Drinking Chichikov to Manilov.

Nikolai Gogol - a recognized classic of Russian literature.And the greatest names in it one way or another connected with innovation.In this sense, Nikolai no exception.For example, the product of "Dead Souls", he called the poem, though it is written in prose, not poetry.He thus stressed the importance of his creation.The poem, recall - a poetic volume work that has a wide coverage of the events presented, as well as the depth of content.However, innovation is not limited to Gogol.

critical realism of Gogol

in Russian literature with the emergence of satirical works created by this author, is strengthened while in realistic literature critical direction.Gogol's realism saturated withering, accusatory force - this is its main difference from his contemporaries and predecessors.The artistic method the writer was an appropriate name.It is called critical realism.Gogol is a new sharpening of the main traits of the characters.Hyperbole becomes his favorite method.This reinforces the impression of an e

xaggerated image of the main features.

Head of Manilov among other heads of the landowners

Before we consider the ratio of Chichikov to Manilov, briefly describe the structure of the work, the role in it of these two characters.The heads of the landowners - an important part of the poem.They paid more than half of the first volume.Gogol arranged them in a manner that is strictly thought out: first - Manilow, extravagant dreamer, which replaces thrifty housewife Capsule;Nozdryov last contrasted, bounder, a ruined landowner;then again, should turn to the landlord-kulak - economic Sobakevich.Closes gallery Plyushkin - miser, embodying an extreme degree of degeneration of the class.

techniques used by the author

We notice while reading a work that the author repeats the tricks in the image of each of the landowners.First is a description of the village houses, the appearance of a hero.Then follows the story of how he reacted to the proposal Chichikov.Then there is the image of the hero's relationship to each of the landowners, and finally, the stage of sale.This is no accident.A vicious circle created by the author of techniques to show the backwardness and conservatism of provincial life, bounded and closed landlords.He emphasizes death and stagnation.

Feature Chichikov, his attitude to Manilov

Chichikov, almost to the last chapter of the work is left to the reader to a stranger.The main character throughout the book about himself does not say anything.Activities of this person turns around just buying dead souls.One gets the feeling that he himself can be attributed to them.Other characters also add to this number.Human nature in its own distorted each of them, which is reflected in the poem "Dead Souls".

Chichikov image belongs to the type of "average person."Passion for profit it replaces everything else.For landlords it belongs according to their behavior in relation to the transaction.The main thing for him - to get the dead souls.To those who easily gives him that opportunity, it is greatly appreciated.We'll see an example Manilow ("Dead Souls").Image of Chichikov in accordance with the tradition of Gogol hyperbolically depicts one main feature.In his case, it is a passion for profit.Committed a crime, Chichikov to be a subtle psychologist and physiognomist.However, he sees only a partial heroes that Gogol seeks to build a common, generic.That sums up the images - it is characteristic of the author.Drinking Chichikov to Manilov, as well as to other landowners, entirely built on the degree of successful business relationships.

image Manilow

About Manilov, courteous and "very courteous" landlords, we learn from the first chapter of "Dead Souls".The author depicts the appearance of the character, emphasizing his eyes, "sweet as sugar."Manilow show character in a special manner of speaking, to use a delicate turns of speech.Ignorance of this hero of the people, his magnanimity revealed when he assesses the city officials as "prelyubezneyshim" and "prepochtenneyshim" people.This is characteristic of Manilow.

Gogol step by step inexorably exposes the banality of this person.Satire replaced by irony.Children of the landowner (Themistoclus and Alcides), named after the ancient Greek commanders, in order to show that their parents are educated.Manilov tearfully placid, devoid of real feelings and thoughts live.The landlord himself is a dead soul, doomed to destruction like all autocratic feudal system of our country at that time.Socially dangerous, harmful "Manilovs."Their management can expect the saddest economic consequences.

Two faces Manilow

what is the attitude of Chichikov to Manilov?He is familiar with this seemingly nice man at the governor's ball.The protagonist immediately gets him an invitation to visit his estate - Manilovka.After this there is a meeting with Chichikov Manilov in the village.

first impression of the protagonist: it is a nice guy.However, subsequently the characteristic changes of the landowner.We look at it through the eyes already Gogol, who says he is "neither Bogdan in town nor village Selifan."Tucked behind the outer sugary this man as we see selfishness and callousness that reveals the author's characterization of Manilow.The landlord is busy only his own person.He was not watching the economy.Head of the Department of the housekeeper and the steward in his household thrives theft.Not particularly interested in this character.Leisure him fully occupied with dreams unfulfilled and empty thoughts.He speaks very little and wonder what's on his mind.Always on the table was a book that the landlord, which was founded on the same page.Incomplete reigned even in the setting of his home.For many years, he was part of the seat, upholstered matting, lacking furniture in some rooms.It reveals the character of the landlord could not be better.Manilow - rather a collective image, rather than a specific person.It represents landlords belonging to the era of Nicholas.

Cabinet Manilow

continue the analysis of the episode "Chichikov at Manilov."After a long lunch with many compliments to the visitors and hosts communication passes to the next stage.Chichikov starts business offer.Description Cabinet Manilow shows how he is not actually located in any whatsoever work.Chair, four chairs, walls painted gray or blue paint.But most of all tobacco.It is located in a different corner cabinet in various forms.Throughout the desolation and confusion reign.

Dreams Manilow

turns in the course of conversation, that even the landlord has no idea about the number of dead in his peasants.For him there are more important things than farming.He dreams of building a large bridge over the river, which will be sold to farmers every trifle merchants.At Manilow has a desire to alleviate the plight of serfdom, but taking care of it in practice will not be realized.Chichikov so it was not possible to find out the number of dead souls at this person.But that does not stop him.

how to respond to the proposal Chichikov Manilov

interesting reaction to the proposal Chichikov Manilov.This figure immediately dropped to the floor pipe and opened his mouth, and remained in this position for a few minutes.Very confused landowner.Only the assurances of the legality of such an operation led him a little feeling.Manilow too stupid to catch Chichikov fraud, but agrees, however, "uninteresting" to convey the dead souls.Of course, this statement is very pleased with the guest.Chichikov uttered the landlord a lot of thanks, "impelled by gratitude."Immediately Manilow forgets the turmoil.

It has by and large do not care what guests need dead souls.He is pleased that the service was a pleasant person.This is the landowner Manilov.Completing the scene of the visit, Gogol wrote that a long time shook hands with each other, and the two friends looked one another in the eye, which brought tears.An interesting detail that clearly characterizes and that, and another.Drinking Chichikov to Manilov in this final scene is revealed fully.The deal was given to him very easily.