Who wrote "Sleeping Beauty"?

is a traditional European fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" is still the subject of heated debate, and until now no clear and categorical answer to the question of who wrote the "Sleeping Beauty".

three main challenger

Textbook considered variant of the story of the author's tales of Charles Perot, who published it in 1697.There is also a slightly different version of a literary editorship of the famous Brothers Grimm.The most recognized for this early work of Giambattista Basile, entitled "Sun, Moon, and Talia," which was published before the more famous followers in 1634.How then can clearly identify who wrote "Sleeping Beauty"?The fact that the plot, which underlies the tale was very popular, according to the Aarne-Thompson classification, it has number 410 and is classified as "family relationship with the supernatural."However, it should be noted that the international register of absolutely all kinds of folklore genres and epic world is not perfect, and can not.

from Europe to Russia

conducting proceedings on who wrote "Sleeping Beauty", we should mention the author and similar domestic literary creation.For example, VA Zhukovsky created a fairy tale in verse "The Sleeping Princess", which is also echoed in the story turns to the previously announced European version.It is also quite close to the plot of the tale related the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.I borrow some European folk traditions and adapt to the mentality of the Russian Pushkin.Sleeping Beauty with the skillful hands of the author became a Dead Princess, gnomes - seven heroes and the whole world knew the author's tale of the great Russian poet - "The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights".

On the first version

Do not torment yourself with doubts, arguing over who wrote "Sleeping Beauty", the fact that the very first recognized variant tales found in the XIV century French novel "Perseforest."It is almost unknown to the general public, in contrast to the creation of Giambattista Basile.His tale is also the main characters - the king and his baby daughter, Talia, but she carries death flax.Years pass, and despite the ban king, grown up beauty meets an old woman spinning flax.She drives a thorn and falls into a deadly sleep.Heartbroken parents manage to leave the body in a country castle.After some time the king went hunting castle is a neighboring state, it sees a beautiful girl and takes her into a sexual relationship.Then at the waist born twins Sun and Moon, and despite the antics of the King's mistress, as a result of all live happily ever after.That such Basile "Sleeping Beauty", the author did not bother to romance in the relationship of the main characters.

successful version

Giambattista made another attempt to use the intriguing ideas in his creation "The young slave," in which a fairy, hurrying to celebrate the birth of baby Lisa sprained foot, angry and predicted that after 7 years mother forget the comb inhair daughter and she falls into a deadly slumber.Her prediction came true, the girl put in a crystal coffin.Later crystal sarcophagus will be featured in the tales of the Brothers Grimm, "glass coffin" and "Snow White."

Beauty by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm

While in the process of creating a version of author Charles Perrault softened the text of a fairy tale, he not only removed the scene of carnal love with the sleeping princess, but was replaced by the king to the prince and his mistress -mother.And cause lethargy made damn angry and resentful fairies.In addition, the creation of his kiss, awakening and marriage is not over, as the young couple had to face trial in-law-ogress that had gathered to eat their grandchildren.But the girl's parents to the happy end did not survive.The brothers Grimm, moreover, that all ends when awakening a kiss, they, along with the princess sleeps the whole kingdom.These are the differences between French and German canons.


are going to read the fairy tale the child before going to sleep, do not worry about its meaning and emotional stress, it most likely will not be an original Charles Perrault, and adapted for children retellings Kasatkina, T. Gabbe, A. and Lyubarskayaothers.If you are committed to the Russian mentality, choose the product that wrote Pushkin.Sleeping beauty in his interpretation of the dream will not spoil a baby.However, all retellings deliberately "facilitated", ie. E. Invariably spared the minor details and intended for adult morality.After all, in fact, Perrault and the brothers Grimm were themselves a kind pereskazchikami and their creations have a fascinating background, not the exception, and "Sleeping Beauty".The author of fairy tales, whether Charles Perrault or Grimm, canonized by the same folk stories, so in the proceedings concerning the authorship of confusion sometimes happens.