Cognitive statements of famous people about a person

Love, self-actualization, to move forward, victory and defeat are integral components of every individual life.Quotes from famous people about a man highlight the importance of human life and the uniqueness of every individual on earth.Each of us has an individual way, its own truth.This article includes a statement about the life of famous people who will be interested in the thinking reader.

«Unfulfilled dreams hurt more than the unmet goals" (Elena Ksenofontova)

Most ambitious people seeking to ensure that as much as possible to fulfill your potential in life.However, some of them suppress their own childhood dreams and desires, considering their weakness.

The fact is that in our society a "dream" means something ephemeral and often unreal, anyway elusive.Few people really know how to turn the dream into a goal and to take steps to achieve it.Dreams are born from the heart, and the objectives of controls our consciousness.This difference is clearly seen when a person turns 35-40 years and st

art comparing what he wanted before and what came today.

«Man exists when chooses himself" (Schopenhauer)

statements of famous people about a man filled with disappointing sometimes true, but there are positive thoughts that help to build moving forward.The need to take responsibility generates insight into his personality, teaches a person to predict the future situation.

Man - a social being and can not live outside society.However, to be successful, you must realize that when we focus on their desires, achieve much more than living on public installations.If a person is guided by social expectations, she herself does not have to participate in modeling his own life, and genuine desire to forget.Each of us is building its future and capable as anyone else, be aware of its value.

«If you want to really understand a woman, look at her, but did not delve into the word" (Oscar Wilde)

Women - amazing and mysterious creatures: they want at any age to feel loved and welcome.The wise men, of course, aware that at the right moment you must agree with her, and then the evening will not suddenly ruined.Woman important to allow time to utter, to splash out emotions.This significant is not the word, which is pronounced in an emotional impulse, but the very state of mind.When a man is balanced, his wife, too calm.Therefore, the required eye contact, the woman wants to feel the protection, support and confidence that her husband understands.The understanding between people is of paramount importance.Quotes from famous people about the woman is always rife with incredible wisdom.

«Love - is to see man as God created him" (Fyodor Dostoevsky)

about the nature of love artists and poets has been said many words.But the true measure of the true feelings of a great ability to make man as he is, and not try to change it.Quotes from famous people about love reduced to the designation of a single truth: you can not at one and the same time to criticize the human rights and approve all of his actions, habits.

When you love, forgive minor flaws, completely lost the desire to hurt others, and require that it implicitly embodied in the life of your desires and whims.Love - this is not the sighs on the bench and not expensive presents.A great sense include, above all, acceptance.Love can not be compared with anything, it speaks for itself caring and tenderness.

«In family life, keeping your identity, you must learn to give each other" (Sukhomlinsky VA)

said that those who know life, do not seek to acquire a family soon.However, it is in human nature - to create a small society in which all members will be comfortable.Procreation - one of the main needs and responsibilities of the human being.

ability to meet the wishes of the husband or wife - a huge talent who need to learn more than one year.Whoever acquires the ability of constructive dialogue, winning twice.Quotes from famous people about the family is very interesting and instructive.

«Life is short.We do not have too much time to waste it "(Paulo Coelho)

Up to 30 years in the future is quite bright colors: it seems that we will remain forever young.But it is only an appearance.Then comes the realization that earthly existence is defined timeframe, and therefore life itself acquires a significant value.Quotes from famous people emphasize the transience of human existence.Suddenly, a man begins to appreciate life and strives to achieve the goals that, for some reason, were set aside earlier.It's amazing, but reaching the age of 30-35 years, a person starts to live really, consciously, clearly, in all expressing their individuality.If you take a lot of time youth dreams and plans, in adulthood to the forefront of their realization and personal achievements.

Thus, the statements of famous people about a person contains an inexhaustible source of wisdom, which is striking in its depth and knowledge.People are important to be able to listen to them and be sure to celebrate something useful for themselves, to learn patience.