"My attitude to Pechorin": an essay on the novel "A Hero of Our Time"

Essay "My attitude to Pechorin" for many years asked students to write in school.This is no accident.The Russian literature of a century and a half lives novel MULermontov called "Hero of Our Time".Why is he still has not become obsolete?What for people in the early 21st century may be helpful to this work?

What features essays "My attitude to Pechorin?"First of all, it must be based not only on personal feelings, but also on the analysis of the text, the actual material.Good work - an analysis of the causes and consequences of the actions of the protagonist.That it should work to build "My attitude to Pechorin."Writing examples, quotes, text analysis is estimated much higher.

Urgency works today

Lermontov called his work very well, so the reader as though already forewarned that the protagonist works by contemporary.Longevity of the novel suggests that this is really great work of Lermontov.It has outgrown the framework of his era because Mikhail showed him the basic laws of human life, which

are at all times.Heroes in the product is given the most important issues, decide not momentary, but eternal problems of mankind which will reflect in the future.All this can be written in the introduction of the work on the topic "My attitude to Pechorin."The writing should represent outlines work.

inherent in any heroic selflessness main character works?

First of all, to the eternal issues include the question of the meaning of life.After analyzing the product, we can say that his characters are very different ways to answer it.But who can be considered a real hero of the work?As the central place in the novel belongs to the image of Pechorin, it's safe to say that the word is, first of all, refers to it.Can we consider him a man, outstanding valor and courage who commit selfless deeds?In the novel, his courage there is evidence - the story of Maxim Maksimych who saw the "wild boar went" one.However, the "exploits" and "dedication" - the concept of not having his life in any way.Essay "My attitude to Pechorin" must also include proof of this thesis.For example, he Pechorin in the journal, which can be considered his confession in front of him, says he is for anybody nothing sacrificed.This applies even to love.I loved this character only himself, but if he was fond of another person, then again for themselves, for their own pleasure.And the things that can be called insanely brave: dueling, abduction Bela, romance - not exactly exploits, as they carried the great suffering, or death of people.

ax in the hands of fate

Pechorin himself notices this and says that he advocates a kind of ax in the hands of fate.He acts "always without regret", "often without malice.""Without rancor" here means not under the influence of passion, not by accident, but prudently and cold."No regrets" - it is especially frightening because it suggests indifference to human misery.Besides, it was his habitual state of mind: an icy desert, which is under permafrost covers all living things.

How Petchorin destroy the fate of other

The protagonist was aware that he - cause of many troubles and sometimes even tragedies for the people with whom he comes into contact lives.The main occupation of the people - to make others miserable: Grushnitski Bela and killed, Princess Mary seriously suffering, a victim of the cunning hero father Bela, who was slain by the hand Kazbich.Even Maxim Maximovich, developing friendly feelings for him, more than anyone else, deeply offended them.Life is familiar to "honest smugglers", destroyed, is absolutely one blind boy, which is also a tragedy for him.

Why did Pechorin unhappy people?

question arises: "What purpose have these actions? Why did he interfere in the lives of others and destroy them?"For fun, boredom.In his work we can mention that this statement does Petchorin extremely unattractive and dangerous to society.Just to get rid of boredom, he transgresses the moral law, is against his conscience, even committing crimes.This Pechorin feels no guilt, justifying their behavior in society reigning bad temper, which he allegedly spoiled.

weakness and pride Petchorin

However, as the disease does not strike a strong body, and will have no impact outside the devastating impact on the soul of high moral and inner strength.From this we can conclude that the soul Pechorin turned out in fact weak, not rooted in goodness.It can also be noted in the "My attitude to Pechorin."The writing on the product "Hero of Our Time" to write very interesting - the psychology of the characters author reveals very deep.The terrible result of a self-justification: Petchorin absolutely no objection to act as instruments of punishment for people.Power over them like the hero, he likes to torture people.All these features - a consequence of the terrible pride that still does not give his soul peace, as well as happiness Pechorin does not test.It pursues the boredom of life that afflict, encourages the senseless adventures, and eventually dies Pechorin.He deserved it.Such a conclusion can be made in "My attitude to Pechorin."Writing Lermontov not accidentally ends early death of the hero.His life ends because that person has to live there is nothing, empty entertainment expended all the strength of his weak heart.I did not find it in his high sense of existence, which, by his own admission, a suspect and said that for that were given to him and the mental strength and health, and intelligence.Needlessly wasted lives, not bearing fruit, leaving a good memory on its own.This is the hero?

In what sense Petchorin still is a hero?

But let's not jump to conclusions and to deny him in this definition."My attitude to Pechorin" - an essay, which should not be one-sided.Consider another meaning of the word."Hero" also refers to a person who embodies the characteristics of the environment or the era.This value is to Pechorin not apply - it is very different from the others.In the novel, he is lonely.Suitable for this character, only the following two values: the hero as the protagonist, and how to attract attention to themselves.Lermontov himself is sympathetic to Pechorin.He admires his mind, knowledge of the people courage.It will only be a plus in your work, if you mark the attitude to Pechorin Lermontov.The writing of this image the author was satisfied.The resulting character has outstanding abilities.However, his death is imminent - he's dead soul.

Pechorin - a hero and our time.In life, people, little has changed since then.How, then, it was not enough to think about, for which we exist, and now the situation has not changed.Ideals of Lermontov's time (fame, career, wealth) remain relevant today.The protagonist saw human weaknesses that can also be specified in the "My attitude to Pechorin."The writing can be completed so that now many people follow the principle: "Live in a rush!"However, few of them happy, since only serve high ideals and goals, love of people, self-sacrifice for the sake of them, a sense of duty brings a sense of the fullness of life and happiness.

This is only the basic recommendations on how to write a paper on the topic "My attitude to Pechorin" (essay).In the novel "Hero of Our Time", however, there is no unambiguous assessment.So you can compete with some of the views, to present their own point of view."My attitude to Pechorin" (work plan) - an interesting topic that may be a long time to develop.