"War and Peace": the characteristics of the characters (briefly)

In this article we will introduce you to the main characters of Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace".Features the characters include the main features of the exterior and inner peace.All the characters are very interesting works.It is a large-volume novel "War and Peace".Features the characters are only briefly, and yet, each of them can write a separate work.We begin our analysis with a description of the Rostov family.

Ilya Andreyevich Rostov

family Rostovs work - typical representatives of the Moscow nobility.The head of it, Ilya Andreyevich known generosity and hospitality.This graph, Father Petit, Faith, Nicholas and Natasha, a rich man and a gentleman Moscow.He motovat, good-natured, loves to live.Actually, speaking of the Rostov family, it should be noted that the sincerity, kindness, live contact and ease in communication were common to all its members.

Some episodes from the life of the writer's grandfather had used them to create an image of Rostov.The fate of the human devastation is compou

nded by the realization that he did not immediately understand, and is unable to stop.His appearance also has some similarities with the prototype.This technique used by the author, not only in regard to Ilya Andreyevich.Some internal and external features of the relatives and friends of Leo Tolstoy guessed and the other characters, which confirms the characteristics of the characters."War and Peace" - a large-scale work with a lot of actors.

Nikolai Rostov

Nikolay Rostov - son Ilya Andreyevich, brother Petit, Natasha and Vera, a hussar officer.At the end of the novel he appears as the husband of Maria Bolkonskaya, Princess.In the guise of a man could be seen, "enthusiasm" and "swiftness".It reflects some features of the NI Tolstoy, the writer's father, who participated in the 1812 war.It features the character traits such as cheerfulness, openness, kindness and self-sacrifice.Convinced that he was not a diplomat or official, Nicholas leaves the university at the beginning of the novel and goes to the Hussars.There he participated in the war of 1812 in military campaigns.Nicholas takes a baptism of fire when there is a crossing of the Enns.The Schon Grabern battle he was wounded in the arm.After passing the test, that person becomes a real hussar, a brave officer.

Petya Rostov

Petya Rostov - the youngest child in the family Rostovs, brother of Natasha, Nikolai and Vera.He appears at the beginning of the work a little boy.Peter, like all Rostov, cheerful and kind, musical.He wants to imitate his brother, and also wants to join the army.After the departure of Peter Nicholas became the main concern of a mother who is only aware of while the depth of his love for this child.During the war, he accidentally falls into the detachment Denisova requested, where it remains, because it wants to take part in the case.Peter die by coincidence, before his death, showing the best features of the Rostov in relationships with friends.

Countess Rostov

Rostov - a heroine, when creating the image that was used by the author character traits, as well as some of the circumstances of life L. Bers, Tolstoy's wife's mother, as well as P. Tolstoy, the writer's grandmother on his father.Countess used to live in an atmosphere of kindness and love of luxury.Trust and friendship of their children, she is proud to spoil them, worried about their fate.Despite the apparent weakness, even a self-will, the character in their children take reasonable and informed decisions.Dictated love for children and her desire at all costs to marry Nicholas wealthy bride and chicanery to Sonya.

Natasha Rostova

Natasha Rostova - this is one of the main characters of the work.She is the daughter of Rostov, Petit's sister, Faith and Nicholas.At the end of the novel becomes the wife of Pierre Bezukhov.This girl is presented as "ugly, but a living," with a big mouth, black-eyed.The prototype of this image served as Tolstoy's wife and her sister Natasha T. Bears are very sensitive and emotional, it can intuitively guess the characters of people, in the manifestations of feelings sometimes selfish, but more often capable of self-sacrifice and self-forgetfulness.We see, for example, when exporting from Moscow wounded, as well as in an episode of nursing mothers after Peter died.

One of the main advantages of Natasha - her music, beautiful voice.Singing her she can awaken all that is best in man.That's what Nicholas saves from despair after he lost a large sum.

Natasha constantly carried away, living in an atmosphere of happiness and love.After meeting with Prince Andrew in her life is a change.Insult Bolkonsky (old prince), pushes the heroine to Kuragin passion and failure to Prince Andrew.Only much perechuvstvovav and survived, she realizes his guilt before Bolkonsky.But true love that girl experiencing only to Pierre, whose wife gets at the end of the novel.

Sonia Sonia - ward and niece of Count Rostov, who grew up in his family.In early works her 15 years.This girl is completely fits in the Rostov family, friends, and she was extremely close with Natasha, a child in love with Nicholas.Sonia silent, reserved, cautious, prudent, it is developed to the highest degree of self-sacrifice.It attracts the attention of moral purity and beauty, but it does not have the charm of spontaneity and possessed Natasha.

