Kutuzov: the image in the novel "War and Peace".

LNTolstoy was convinced that history can not administer one person, no matter how excellent it was.According to him, the fate of the state, even in the most difficult moments of its existence has been solved by the people.

This approach is reflected in the image of the commander, under whose leadership the Russian army was able to win a complete victory over the French in 1812.Mikhail Kutuzov in Tolstoy - the sample carrier of the spirit and will of the entire people.Thanks to the talent of military tactics, willingness and ability to defend their opinion, fatherly attitude to the soldiers, he won the love and respect of the Russian army.


Golenishtchev-Kutuzov Kutuzov, 1745 birth, was a good military school, where he served under the leadership of PA Rumyantsevand SuvorovHis rapid elevation begins with the Russian-Turkish war of 1864-78 years.

Since the adjutant of Prince Holstein-bek in 1861, 30 years later, he received the rank of general.Mikhail Kutuzov was well received in the r

oyal palace under Catherine II and Paul I, I have repeatedly won the highest awards for valor.

came to power, Alexander I in 1802 first appointed him military governor and managing civil affairs in the two provinces, but a year later dismissed.Hostile relations between the new emperor and Kutuzov remained until his death in 1813.Despite this, in 1805, Kutuzov was appointed commander of one of the Russian armies, sent to Austria in the summer of 1812 at the insistence of the nobility - commander of all Russian forces and militias.

«War and Peace": a description of the novel Kutuzov

the first time the reader sees the character at the review at Braunau.Against the background of the Austrian general, dressed in a white uniform, Kutuzov, it clumps and did not seem to notice strung in front of him regiment, more like in-chief, and the common man.

The author underlines smile, slipping on his face disfigured by injury when he spoke to the soldiers.This is the first characteristic of Kutuzov.

«War and Peace» composition includes several important scenes, protagonist of which is the military commander, and he always natural.His face is enlivened affectionate smile, then taunt.He did not hesitate on that hard climbs on a horse or begins to doze off during a military council.Not hiding in plain sight of everyone, can wipe away tears from the eyes or show fatigue.Even the chicken during lunch eating as if with effort.This looks like a wise, calm and a sense of responsibility for the country and the people all over the novel "War and Peace".Quotes Kutuzov - one of the most significant details that help to make representation about this man."Woe to the land in which subordinates, superiors and the courts, not the law that governs citizens and businesses!" - This and other statements allow us to understand its internal beliefs and explain some things.

looking in Braunau

main objective pursued in chief, organizing review - to show how the Russian army is not able at this time to join the battle.

In this scene can not go unnoticed attitude Kutuzov to the soldiers.He carefully inspects their clothing, especially shoes, and, shaking his head, makes it clear to the Austrian general, how bad.With special attention Kutuzov to the soldiers who knew of the Turkish campaign, and to Timokhin it refers by name, and recalls his valor during the capture of Ishmael.No military commander and administrator friendly - this impression during the review Kutuzov.

image in the novel "War and Peace" of this general throughout the product changes little.So will we see him during the Battle of Borodino or the occurrence of Smolensk.

Battle of Austerlitz

next important episode to understand the nature of the hero - a council of war, which brought together all the generals except Bagration.I came and Kutuzov, who at first his whole appearance showed dissatisfaction with what is happening, and then simply fell asleep.This is not a simple carelessness and irresponsibility.The battle is doomed to failure, and no "genius" plans will not help - this was absolutely sure an experienced commander Kutuzov, the image in the novel "War and Peace" is always a matter of respect and admiration.

he did not argue with the emperor.Alexander I arrived in the morning to the place of the future battlefield, confident in the upcoming victory.He seemed able to pass all around and only Kutuzov heart shrinks from the pain and understand that the death of many soldiers would be meaningless.Is obliged to fulfill the will of the sovereign, he gives the order to attack.And what happened next - a disorderly retreat that it was impossible to stop - shocked even ready to defeat the general.

Battle of Borodino

During the decisive battle for the country's commander in chief of the entire Russian army is Kutuzov, the image in the novel "War and Peace" which in this case is consistent with the concept a little about how to be a real commander.It seems that he just looks on and does nothing serious.In fact it is not.The author expressed his attitude to the behavior of Mikhail Kutuzov through the perception of his actions Andrei Bolkonsky.That's what Prince thinks the eve of battle: "He [Kutuzov] did not come up, do not take, but he will listen, to remember everything, put everything in its place, will not prevent anything useful, and will not allow anything harmful.He realizes that there is something greater his will ... "That something was the morale of the soldiers who decide the outcome of the fight.Indeed, the peace of mind Kutuzov immediately transferred to the officers and soldiers.Because it holds the view that in the battle of Borodino the Russian army won a moral victory over the French, which was enough to decided the outcome of World War II.

Council in Fili

key to understanding the character of Kutuzov was the evening after the battle of Borodino.Council in Fili is shown through the eyes of a little girl who was not able to understand what was happening in the house.But she immediately noticed Mikhail Kutuzov, who was affectionately called Grandpa.She certainly wanted to dispute with her unpleasant Bennigsen he prevailed.

actually address the serious issue: the battle to Napoleon or to leave Moscow.Many of the assembled generals understood that the new battle meant for the entire Russian army inevitable death, but Kutuzov found the courage to confront Bennigsen and take responsibility for the decision itself: "... I ... power, handed me the sovereign and the fatherland, I - I orderretreat. "He is, truly Russian man, the road was "sacred ancient capital of Moscow", but when it came to rescuing the whole army and the country, he considered such a sacrifice justified.

Kutuzov place among other historical figures of the novel

epic novel - is a huge image of life in Russia for a long period.The story of three noble noble families, the reign of Alexander I, and known to all reforms Speransky, Russia's participation in the war against Napoleon in Eastern Europe and the Patriotic War of 1812 - tells the story of these events in his work Tolstoy."War and Peace" - truly one of the greatest works in the Russian and world culture.

But of all the historical figures just Kutuzov always and everywhere is the sympathy and approval of the author.This is no accident.If Alexander I, Napoleon and other generals think first and foremost about personal glory and power, Mikhail Kutuzov in the first place puts the good of the motherland.After council at Fili thought torments him hard: "When ... decided that left Moscow?" And to remedy the situation, he was ready for anything.For Tolstoy commander became the personification of the spirit of the people, a model of a true patriot.

Death Kutuzov

After the expulsion of the French army from Russia need for such in-chief, as was Kutuzov, according to Tolstoy, has disappeared.Now, soldiers, inspired by his victories, he could lead the other commander.A "representative of the Russian people" at a time when Russia has reached "the highest degree of its glory", "do nothing more.Representative of the People's War was nothing left but death. "

But Kutuzov - the image of the novel "War and Peace", remembered forever - remained in the Russian history of the greatest military leader, who succeeded thanks to his wisdom and experience, insight and intelligence and, most importantly, boundless love for the motherland and faith in the morale of the people to winof the greatest victories in the history of mankind.