Review of the work of "Poor Liza" Karamzin NM

story "Poor Liza" has made a radical change of social consciousness and brought its author a great success.NM Karamzin was the first in the history of Russian prose, who drew attention to the feelings of a peasant girl.

history of creation

review on the product "Poor Liza" is not possible without defining the personality of its author - NM Karamzin He wrote this novel in 25 years.Nikolai Karamzin can rightly be considered one of the most educated people of the late eighteenth - early nineteenth century.His name is associated with the formation of a professional literary activity.

story "Poor Liza" was published by the author in "Moscow Journal" of 1792, he began publishing on his return from a trip abroad.Around the same time saw the light of "Letters of a Russian Traveler".

Memoirs of contemporaries say that in the 1790s, Karamzin was staying at the cottage Beketov, was under the Simonov monastery.The situation has contributed to writing the story of the poor Lisa.

Genre product

Book Review "Poor Liza" - an analysis and evaluation of the work, which for the first time raises the problem of the common man.Karamzin was the founder of sentimentalism in Russian literature.The literature of this genre face the feelings and emotions of man.

Review of "Poor Liza" Karamzin raises the question of the need to evaluate the work of an interest in the common man, regardless of his social status.This book addresses the feelings of the common man.

creative method Karamzin

Review of the story "Poor Liza" requires the determination of the specificity of the product, refer to its differences from the literature, are accustomed to the society of the time.
Firstly, Karamzin was the founder of the genre of short novels, which had success with his contemporaries.A small amount of the plot makes the book more dynamic.

Secondly, the author uses techniques that achieve what readers perceive these events as valid, and the heroes of the story feel real people.It uses the existing name in the book actually places, for example, Simonov monastery.This author stresses that the action takes place in Moscow and its environs.

image Poor Liza, Karamzin drawn on the pages of the novel, also breaks stereotypes of society.The name before the start of the 80s of the 18th century are rare in Russian literature and was used mainly in the foreign language version, usually comedies.So often called the maids.Lizette was usually young, pretty, frivolous.This image does not peculiar innocence, which Karamzin gave his heroine.

review on the product "Poor Liza" should pay attention to the idealized image of the girl's parents.About her dead father the author says that he was a good family man, loved his job and was a prosperous farmer who loved everything.The girl's mother loses vitality, constantly lamenting her husband.It is infinitely loves his daughter.

Subjects story

Book Review "Poor Liza" should include specific topics of the work.The author refers to several themes.One of them - it is sure to appeal to the lives of ordinary krestyan.V as the main character writer depicts a simple peasant girl with patriarchal notions of spiritual and moral values.

Karamzin in his novel contrasts the city and the village.The appearance of the city is inextricably linked with Erast.The image of the poor Lisa in the product embodies the life of nature.A man from the village, he is a man of nature, defenseless in the urban space.No coincidence that Lisa's mother worried that my daughter goes to the city.

addition to the theme of the little man and the question of social inequality, the author speaks of fatal circumstances, grief and happiness in love.


Review product "Poor Liza" is impossible without determining the ideas laid down by the author.The story caught the attention of readers of that time the idea that "peasant and know how to love."

«Poor Liza" has gained wide popularity in Russian society.The idea of ​​the story was very in tune with the trends of the time.This was a period when literature renounced the predominance of civil subject of the Enlightenment and translated emphasis on personality, her inner world.

Review of the story "Poor Liza" shall designate another discovery Karamzin.With the writing of this book in the literature, the notion of psychology - the ability to display touching the inner world of man.

nature of the conflict

Review "Poor Liza" Karamzin can not fail to note the conflict inherent in the story.This gulf between love each other young people from different social strata.

Light brings a sense of the characters, giving them a moment of boundless happiness, and after the break-up Lisa puts his own hand.Erast rest of their lives blames himself for the death of the girl.

Karamzin was the first Russian writer, who completed the story of unequal love death of the protagonist.

main characters

review on the product "Poor Liza" requires designation actors.The main character of the story - the young farmer.Sensitivity - the main feature of her character.Fervor and sentiment lead to the death of Lisa.Lisa says nice and behaves like a real lady.She survives the death of his father, but, fearing to upset his mother, hiding her tears."A beautiful body and soul settler" warmly loved parent, taking care of her, working all day long.Lisa remembers his mother, even in the most difficult moment of his life.Before you plunge into the pond, she took care of her, leaving money.

Erastus image is consistent with his social environment.It is "quite a rich nobleman," the officer, thinking only of his pleasure.He's upset because he did not find it.Undoubtedly, Erast endowed with "a fair mind and a good heart."It is a new type of hero of Russian literature, the nature of which is indicated by the disappointment of a Russian nobleman.

Erast falls in love with Lisa, not thinking about what a circle belongs to the girl.However, his feelings can not stand the test.

story "Poor Liza", in addition to attention to the problems of the little man, the image gallery opens Erastus "superfluous men" rich smart slackers living in idleness.Whether he is busy affair, no tragedy would not have happened.