The history of volleyball.

Until the early 1930s on the international arena volleyball neglected part of leisure and recreation.The history of the game, "volleyball" in different continents is not the same as in different parts of the world there are different rules.However, national championships were played in many countries (for example, in Eastern Europe, where the level was high enough).Thus, volleyball became more and more competitive sports, are characterized by high technical and physical activity.How it all began?

volleyball Father William G. Morgan

progenitor of today's popular game was born in 1870 in the city of Lockport New York, where he spent his childhood years, attending public school and working on his father's boat on the shore of the old Erie Canal.In 1891, fate brought the young Morgan James A. Naismith, who was to become the founder of basketball.After completing preparatory school in Northfield, Morgan continued his education at the International Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), the Springfield

(now Springfield College).In Springfield young talent, honing athletic skills, participated in part of the famous college football team under the leadership of A. Alonzo Stagg, one of the "Grand Masters of football."In 1894, after graduation, Morgan agreed with the proposal of the director and the association took a similar position coach in Holyoke Massachusetts.It was at this time was based on the history of volleyball.Briefly we can say that it is thanks to James A. Naismith, Morgan got a chance to ignite their star on the sports field.

game for people of middle age?

in 1895 to the director William.G. Morgan dilemma: athletic skills and training in the necessary amount should be getting people of any age, but the new-found game of basketball became popular only in children.For local dealers middle age it was too hard because a lot of energy-consuming and can not relax.Before Morgan was a problem - you need to come up with such exercise, in which you can play with pleasure and after work and during lunch break.How to determine the formulation of the problem itself Morgan: "The game should be a strong sporting pulse, but without the aggressive physical contact."

Then he decided to create a symbiosis of several games, to take the best and make something new;This is the way of development of the past history of the game.Volleyball includes elements of basketball (ball), tennis (mesh), handball (use the manual feed slot the ball from a distance), baseball (the concept of innings).All skills successfully embodied in the game "mintonet" as if it was called by the creator.Although first recognized the game was incomplete, yet it was successful enough to win an audience at a sports conference of directors YMCA, held in Springfield.

History of Volleyball states that it is at this conference, Dr. Alfred Halstead, Professor Sprinfildskogo College, offered in the name of the game as the word "volleyball".

amendments and revision of the rules

considerable number of changes to the past history of volleyball game to come down to us in such a manner, as we know it today.As already mentioned, first of all, changed the original name of the game.Agree, it would be difficult to imagine Karch Kiraly (US volleyball player, 3-time Olympic champion in classical and beach volleyball), playing on the beach in mintonet!The number of players was also changed: initially the team was allowed to have as many players as could fit on half 10x5 meter area, namely nine.However, after the innovation the number decreased to 6 people in a team.

early games in the gym Morgan had played ball with rubberized camera.But in 1896 a sports company "Spalding" has released the first official volleyball, and by 1900, a standard form and weight goals were almost identical to those dimensions that are used today.

grid was considerably higher than in recent games to make more challenging the game of volleyball.Rules of the game and the history of development since then significantly modified.Today, the height of the grid is 2.43 m and 2.24 m slightly more than for women.In accordance with the original rules volleyball team was to score 21 points to win, and in 1917 this number was reduced to 15. Also in 1922, the number of authorized touches the ball is limited to three.

Volleyball outside the US

Although the history of the emergence of volleyball evolved quite slowly for the first few years, he quickly spread beyond America thanks to representatives of sports associations, which are often attended missionary schools in Asia.Playing in a short time has taken pride of place among the eastern games, and already in 1913 the volleyball caught in Russia.During international competition, which started in 1950, Russia was the dominant team and showed good results.In Europe, everywhere interested in volleyball during the First World War.

In 1913, the history of volleyball has evolved in Asia efficiently, this is the year the game was included in the program of the first Far Eastern Games, organized in Manila.It should be noted that for a long time in Asia played on outdated rules, which meant a team of 16 players (for more people, and promotion of the game).

The largest sport has gained in popularity after the authorities were created management and representation.In 1928 there Volleyball Association of the United States in was renamed the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).In 1949, the first men's soccer in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Popularity Index

Growth of volleyball players are continuously growing, as the article tells the story in 1916, written by Robert K. Kabbunom with the participation of "Spalding".According Kabbuna, the number of players reached a total of 200 000 people, of whom youth groups are as follows: in the YMCA (boys, young men and older people) - 70 000 people. In YWCA (girls and women) - 50 000 schools (boys and girls) - 25 000 people.and in colleges (boys) 10 000 people.

