"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs": the main idea of ​​the beloved children's tale

Children's literature boasts many striking examples of which have found their place in the modern world.Who does not know "Rapunzel" and "Bremen Town Musicians"?"Smart Elsa" or "Cinderella"?These tales here for centuries occupied by bookshelves in almost every home, and their characters are the prototypes in various fields of art.No less love earned "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."It was written by more than one author, but two.As with other works, all of them belong to the German writer, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm.

Distant birth of white-skinned brunette beauty

history is not the only tale of the Brothers Grimm.But, of course, one of the most popular and recognized among readers worldwide.The image of deprived women, exiled from home evil stepmother are often subject to different interpretations, are used in music, painting, sculpture, and of course, film.In 1812, it was written a few years later supplemented by "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."The main idea of ​​its founders was of profound, w

hich included many important aspects.

Key components

any work, especially if it meant the younger generation, is obliged to carry a certain motive.By the way, are often similar tales to one's soul and adults, because inherent value over time do not disappear.On the contrary, such products tested for centuries and are considered heritage monuments.Was no exception, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", the main idea of ​​which included aspects of good and evil, love and hate, mythology and Christian theology that can be found throughout the narration.

"Snow White" is similar to the "Sleeping Beauty", invented by the brothers Grimm.The heroine also falls asleep and can wake from touching the king.Domestic literature can hold its parallel - witness the "Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights", which in 1833 established ASPushkin.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs": content and protagonists

Queen had long dreamed of a daughter.Her prayers were heard: the light appears a pretty little girl with snow-white skin, rosy cheeks and ash-black hair.After his mother's death the father of the girl marries a proud woman who should become her stepmother.Magic Mirror says that the beautiful Snow White in the whole world there is no one.The stepmother tries to get rid of the stepdaughter and even orders to kill her.

But Snow White save the forest gnomes, with whom she resides.But to protect the stepmother of do not have time - a beauty sleep, it may wake up in love with her king ...

antagonist tale stepmother acts, which is opposite to the Snow White duet.Snow White herself presented the romantic kind, dreaming of a prince and true love.Seven funny and not similar to each other gnomes are the independent character, and secondary - the other beasts of the forest, who had come to listen to Snow White and the magic mirror, which is in the hands of selfish mistress should ever say who on earth all the more beautiful.

interpretation of the story."Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs": the main idea

analyzing the product, you can find some interesting facts:

  • presence of symbolic motifs, objects (a poisoned apple, a magic mirror tells the truth about beauty), and the contrast key colors: red (blood) and white (snow);
  • the number 3 is repeated several times: three drops of blood on the snow, the appearance of three stepmother and three passed enchanted gift (belt, apple, comb);
  • number 7 is the number of peaks and the gnomes themselves, as well as a reference to other works of the Brothers Grimm;
  • image stepmother is a type of "black shadow", which aims to destroy and devour.

Antique subtext is also reflected in the fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs": heroes dwarfs symbolize celestial bodies and the seven days of the week.According to the researchers, their harmonious tandem with the white-skinned beauty device acts picture of heaven, in which the Earth is surrounded by seven bodies that are its defenders.As well as going through the story - Snow White runs into dwelling gnomes, tells his sad story, and they agree to help her, loving and protecting her.

Yet the main idea of ​​the fairy tale is simple enough: the love and kindness.Even after more than one century, Snow White identified with the source of light and truth, who are willing to generously share with the world.Although the stepmother unjustly received with respect to the step-daughter, this simple woman with a good heart he has found the strength not to become embittered.No one was indifferent to such a delicate and profound work, like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", the main idea of ​​which is as follows: do not do evil, be friendly to the people around you.And welcome to you be sure to come back!


adaptation of the work is not just tolerated filmmakers on the big screen.Known adaptation of a cartoon version of the Disney studio in 1937.The most recent - a feature film of 2012, "Mirror Mirror", designed in the genre of comedy.