What rhymes: definition.

Nowadays, it is so important to protect people's distinctive culture, to acquaint the younger generation with her, to vaccinate her special care and respect.One of the most striking manifestations of Russian national consumer culture are jokes.What jokes, definition: in fact, this word should be understood in terms of a little funny folk lyrics or some small statement with humorous overtones included in ordinary speech, to give her more comic.It rhymes (or nursery rhymes) and include phrases like phraseology, which are enclosed and comic allegory.Folk art originally aired jokes "word of mouth", as well as folk tales.And now, they have survived to the present day.And that word is often taken to mean some sort of fantastic story, that is, there is even a popular expression: "It's all jokes!".It means that later in the story everything would be even more surprising.


No historian is not to be able to give an exact answer to the question of when there were the first nursery rhymes.Jokes - defin

ition of complex and, one might say, ancient.His story details masterpieces of folklore go far back centuries.A similar phenomenon exists in the Ukrainian language and Belarusian.Therefore, we can conclude that these verses people joked and painted his speech before the advent of statehood during the Eastern Slavs.They are not recorded in writing for a long time, and now we are mainly known to a greater extent from their parents than from books.

rhymes and nursery rhymes today

Most of all nursery rhymes used in the literature in order to make a certain color in a speech of a character, make it richer.In addition, once again, to add a humorous subtext in the product.Remarkably fit jokes and as a prelude to the tales, because many of them are hiding very serious moralizing.

What jokes?The definition can be understood as part of many ceremonies and traditions.Bridesmaids are still in foreclosure often use jokes that make fun of the groom and his friends.And on Shrove Tuesday, which many are still celebrating, jokes heard very often, as in other modern or archaic celebrations.

Perhaps you did not notice, but if you go on the market today, even in large cities, some vendors tout their trays customer is using jokes.Shout about your product, it is better not to find it, referring to the potential customers in the verses, but with humor.That's nursery rhymes.

rhymes for children

But more rhymes now, as once upon a time - it's fun for children.After amusing little stories about animals or people, who either receive a reward for his courage and kindness, enjoy, on the contrary, punished for stupidity and cruelty - is instructive and entertaining.A real fairy tale, only briefly, with humor and poetry.

very good nursery rhymes as part of a game with the kids, great kids remember these little humorous poems, they can tell themselves later.And if we add some action to the story, like bending fingers when reading jokes about forty white-sided, it also develops fine motor skills, and get a real game.Rhymes for children - it is a huge separate topic for research modern philologists and writers.Rhymes and nursery rhymes and now forced to smile, not only children but also adults.

jokes - it works

And most importantly, older children can teach themselves to put jokes.Art is quite simple enough.The main thing to come up with a story that in reality would not have happened, to designate the main character's actions.They can be both people and animals and even inanimate objects.And then the child needs to dream up: what will happen to the main characters, and what it all might end.And then put it all on the verses.Typically, nursery rhymes and proverbs are very small, so the child is not difficult, especially with the help of her mother.This is a real educational game, so the baby develops creative thinking, the ability to be creative, because it acts as a real writer.And then your creation, you can also own the drawings illustrate.Just finished product out.

Short jokes

So what rhymes, the definition?We understand further.The word "byword" - a very interesting definition, includes as whole poems and songs, and little phrases.Often, sayings, proverbs and other parables, too, is considered to be jokes.Examples of these are quite a few, many of them operate now.Very good they are in the games with the kids, they will remember the lyrics is not difficult, but it will bring a lot of fun.Remember the famous "Ladushki."The text of the jokes known to everyone since childhood, as well as the principle of the game, this nursery rhyme quite short, but how many positive emotions brought once.Or, "Do bear in the forest" in kindergarten children and now she taught.Tales with elements of games, short, everyone knows, and very helpful and cheerful.

rhymes, lullabies

There is such a thing.When the baby does not wish to fall asleep, then it can help soothe a singsong voice sung beloved mother byword.After all, kids really love these plain verses about fairytale characters that fall into various interesting situations.Besides, jokes for this purpose at one time and were invented, most likely, a few centuries ago, their children comforted, entertained and bedding.How would a small bedtime story.It was said or sang their mothers and grandmothers, while the kids are not asleep.Some of these poems, and even recalls the story lullabies in them is talking about a month, Star, Red Sun, tending to sleep, etc.And most importantly, jokes of this kind is really calm and peaceful.Why is not the kids laid in such a way?

Nursery rhymes and jokes in the future

art historians and philologists jokes in the not yet fully understood, which is why today this term refers to a completely different forms of poetry and phrases.Thus, they are unrealistic and children's comic songs and poems, and idioms, and simply instructive verses satirical notes, and even cries shill markets ... What is the jokes, the definition?Jokes - it poliznachnoe word.But Russian folk nursery rhymes and jokes picturesque, interesting, and use them in everyday speech is very simple.In addition, the culture and traditions of their people need to know, and telling jokes to children and playing with them in the game based on them, we give the next generation the invaluable knowledge.