"Gingerbread" - Russian folk tale.

tales of different nations - a storehouse of wisdom and fun for children of different ages.And our kids they bring the ability to perceive the adult world, learn simple concepts such as friendship and mutual assistance, kindness and courage.Educate the ability to recognize the cunning, meanness and lies.Not for nothing has for many centuries, they gladly accepted by many generations of the human race.

Tales for children

«The Gingerbread Man," along with "Speckled Hen" and many other works, perhaps, is one of the most popular tales from early childhood.The plot is easy to remember.Heroes understood.Actions are simple.The only thing that mars the story - the sad end of the protagonist.But every fairy tale has to be moral, lesson, of course, and child and adult.This tale teaches, for example, what is to be boastful and arrogant - not good, and it can end badly.

history Bun

This word - a diminutive form of the Russian word "Kolob", which means "large round thick bread or tortilla."It is made in the

villages in the form of a meat coma, swelling during baking.Interestingly, the baked balls do not always, but only in the absence of specific reserves needed to produce conventional bread.Hence the expression of a fairy tale "scrape the bottom of the barrel" - that is, to use the remains of flour and other supplies.Of these, and produced bun, receive at times incredibly and unexpectedly delicious.

Who invented the story?

Needless to say, "Gingerbread Man", Russian folk tale, was invented by the people themselves.It was passed from mouth to mouth, with all sorts of additions and changes, for decades.But it recorded a collector of fairy tales Afanasiev, published works in his collection of fairy tales.Retells folk art and Tolstoy.By the way, the text is considered the most famous and popular these days.


«Gingerbread Man", Russian folk tale, with all the seeming simplicity of the perception of a child is one of the most talented creations of our people.In the course of a fairy tale character was baked grandparents.Then Gingerbread them escapes and goes into the woods, where he met with various representatives of the animal is his: the hare, the wolf, the bear.All they want to eat it - such a Gingerbread turned rosy and appetizing in the elderly.The character flees, singing a simple song that supposedly all gone and you go on.And it is almost easy to manage.The only worthy opponent Bun - Fox, from which he did not leave work.Result - Gingerbread eaten a sly fox.

Heroes of fairy tales "Gingerbread Man»

characters of traditional for Russian fairy tales.Grandfather and Baba act as "parents" Bun.Rabbit symbolizes simplicity, Wolf - force, Bear - straightforwardness.And all together heroes tale "The Gingerbread Man" - a small model of the human society, in which the hero is constantly waiting for any troubles and intrigues.But the protagonist is self-assured and even to some extent admires himself, boasts its own advantages over the others.For which he paid.At the end of his tale fox eats.Thus ends the "Gingerbread Man", Russian folk tale.A special role is assigned to Fox.She personifies the trick, and at the same time being a tool for punishment for being too bold and boasting Bun.


«Gingerbread Man", Russian folk tale, is one of the most read stories in Russia.Every kid probably heard this story many times, and from their own parents, and in the kindergarten.Thus, the child learns to perceive the world around him.In addition, a simple story and a fun song Bun attract and make contact again and again to this story.