Pierre Pierre

Pierre Bezukhov in the novel is one of the main characters.Therefore, without it would be incomplete characterization of the characters ("War and Peace").Briefly describe Pierre Bezukhov.He is the illegitimate son of Count, a famous nobleman, who became heir to a vast fortune and title.The work depicts a thick, massive young man in glasses.Distinguish this character timid, intelligent, natural and observant eye.He was brought up abroad, in Russia appeared shortly before the start of the campaign in 1805 and the death of his father.Pierre inclined to philosophical reflection, smart, kind-hearted and gentle, compassionate to others.It is also impractical, sometimes prone to passions.Andrew Prince Andrew, his closest friend, describes this character as the only "human rights" to all representatives of the world.

Anatole Kuragin

Anatole Kuragin - officer, Hippolytus and Helen's brother, the son of Prince Vasili.Unlike Hippolytus, "a quiet fool," Anatoly his father look like a fool "troublesome", which should always bail out of a variety of troubles.This hero is stupid, reckless, dapper in conversations not eloquent, corrupted, not resourceful, but has confidence.In life it looks like a permanent amusement and pleasure.


Bolkonsky - one of the main characters in a work, Prince, Princess Mary's brother, son of N. Bolkonsky.Described as "very nice" young man "small growth".He is proud, smart, looking for a life of great spiritual and intellectual content.Andrew educated, discreet, practical, it has a strong will.His idol in the beginning of the novel - Napoleon, who was also present readers below our response characters ("War and Peace").Andrew Balkonsky dreams to imitate him.After participating in the war he lived in the village, raises a son, engaged in farming.Then he returned to the army, killed in the Battle of Borodino.

Plato Karataev

imagine this hero and the work "War and Peace".Plato Karataev - soldiers met in captivity, Pierre Bezukhov.At the service, he was surnamed Sokolik.Note that in the original version of the product was not of this character.His appearance was caused by the finalization in the philosophical concept of "War and Peace" of the image of Pierre.

At first acquaintance with this gentle-natured man, Pierre was struck by the sense of something relaxing, coming from him.This character attracts others with his composure, kindness, confidence and smiling.After the death of Karataeva through his wisdom of folk philosophy is expressed unconsciously in his behavior, Pierre Pierre understands the meaning of life.

But not only fictional characters are depicted in the work "War and Peace".Features include heroes and real historical figures.The main of them - Kutuzov and Napoleon.Their images are described in some detail in the work "War and Peace".Features the characters, which we have mentioned, are listed below.

Kutuzov Kutuzov in the novel, as in reality - Chief of the Russian army.Described as a man with a chubby face, disfigured by injury, with an aquiline nose.He clump, full, gray.For the first time in the pages of the novel appears in the episode, when depicted review troops at Branan.Impression on all skill and attention which is hidden behind the external distraction.Kutuzov was able to be diplomatic, he's pretty clever.Before Schon Grabern battle Bagration blesses tearfully.Beloved combat officers and soldiers.He believes that for the victory in the campaign against Napoleon takes time and patience, that it solved may not knowledge, not the mind and plans, and anything else that does not depend on them, that person really influence the course of history is not in a position to.Kutuzov contemplates a course of events than interferes with them.However, he is able to remember everything, to listen, to see, do not interfere with anything useful and not allow harmful.This is a modest, simple and so majestic figure.


Napoleon - a real historical person, the French emperor.On the eve of the main events of the novel is the idol of Andrei Bolkonsky.Before the greatness of this man, even admires Pierre Pierre.Confidence and self-satisfaction it expressed the opinion that the presence of his plunges into self-forgetfulness and delight people in the world everything depends on his will.

is a brief description of the characters in the novel "War and Peace".It can serve as a basis for more detailed analysis.Referring to the work, you can add to it, if you need a detailed description of the characters."War and Peace" (Volume 1 - presentation of the main characters, the next - the development of character) describes in detail each of these characters.The inner world of many of these changes over time.Therefore, Leo Tolstoy is represented in the dynamics characteristics of the hero ("War and Peace").2 is, for example, reflects their life, between 1806 and 1812.The next two volumes describe future events, they are reflected in the fate of the characters.

are of great importance for the understanding of the creation of Leo Tolstoy, as a product of "War and Peace" characteristics of heroes.Through them, it reflects the philosophy of the novel, the author transmitted ideas and thoughts.