What was punished Larra?

Maxim Gorky entered the literature as the author of romantic stories.Among them were the product of "Old Isergil," written in 1894.In it the author tries to evaluate a person based on an analysis of his actions.The measure of their benefits to become other people.Thus it was realized the concept of the ideal characteristic of romanticism and antiideala.

The focus of the writer are three characters: Izergil serving as narrator, condemned to eternal immortality Larra and gave their lives for the sake of the tribe Danko.Comparative analysis of the three stories (legends successfully intertwined with the fate of the old woman) is the key to understanding the answer to the question, never loses its relevance: what is the meaning of human existence on earth?It is interesting in this context to speculate on those for which he was punished Larra.And only if he is to blame for all that had happened?

Background Legend of Larry

action story takes place in the evening on the beach - a typical backdrop for

a romantic work.The majestic free nature surrounding the narrator and an old Moldavanka lives by its own laws and, at the same time reflects the aspirations of man, helps us to understand his inner world.

legend, telling about who is Larry Izergil old woman remembers is not accidental.She points to his companion in the floating in the boundless sky shade.One of them was "dark and thick", and moving faster than the others."He lives a thousand years ... That's what God can do with a man of pride!" - These words were the beginning of the tale of the incredible arrogance of man-eagle, which became the cause of his damnation and immortality.

story of the birth of the hero

Understanding, for which he was punished by Larry begins his descent.Once a mighty eagle stole a strong and mighty tribe girl.She returned only after twenty years, and next to it was a fine young man - the son born from the eagle.Began to weaken the king of birds rose up and folded wings, threw himself on the sharp rocks.

Now he was a descendant of the people - apparently seemed so, as they are, but still proud and distinguished by cold eyes.And his actions have stressed that he feels superior to the other - even with the elders, the young man was talking as an equal to them.The reason is simple.The young man from birth a different mentality, which makes it different from the people, because he has no place among them.This is the first characteristic of Larry - the son of a mighty eagle and freedom-loving and earthly woman.

Murder girl

immediately opposed itself to the whole tribe, Larry coldly deals with the daughter of one of the elders.She lured him first glance, then pushed the frightened father.All bound around fear - for the first time in front of them so brutally murdered a woman.And the son of an eagle proudly stood over his victim, without lowering the head and feeling his superiority over the other, for which he was punished.

Larra embarrassed by his behavior elders.For a long time they were trying to understand the act of a young man.Not finding an answer to their questions addressed to him.And for Larry it was simple: "I killed her because ... that I pushed it."So the reason for the confrontation of human crowd, typical for romantic works become exorbitant pride and individualism inherited from the royal bird.

alienation from people

Long thought the elders, what punishment deserved Larra.Old Isergil told me that they moved a lot of options while he is not a young man with words prompted them an answer.He considered himself the first on the ground, and because, as one of the elders, the most terrible punishment for him would be freedom.Suddenly Burst at this moment, "the thunder from the heavens," convinced of the correctness of their decision.Larry was released, and since then it became "outcast" - a value bears his name.

been more than a thousand years, but his shadow still roams the earth alone.At first, he lived free as a bird, did everything he wanted.Nobody paid attention to him.But once the proud son of an eagle he came to the people, I stood a long time and did not budge.Someone guessed that he was looking for death.However, I remember, for which he was punished with Larry because only laughed at him.Larra then grabbed a knife and struck his chest.But he bounced off his body like a stone.

long been his flesh dried up, and he turned into the shadows, looking for all the death, which never find.

Image Larry: Assessment and Implications

Author condemns his hero for his extreme individualism, for having dared to oppose the whole tribe.In the opinion of Maxim Gorky, the main purpose of human existence - the service of the people.It thus represented in the story of Danko.Larra same - antiideal, behavior and actions which have no excuse.

But do not forget that Larry - not a simple man.He is the son of an eagle, who grew up far away from the people and not accustomed to cheloveskim laws.But his misfortune and that he is not a bird, like his father.So Larry deserve not only condemnation and sympathy.His tragedy was predetermined at birth.