What was the name of Lermontov's grandmother?

Name Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov familiar to everyone.His works are included in the school curriculum, and the memory of the prose writer, playwright lives in the hearts of many admirers of his talent, and now, after a few centuries.A large part in the formation of the personality of one of the most prominent writers of XIX-XX centuries took his grandmother.However, those who did not hear about it, ask questions about who this woman was.Why she took care of?What was the name of Lermontov's grandmother?This article will try to find answers.

Always there, always on the side of

During childhood and adulthood future writer on its share dropped a lot of tests - even in infancy mother died, leaving her son in the care of relatives.Father they are not engaged, and therefore training assumed that which truly loved him.

grandmother Lermontov What was the name?It was incredibly strong-willed, strong woman, which composed legends who knew everyone in the neighborhood, but that was always somewhere in t

he side.Why is she doing this?I did not want to once again remind yourself, distracting her grandson, who was involved in the works.After the death of the poet its role in his life will be re-reviewed.Undoubtedly, this part is great, because, in fact, my grandmother will not only replace a mother, she has become a friend and assistant of Mikhail Yurevich.What was the name of Lermontov's grandmother?

Any beauty more good heart

Elizabeth A. Arsenyev was born in 1773.She was tall and rather awkward.It also can not be called beautiful, but its mind and business acumen could envy.The grandmother of the poet Lermontov belonged to the famous family Stolypin, her father was nominated for the post of manager of the Penza province.In addition to her own family had ten children.

In 1795, Elizabeth A. gave birth to her only daughter Mary.Because of her health problems for the female part of the husband - Mikhail - fell in love with her neighbor, landowner.The woman was not free, which eventually led to the decision of Mikhail take a deadly poison.

Left with her daughter, the future grandmother Lermontov, Elizabeth A., single-handedly control the name of which, I must admit, at that time, it was considered wealthy: available, there were about six hundred serfs, to which it relates very strongly.The severity and force of will largely manifested in the character and in the following years.

unhappy childhood

Maria M., daughter Elizabeth Alexeevna, married at seventeen and settled in the village Tarkhany, renamed later by the name of the writer.It was not very strong, so when approaching the date of birth, the husband drove her to Moscow.There, on the night of 14 on October 15, 1814 was born the future poet.A few days later, October 23 took place the baptism of Michael.Lermontov's grandmother, Elizabeth A., became his godmother.

Harmony in the family was short-lived.Referred by the dynasty of women's disease was the cause of discord between the parents of the future poet.They cooled each other;Yuri Petrovich started a short affair, and when the husband objected, began to beat her.Such a provision established in their home.This has contributed to the development of the disease has passed into a new disease - tuberculosis.After the death of Maria Mikhailovna in 1817 the father returned to his family estate, leaving his son to his grandmother.

spirited Elizabeth A. was trying to do everything for her grandson.Michael did not have a strong health, he suffered a scrofulous.Mindful of the fact that both are successors kind Lermontov's grandmother wanted to give all that he owed.So, she was released from the French Dr. Anselm Lewis, a Jew by birth, that he was watching Michael.Later, the writer's childhood and the influence of Elizabeth Alexeyevna will be reflected in many works, such as in "The Tale" and German "Menschen und Leidenschaften".However, Lermontov experienced constant loneliness.He had no friends, peers, those who might be like-minded, why he felt unhappy and lost.All his experiences, he transferred to the paper, which eventually took the form of vivid, dramatic poems and stories.

Attempts to find himself two sides of the nature and the fatal duel

future poet becomes an adult.With his father, Elizabeth A. Arsenyev, grandmother Lermontov, has signed an agreement under which it undertakes to educate before his sixteenth birthday.However, she loved him so much that in-law persuaded not to take Michael to himself, referring to the approaching old age.Mikhail agreed.

Writer traveled.Was the Caucasus, called at St. Petersburg, and from there to Stavropol and Pyatigorsk.There he met a retired Major General Nikolai Martynov.In recognition of the latter, between them were always disagreements, Lermontov never missed an opportunity to make a joke badly that once bothered Martynov.In his request to stop Lermontov said challenge to a duel.

known that the writer liked to shoot.The fatal duel took place July 27, 1841.In the basic version, the poet shot into the air, while his opponent - his chest.Two days after the funeral of the writer, which accounted for a large number of people who knew him.He was buried in Pyatigorsk.Elizabeth A. appealed to the emperor with a request to transfer to the village Tarkhany grave in which the poet spent his childhood.In the spring of 1842 it took the reburial of Lermontov.

Grandma stay forever

Even after death, she busied herself for her beloved to the grave human remains in his native village.What was the name of Lermontov's grandmother, the persistent selfless woman showing an example of the true feelings of light, which is able to experience a loving heart?Elizabeth A. went down in history as the first and the last woman in the life of the poet, devoted herself to raising and caring for it.

For her it was the only one in all senses.He guarded it from him she was waiting for new messages.After news of his death, Elizabeth A. not allowed to say aloud the name of the grandchild, or any other writer.Her health has suffered greatly, lost the use of his feet, until his death she honored the memory of Mikhail Yurevich.

Elizabeth A. survived almost his entire family - daughter, husband and grandson.She died in 1845, was buried in the family vault.In contrast to the monuments and busts grandson located in Pyatigorsk, Penza, St. Petersburg, Taman Tarkhany, Grozny, Kislovodsk, Moscow and even in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), it is not a monument.