she even learned to play the role of a satisfied woman's life.She has just enough, she seems to be happy and satisfied with life.

chance meeting with Yevgeny may Tatiana and displays the state of peace of mind, but it may look, or look does not show his embarrassment.In contrast, the character keeps so confident that no one can conceive of what it actually feels.


alive memories of the past crowded feeling of the soul of the protagonist.Eugene struck metamorphosis occurred with Tatiana.Now he does not know how to approach it, what to do, what words to say.It seeks to meet with her and at the same time afraid of her.Confusion and desperate anxiety possessed him.Eugene did not know the rest from the day when he saw Tatiana in a new image.He did not understand why she was so changed, it could not solve the mystery.Soon he realized that love - not in the old Tanya, and this graceful young woman who has now made available to him.

«Eugene Onegin", Chapter 8: a letter to Onegin, Tatiana

In a burst of sweet feeling, suddenly engulfed the heart, Eugene wrote a passionate message.He sincerely regrets that once rejected the love of a gentle girl who probably had he offered her was ready even without parental consent to marry him.Letter to Onegin Tatiana shows how wrong the hero, considering the freedom of the highest honor and property.I think he is even ready to cry befallen his new feelings.Now love is suffering from Eugene Onegin.Chapter 8 (summary) with the details reveals the profound spiritual experiences of the hero.


In his letter, written in a desperate rush Onegin is not answered.Time passes, and the young man, hoping for an appointment, come to her home.And what did he see?Tatiana reads his letter and could not hold back the tears!Hence, he understands all this time, she played the role of a great lady!Eugene rushes to her and falls to his knees, in tears, kisses his hands.But ... nothing we can not fix!He read the answer in the sad eyes of Tatiana and realizes that she has not forgiven him his shame and her heart is still wounded.

Now she refuses to Onegin, explaining in detail why it goes.She does not speak about his true happiness, do not look down and haughty, but on the contrary, it is recognized that the feeling in her chest was still warm, but it does not have any significance, as it will keep fidelity to her husband: "I am given to another, II will never leave him. "

more drama is different "Eugene Onegin".Chapter 8 (its analysis) shows the tragedy of a love that has been lost because of pride.You can talk about for a long time, if proved to be the right move, but each of the characters in his time refused to another.Only Tatiana made it more honest and generous, do not hide their feelings.

Instead of conclusion

Summary "Eugene Onegin" (chapter 8) allows you to quickly refresh the memory of the main events of the novel ASPushkin.It will be especially useful to classroom teachers and students.But you can not probably find a more dramatic story than "Eugene Onegin".8 chapter summary it shows how difficult this world is arranged.

In fact, one can not deny a person who loves us.Unfortunately, it did so Eugene Onegin.8 chapter, a summary of its demonstrate how he had to regret his actions.ASPushkin depicted the story of betrayal and personal search for the truth, based on which to live.Heroes to celebrate the release of this test, but it remains an open question whether they will be happy in the future?

rejected the essence of love shows the product's "Eugene Onegin" (Chapter 8).Plan to writing on the topic can be formed based on the subtitles of this article.