In 1916, the organization YMCA managed to induce a strong increase in the popularity of the game among students of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), published a set of rules and a series of articles about volleyball.

from the gym to the sand

In 1940, developed a different style of volleyball.Teams of two to four players to compete on impromptu competitions on the sandy beaches of California, and soon the best teams began to travel up or down the coast to meet in matches against other teams.The first beach volleyball tournament held in California in 1948

major success for beach volleyball came after the television broadcast of the championship held at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. The story of the game was marked by stunning success FIVB Swatch World Tour, and beach volleyballIt has opened a brand new road to the international level.

Beach Volleyball beach volleyball association was founded in 1965 with the aim of differentiation and standardization of rules and official tournaments.By 1976, the best players competed for prize money as recognized athletes in 1983 male volleyball players formed the Association of Professionals (AVP).For a prize pool of athletes recognized as the best players compete in volleyball.The women formed their own association in 1986.

When Olympic volleyball star began to hold competitions on the beaches, the sport became more popular.Beach volleyball has spread from California to Florida and then in other countries, even those that do not have beaches.In some areas, we play indoors on sand arenas.By 1993, beach volleyball has become so popular in the United States, the tournament was broadcast on national television.

In 1987, the first international match between the two men's teams (volleyball).Women have played the first tournament of such a plan in 1993

Gold awards

Very quickly it became apparent that not only fell in love with volleyball men of middle age as originally conceived, but also young girls.The first US national volleyball championship for women was played in 1949, 54 years after the birth of the game.The first international competition in Moscow for women conducted in 1952

Today, male and female competitions in classical and beach volleyball are part of the Olympic Games.For the first time it became an Olympic sport in 1964 in Japan.The host country - Japan and the Soviet Union met in the final of the leaders, and Soviet athletes took gold in the women's category.In the men's category in volleyball also had the advantage of the Soviet Union, after winning the first Olympic Games, our athletes have won medals in each of the next five games.US men's volleyball team was able to win the 1984 and 1988 GG

History and development of volleyball in the sand came much later of the classic game.Beach volleyball became an Olympic sport in Atlanta in 1996 only (in the tournament between the United States, Brazil and Australia).

During the last decade, the game has received a new round of development in the sports arena with great success international competitions such tournaments as the Championship FIVB World, World League, FIFA World Grand Prix, the Olympic Games.

Volleyball Russia

Although volleyball was invented in America, in Russia, the game quickly caught on and fell in love.So much so, that in Germany it was called the Russian folk.And no wonder, because it is the Russian champions gave the game unique properties: agility, athleticism, speed.Back in 1920, with the participation of American trainers in several Russian cities were organized volleyball teams, and in 1922, became interested in the sport in Moscow, including it in the curriculum.Young athletes everywhere have begun to compete in this sport.In all the republics of the Soviet Union has earned the recognition game, especially since its inclusion in the Olympics.Soviet champions 4 times took gold at the World Cup, 6 times became winners of international championships and won 12 times in Europe.

After the Soviet collapse in the history of the Russian volleyball ends.In 1991 it was established All-Russian Volleyball Federation, which has preserved the knowledge of the Soviet instructors.In 1993, the men's team takes part in the World League, which occupies the second place.In the same year in Turku athletes get a bronze medal at the intercontinental tournament.This is followed by a series of misfortunes until 1999 when the team coach appears GY SHipulin to which team gets the silver medal at the European tournament and wins the World Cup.Path to Lavrov was very difficult, because the Russian team confronted the strongest team of the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Yugoslavia.Volleyball Russia blossomed again only in 2002, when the team earned the victory in the World League.

next event - the World Cup and the Olympics in Beijing - were marked by good results in the game, and the decisive defeat in the final tournament, and yet stable Bronze accompanied the athletes.2012-2013 years are marked by new stellar victories for Russia - at the Olympic Games in 2012 and the European Championship.

volleyball history in numbers.The most important events and dates

1895 William G. Morgan (1870-1942) creates a volleyball game.

1896 is developed and put into production the ball for volleyball.

1922: The first national championships were held in Brooklyn, New York, which was attended by 27 teams from 11 countries.

1928, it is clear that the rules are necessary and tournaments.Formed the American Association of Volleyball.

1930s: the emergence of beach volleyball on the beaches of Santa Monica, California.

1934 approval and recognition of national volleyball referees.

1947: founded the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB);officially documented history and the rules of volleyball.

1948: the first beach tournament.

1949: The International Championships in Prague.

1964 volleyball included in the list at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

1965 formed Beach Volleyball Association (CBVA).

1983: creation of the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP).

1996: beach volleyball made its debut as an Olympic sport.

1997: Dain Blanton became the first African-American professional player in beach soccer, get a win in the tournament Miller Lite / AVP.

2007: Karch Kiraly reserves stellar career, leaving behind an indelible mark.Kiraly - is history of volleyball.Briefly we can say about his achievements that he won the tournament for 24 years, his team reaching the semifinals in more than 75% of all the championships, in which he participated.