The love story of The Master and Margarita Bulgakov's novel

Master and Margarita.This is the first thing that comes to mind when you say the name of Mikhail Bulgakov.This is due to the well-known works, which raised the question of eternal values, such as good and evil, life and death, and so on. D.

¬ęThe Master and Margarita" is an unusual novel, the theme of love because it affected only in the second part.It seems that the writer was trying to prepare the reader for the correct perception.The love story of The Master and Margarita is a kind of environmental challenge of everyday life, a protest against the passivity, the desire to resist the different circumstances.

Unlike Faust theme, Mikhail Bulgakov makes it margarita, not Masters, contact with the devil and be in the world of black magic.It was Margaret, so active and restless, was the only character who ventured into dangerous trade.To meet his favorite, she was willing to risk anything.Thus began a love story of The Master and Margarita.

Creating novel

work on the novel was started approximate

ly in 1928.Initially, the product was called "novel about the devil."At the time the novel was not even the names of the Master and Margarita.

In 1930, the novel was burned hands of its author.Only a few drafts, which was full of torn sheets.

After 2 years, Bulgakov thoroughly resolved to return to his main work.Initially, the novel includes Margarita, and then the Master.After 5 years there is the well-known name of "The Master and Margarita."

In 1937 Mikhail Bulgakov novel rewrites again.It takes about 6 months.Write them six notebooks and became the first complete hand-written novel.A few days later the writer has dictated his novel on a typewriter.Huge amounts of work were carried out in less than a month.Such is the history of writing."Master and Margarita", a great novel, ending in the spring of 1939, when the author corrects the paragraph in the last chapter and dictates new epilogue, which has been preserved until today.

later Bulgakov new ideas, but the patches were gone.

history of Master and Margarita.In brief acquaintance

meeting of the two lovers it was quite unusual.Walking along the street, Margarita was carrying a bouquet of flowers rather strange.But the Master struck not bunch, not the beauty of Margarita, namely the infinite loneliness in her eyes.At that moment, she asked the master, whether he likes her flowers, but he said he prefers roses and daisy bouquet thrown into a ditch.Later, the Master will tell Ivan that the love between them broke out suddenly, comparing it with the murderer in an alley.Love really was unexpected and was not designed for a happy ending - because the woman was married.Master while working on a book that does not accept revision.And it was important to find someone who could understand his work, sense of his soul.It was the Margarita and the person sharing the Master of all his senses.

It becomes clear from the sadness in the eyes of the girl after she confesses that came out that day with yellow flowers, to find love, but otherwise it would be poisoned, because a life in which there is no love - bleak and empty.But the story of The Master and Margarita does not end there.

Limbo senses

After meeting with her lover's eyes glisten margaritas, they lit the fire of passion and love.Master is beside her.Once, when she was sewing loved the black hat, she embroidered her yellow letter M. And from that moment began to call him Master, urging him and predicted his glory.Rereading the novel, she repeated the phrase sunk into the soul, and concluded that the novel is her life.But it was not only her life, but the Wizards.But

print his novel Master and failed, it collapsed harsh criticism.Fear captivated his mind, developed a mental illness.Watching a loved one with grief, Margaret has also changed for the worse, pale, thin, and not laughing.

One Master threw the manuscript into the fire, but Margarita snatched from the oven what is left, as if trying to keep their feelings.But this did not happen, Master disappeared.Margarita again left alone.But the story of the novel "The Master and Margarita" was not finished.Once there was a black magician in town, the girl had a master, and she realized that they are sure to see.

appearance of Woland

first time he appears in front of Ivan Homeless and Berlioz, who in conversation reject the divinity of Christ.Voland is trying to prove that in the world there are both God and the Devil.

Voland The objective is to extract the genius of Master and Margarita from Moscow lovely.He and his entourage provokes Muscovites neblagovernye actions and convinces people that they go unpunished, but then he also punishes them.

long-awaited meeting

that day when Margaret had a dream, she met Azazello.That he hinted to her that the meeting with the Master is possible.But before it was made a choice to become a witch or a loved one has never seen.For loving woman that choice did not seem complicated, she was ready for anything, only to see a loved one.And as soon as Woland asked how he could help Margaret, she immediately asked for a meeting with the Master.At this point, it appeared to her lover.It would seem that the goal is achieved, the story of The Master and Margarita could end, but a good relationship with Satan ends.

Death Master and Margarita

turned out that the Master out of his mind, so long-awaited meeting did not bring joy to Margarita.And then she proves Woland, the Master is worthy to be healed, and asks for it to Satan.The request carries Margarita Woland, and they master returning to his basement, where they begin to dream about their future.

Then falernian wine lovers drink brought by Azazello, without knowing what it contains poison.They both die and fly Woland in a different world.And even though this is the end love story The Master and Margarita, but the love is eternal!

unusual love story of love Master and Margarita is quite unusual.First of all, because enamored assistant performs himself Woland.The fact is that, when love loving couple visited, events began to emerge not as we would like.It turns out that the world around for that couple was not happy.And at this moment there is Voland.Relationship lovers depend on the book written by Master.At that moment, when he tries to burn all that is written, he still does not know that the manuscripts do not burn, due to the fact that in them the truth.Master returned after Woland sends a manuscript to Margarita.

She completely given a great feeling, and this is the biggest problem of love.The Master and Margarita reached the highest level of spirituality, but for that Margaret had to give soul to the Devil.

Bulgakov This example shows that his fate every man must do himself and does not ask for any help of higher powers.

work and its author

Master considered autobiographical hero.Age Master in the novel is about 40 years.In the same age and was Bulgakov, when he wrote the novel.

author Lived in Moscow on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street in the 10th house, apartment 50, which became the prototype of the "bad apartment".Music Hall in Moscow served as the Variety Theatre, which was located close to "bad apartment".

second wife, the writer showed that the prototype of the cat Behemoth served their pet Flyushka.The only thing that has changed in the author of a cat, it's a color: Flyushka was gray cat, and Behemoth - black.

phrase "Manuscripts do not burn" was not just eating favorite writer Bulgakov - Saltykov-Shchedrin.

love story of The Master and Margarita was a real work of art and will remain a subject of discussion for many more centuries.