Sayings - a new figurative expression.

In everyday life we ​​are constantly hovering around the well-known phrases that give special meaning to the phenomena.They are not meant literally, but through some vivid images.

What is the popular expression

popular expression - is apt figurative expressions that are known to all.Their sources are literary works, movies, statements of famous people.

long known catch phrase seem obvious, but new are perceived differently.Some of them reflect a brilliant mind, and the other - an obvious nonsense.But when they begin to sound everywhere, born of their new life.

many sayings - it sayings of great men, appeared a century ago, but their significance is not lost to this day.They can be laid philosophical sense, folk wisdom or a standard phrase that characterizes certain images or events.

catch phrase may arise in everyday life at the little-known peoples, but gradually transformed and begins to fit the standards of the modern word.It may be translated from another language and adapt to modern societ

y.This presentation excellence remains the same, and the authors, few people remember.

sayings and words made a public personality, actor, writer, becoming an ornament of speech, reflecting the high level of skill.They sound like poetry and music.

sayings intertwined with phraseology - a combination of words which constitute a new meaning that is different from them, if each considered separately.The phrase becomes a vivid emotional coloring.It can be translated into another language, if you choose a combination of other words.

sayings Krylov

moral foundations and national traditions of people develop together with the language.Sayings - a short text that is the cultural heritage of nations.They contribute to the development of the individual, making her deeply moral.Man learns the best national traditions of its people.

Moral bases in Krylov's fables have deep meaning.In these sayings, and words express the outlook on life, very close to the popular saying, and fairy tales.The images of animals and birds in his fables are the people with their shortcomings.Somewhere sounds irony, and sometimes - a satire.

Examples of fables

As typical example is the well-known expression in the fable "The Crow and the Fox", which ridiculed the stupidity, flattery and vanity: "And in the middle dtse smoothie can always find corner ».Here the poet leads the reader to believe that we should not succumb to flattery, otherwise you may be in place Ravens.

phrase « A casket just opened » reflects the idea that we should not look for complicated solutions where there are none.

Krylovskaya expressions «God forbid us from such judges" and "Who are the judges?» people still express their opinions about the unprofessional and biased criticism.It is figuratively presented a donkey in the fable, in which many see a colleague or boss, poorly versed in their work.

fable "Swan, Pike and Cancer" reflects a sense of what the uncoordinated work does not give results.Krylov sayings taken from this work can be used in a different way, reflecting the other side of the modern era:

«spent on debate for so many years:
is wasting time on useless.
When there is no agreement,
That lucky to some one. "

popular expression of the myths

Under mythology refers to the reflection of reality in the fantastic images of ancient people, which they embodied in oral folk art, stone inscriptions in ancient manuscripts.It was in all the nations of the Earth, and was the first attempt to explain the natural and social phenomena.Ignorance of the law of nature and the lack of understanding of the phenomena was replaced by faith in the supernatural events and fairytale characters.

aphorisms began to emerge from the myths of ancient Greece and Rome.To date, their meaning remains the same or slightly changed.

  1. Augean stables - heavily polluted place, as well as running the case.
  2. Gordian Knot - a difficult and confusing task.Allow it can at once if to show courage and determination.On the node that nobody could never unravel, Alexander the Great solved the problem at one point, cut it with a sword in two parts.
  3. Sword of Damocles - constant danger or a threat to someone.Always hanging over your head the sword is a constant fear.
  4. sink into oblivion - disappear without trace, to be forgotten.After drinking from the River of oblivion souls immediately forgot about his former life.
  5. The palm - superiority over others.In ancient Greece, palm wreath awarded to the winners.

Many sayings of the myths have not lost their sharpness and significance to date worldwide.


popular expression - it is a cultural formation, has a great influence on the development of society.Their sources are incorporated in the ancient culture and developed in all countries, including in Russia.