Summary of the "Three Sisters" by Chekhov heads

Chekhov's play "Three Sisters", which was written in 1900, immediately aroused a lot of controversy and contradictory opinions of critics.On the product still say it is examined and interpreted in the spirit of modern trends.

Happiness - the basis of all

Summary of the "Three Sisters" you can put in a few phrases.This is a play about the distant and almost unattainable happy future, about which dream sisters.They dream of a bright day, but it does not make any effort, so they came.Their whole life is in illusions and fantasies.As a result, there comes a complete disappointment.

This piece is rightfully occupies a worthy place in the world drama."Three Sisters" was successfully put on stages around the world.And in Japan, America, Europe, and Australia knows who wrote the "Three Sisters."Because the theme of the play rises forever.

"Three Sisters."Chekhov.Summary

The play takes place in a small provincial town, in the house of the Prozorov.The main character works - three sisters.The names of

the sisters - Irina Maria and Olga.

The play begins with the birth of the youngest sister, Irina.She will be 20 years.She has a presentiment of the positive changes and openly speaks about it: "I do not know why in my heart so light ...".Autumn family plans to move to Moscow.The sisters believe that their brother Andrew to go to university.The general mood - lifting and joy, a foretaste of the good changes in life.

Apathy and disillusionment

Summary "The Three Sisters" in the second act.The mood is very different from the first.It replaced the optimism and joy comes disappointment and lack of confidence in a good future.The tone of the narrative becomes a minor.Andrew did not find a place of sadness and boredom.He does not like his job.Being secretary of district council - so prosaic and banal.After all, he dreamed of a professorial career in Moscow.

heroine Masha experienced bitter disappointment in their own husband.Previously, she considered it "terrible scientist, smart and important", but is now experiencing outright boredom in the company of his friends from school.

dissatisfied with Irina - work for the Telegraph seems nepoetichnym and it is not sublime.

Olga returned from school - it is also not in the spirit, she had a headache.

In the dark location Vershinin.He believes that happiness in life, but there is only monotonous work is not satisfying.Even CHEBUTIKIN who tries to be witty and cheer up others, recognizes that "... loneliness is a terrible thing ...»

Troubled premonitions

It's been three years since the birth of Irene. The first action takes place in the afternoon, there were hopes for changes for thethe better.

third action is preceded by remarks that offstage sounds alarm - a fire broke out. The house Prozorov going to the people who are saved from the fire.

Irina disappointed and just crying. She is aware that they will never leave to Moscowthat life is in the bustle of the small things. The product "Three Sisters" takes on a tinge of tragedy and despair.

Mary think about the meaning of life: "Somehow we will live our lives, which of us would?" She weeps bitterly Andrew.He says that when he married, he believed that everyone will be happy.

But the great disappointment experienced TUZENBACH. He admits that three years ago, he imagined a happy life!

CHEBUTIKIN left in the bout.Bruised, insecurity, loss of optimism - that a summary of the "Three Sisters" in the third act.

dreary Autumn time

mood heroes set off the weather.Autumn comes, fly south migratory birds, like leaving this hopeless region.He goes out of town to another place of dislocation and an artillery brigade.Officers come to say goodbye before leaving with his family Prozorov.And the city even more desolate without this noisy group of young people.

Chekhov successfully conveys the general gloom of the main characters through subtle remarks on the weather, on the departing birds for departing officers.

Mary decides to part with Vershinin.Yes, she was very fond of him, but is now experiencing disappointment.Olga has become a boss gymnasium, but the thought of Moscow, do not leave it.She is aware that there never will be.

Irina despair.In desperation she decides to accept the marriage proposal Tuzenbach, retired.

CHEBUTIKIN with emotion: "Fly, my dear, you fly to God!»

Broken dreams

Summary "The Three Sisters" does not convey the pain and the depths of despair, which are present in the play.Each replica, every word suggests a large inner tragedy that the characters are going through.

Salty love with Irina, he deliberately quarrel with the Baron, and then calls him to a duel and kills him.

coerced by Andrew.It does not seek to change their lives.He can only inquire into nowhere, why life is gray, and the people are so lazy and uninteresting.The climax of the play

Chekhov's play "Three Sisters" deeply tragic and hopeless.Its climax comes when the military leave the city.In the air, hear the sounds of a military march.And Olga Frankly, that seems to be a little bit more, a little more, and everyone will know what they live, what destiny of each.

curtain falls.The action ended.Nothing can not be changed.

Such is a summary of the "Three Sisters."But the depth and magnitude of this literary work lies in the fact that for a long time after the end of the play we can argue about the meaning of life, try to understand what the characters did wrong when they make a mistake, why their life has gone in such a scenario.

reasons of failures

If asked to name the most hopeless critics work in Russian drama, surely many will allocate "Three Sisters" (Chekhov).Summary of the play conveys the despair of the characters and the inability to change their destiny.Circumstances are such that the characters seemed to fall into an invisible cage, from which escape is impossible.They are smart, talented, ambitious, they want to change the world, but something prevents them from off the ground and start over.They expect that the circumstances do change and do not make any effort to get better.They live in the anticipation of change and do not want to turn off the beaten track.Because even boring, though interesting, but it is so convenient.And do not make any mental or physical movements.

Vulgarity bourgeois way of a good description of Andrew.He argues that the city two hundred years.And over the past two centuries, people "... just eat, drink, sleep, and then die ... others will be born, and also eat, drink, sleep and not to go silly from boredom, to diversify his life nasty gossip, vodka, cards, litigation ...»

Heroes blame their failures of others. But for yourself is not able to look critically at themselves. They feel that they are worthy of a better life, but do not realize that they themselves are mired in vulgarity philistine world.

By and large they are notcommand respect. There is compassion, but sometimes they want to push, force to break away from their small microcosm and start acting.