Theory of Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" and its debunking

his novel "Crime and Punishment," Dostoevsky created the first, if we take into account only its ideological novels.In the center of the image - the main character Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov, which boil down all the threads of the story.Theory of Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" becomes binding and symbolic element, through which the product assumes the integrity and completeness.


young man who lives in a shabby rented closet, goes through the streets of St. Petersburg and plotting some business.While we do not yet know what Raskolnikov thinks, but by his morbid state clearly that it is a crime.He decides to kill the old woman pawnbroker.However, one murder leads to another.In order to eliminate a witness, he had to kill her younger sister Alyona Ivanovna - Lizaveta Ivanovna.When crime becomes unbearable life of the hero: he seemed hell of his own thoughts and emotions, he is afraid that it will open.As a result, Raskolnikov commits himself recognized, and he was sent to pr


Genre originality of the novel

brief retelling suggests that this novel can be regarded as a detective.However, this is too narrow a framework for deeper works of Dostoyevsky.After all, in addition to a thorough picture of the crime author has resorted to precise psychological sketches.Some researchers have unequivocally attributed to the genre of the ideological work of the novel, because the fore the theory of Raskolnikov.In the novel "Crime and Punishment" it becomes aware of it at once, just after the murder.However, with the first chapter it is clear that the hero is not just a maniac, his action reinforced by some rational reasons.

What pushes Raskolnikov to murder?

Firstly, the appalling living conditions.A former student, who was forced to drop out due to lack of money, Raskolnikov lives in cramped little room with broken wallpaper.His clothes look like, and that the other would be ashamed to wear this.The day before he receives a letter from his mother, in which she reported that his sister Dunya marrying a wealthy man who is older than her.Of course, it is pushing the need.The old woman pawnbroker as rich, but it is very stingy and evil.Raskolnikov thinks that her money would help a lot, not only to his family.Theory of Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" is supported by a secondary character - a student who sees the hero in the tavern.This student is talking to an officer.According to him, the old woman - ugly creature, it is not worthy to live, but her money would be divided between the poor and the sick.All of this reinforces the idea of ​​Raskolnikov, you need to kill.

Theory of Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment"

In what chapter we learn that the hero had his own theory?Porfiry Petrovich in the fifth chapter of the third part of the article speaks of Raskolnikov, which he wrote when still studying.This article, he cites the charges.After all, it Rodion divided the people into two categories: the right to have and loathsome creature.The first - the powers that be - could decide the fate, to influence the course of history.Second are the same material.Committed the murder of the old woman, Raskolnikov wants to prove to himself that he belongs to the first category.However, flour, which gives it a murder, say the opposite.In the end, we, the readers, it is clear that the theory of Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" is doomed to failure: it is inhuman.

idea of ​​duality in the novel

huge role in the disclosure of the nature and theory of Raskolnikov play the so-called heroes-doubles.They are many in the novel, but the most striking - and it Luzhin Svidrigailov.Thanks to these characters refuted the theory of Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment."The table shows the similarities and differences of the three characters.

criterion Luzhin Svidrigailov Raskolnikov
theory have to live for yourself, "to love oneself alone" man is allowed strong person can do as it sees fit.Weak (trembling creature) - a building material

Wishes to marry Dunya, to have the power

molested Dunya, bring a servant to suicide, he molested the girl overheard the recognition of Raskolnikov

kill an old woman-protsentschitsu and her sister

false accusations against Sonia

give money for orphans Marmeladovs

Helps Marmeladovs saves children from fire

took his own life samoubistvom

confessed tocrime

table shows that the most sinful of all three - Luzhin, because he did not admit his sins, do not make any good deed.Svidrigailov before his death he had also redeem all one good deed.

Raskolnikov hates and despises them both, because he sees the resemblance to them.All three of them are obsessed with the inhuman theories, all three sin.The most thought - the theory of Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment" (quote character to confirm this).He cynically calls the old woman "louse", said that he wanted to be Napoleon.

Everything that happens in the novel, refutes this idea.Even the behavior of the protagonist.A special role is also played in the novel Raskolnikov's dreams, particularly the last dream of the plague, thanks to which it becomes clear how pernicious theory of Raskolnikov in the novel "Crime and Punishment."The writing on this topic can not do without the decryption of this dream.If everyone thought like Raskolnikov, the world would have long since collapsed.


So, inhuman theory Raskolnikvoa in the novel "Crime and Punishment" is refuted by the author, which encourages people to live according to the laws of God.No rational reason can justify killing a man, whatever it was.