Chinese folk tale as a reflection of people's creative thinking

As an integral part of national folklore, fairy tales serve as a support, a source of knowledge about any people, nation, since they reflect the life of the environment in which they are incurred, natural conditions and characteristics of the original culture, historical development.And the Chinese folk tale - is no exception.The fabulous repertoire of most important is the Chinese fairy tales, which are divided into separate categories of meaning:

  • of kidnapping his beloved protagonist and her subsequent rescue;
  • of marrying sorceress, unearthly wonderful girl (for example, "The Red Lily");
  • about winning accident orphans (dispossessed hero) over the selfish and cruel relatives.

about seeking the lost beauty-bride

One of the most ancient cycles that make up the Chinese folk tales, considered the story about the search for the missing bride: "As a young man loved sought" in which Man stole the evil werewolf, or "Tale of cunningU-Gan and loyal Shih-e "in which the heroine kidnapped by the Black Ea

gle.Perhaps, in the view of the ancient Chinese kidnapping his beloved was seen as punishment for neglecting the tradition of choosing a wife girl only of a kind.All Chinese folk tales of this type have the same structure and further development of the plot.It consists in the fact that the hero goes in search of narrowing at all costs tried to take it away from the villain-rival in love and return to the human world.Naturally, the absolute tale ended happy ending - a safe journey home as the winner and with his beloved bride.In comparison with European counterparts such fabulous stories in the Chinese do not have florid descriptions beautiful (the royal) life, excessive splendor of a syllable, and the main characters - are not enchanted princes and princesses, and the ordinary peasant couple.

O path testing and

There are fairy tales about the test you come up with the daughters of fathers in his kingdom for the future son in law.Fairy tale called "heavenly drums" - is an example.In it the main character marries a heavenly fairy, but this marriage is the father of the fairies is not valid, and takes his daughter to the sky, where it holds a celestial prison.To return to his beloved young man will go into the kingdom of his father numerous tests that have not been completed before the marriage that violate the sacred marriage ritual.Only after all the challenges set before him his beloved father, a hero again be able to see his wife.

Another example - a fairy tale "The Red Lily" in which the main character, a poor peasant Doolin, to give his wife a beautiful fairy girl, coming out of a flower, did not appreciate fully his happiness: he became lazy, arrogant.Retribution was not long in coming.Fairy, unable to endure his neglect, riding a peacock ran to the moon.Year Doolin needed to realize and correct his mistake.He had only to begin again to work as a wife to him, and returned to their lives once again become a "sweet as honey."

struggle with evil relatives

Chinese fairy tales for children include those that tell of the "victory" of the unfortunate protagonist of his horrible relatives: selfish and hateful elder brother and his wife, over the stepmother or stepfather.In these stories there is a pronounced characteristic of many folk tales of different nations feature - the idealization of a younger brother.A Chinese folk tales also represent the hero as the guardian of ancestral traditions and hearth, for example, as in "fairy tales about his younger brother."In her younger brother inherits a piece of unusable land, the dog, which plows, and the rooster.From hatred of the elder brother kills the unfortunate dog and bird.Heartbroken hero buries friends near his hut.The next morning at the burial site grows miracle tree, instead of foliage which - coins.

Household and satirical tales

Chinese folk tales related to the category of "household" and include openly satirical stories, such as "beautiful wife" and "Magic chan."In a domestic tales dominant role played by all sorts of magical objects, features around which the plot unfolds and the action.However, in comparison with the Russian satirical tales, fairy tale character in the Chinese judge is usually a wise and positive.An example would be a collection of tales about fair judge Bao-mode, which was known for his honesty and integrity.

deserves special attention Chinese folk tale "Brothers Liu."According to her story, the mother was five twin sons, all named after Liu and added a serial number - the first, second, and so on. D. Boys had a separate magical properties.They lived together happily as long as the evil ruler, being angry because of the tainted hunting, not arrested one of the brothers.But the characters came to the defense of his brother using his fabulous hit.They not only released his younger, but also get rid of the evil ruler and his entire entourage population of the region.

Reflection creative thinking

There are several kinds of Chinese fairy tales: a fairy tale called "syanhua" mythical tale - a "Gushi" children's fairy tales - "tunhua."Most interesting are the stories that are called "Shenhua".Often they have a connection with the terms "fiction", "myth" and "legend".In ancient times, people have tried to explain the incomprehensible phenomena of nature by any means available.Therefore, the tale is a reflection of the creative thinking of the Chinese people, which is based on imagination.