Manilow: description ("Dead Souls").

Last Manilow makes one think of something sweet, serene.It comes from the word "lure" that ironically plays with the author.In this form of Gogol creates a parody of the feature of the Russian character, a tendency to dreams and inaction.

Manilow, characteristic of which is a significant part of the narrative, however, can be described very briefly and clearly: a man betwixt.

the characters

His character can not be determined unambiguously.

Manilow impractical and good-natured, ill-leading economy, estate matters he knows drinking steward.This led to the fact that he had not benefited from the sensitive issue on which he was approached Chichikov.Manilow just presented him with the dead souls, to amuse, however, their vanity that person could provide an invaluable service.This character - a complete opposite of the materialist Sobakevich.

Manilow, whose characteristic can be defined by words such as detachment, indifference, love in the clouds, with his dreams have absolutely no relation to re


Initially, he makes a very good impression, but then the other party opens its emptiness.With it becomes dull and sickly, as Manilow does not have its point of view, but only supports the conversation trite phrases.

He does not have the life forces that make doing things.

There is an opinion that is expressed by D. Likhachev, which became the prototype Manilow Nicholas himself first.Perhaps academician meant not brought to its logical conclusion the abolition of serfdom, in which, however, are often held meetings of the commissions.

Appearance Manilow

Even the appearance of the hero exudes sweetness cloying.As the author, his features were pleasant, but the pleasure was too sugar.

first impression of the landowner makes a positive, but only so long as the talk.Manilow, whose characteristic seemingly has nothing negative, unpleasant to the author, who gives us his sense ironic attitude.

Care and Education Hero

This sentimental gentleman, in which pleasantness "too was transferred to sugar," she considers herself an educated man, a noble and well-mannered.This does not prevent him, however, for two consecutive years to keep a bookmark in the book on the 14th page.

It filled Manilow kind words, and rather resembles the chirping.His manner could be described as good, if not excessive finesse and delicacy, brought to the point of absurdity.Manilow abused by words such as "allow", "dear", "prepochtenneyshy" overly positive about the officials said.

also impossible not to notice the abundance of his speech indefinite pronouns and adverbs: sort of, some, that way, some.When he says something, it becomes clear that his plans will not come true.The nature of the arguments Manilow makes it clear that his fantasies have no relation to reality.So, he dreams about a neighbor who could talk to him about "courtesy of the good treatment."

think about real life, and even more so, to act, he can not.
Fanciful names of children Manilow, and Alcides Themistoclus also underscore the desire to appear sophisticated and refined.

Such landowner Manilov."Dead Souls" - characteristic of Russian society of the 19th century.Comparison of the author of this hero with "too clever minister" points to the hypocrisy of the highest representatives of the government.

positive qualities Manilow

this hero Gogol still can not be called negative.He is full of enthusiasm sincere sympathy to the people hospitable.

Manilow loves his family, his wife and children.With his wife at his warm and, of course, very sweet relationship, "Rasin, darling, your mouth, I'll put this piece" - so says the wife of Manila.Characteristic of this character can not be imbued with sweetness.

Leisure hero

Manilow All classes are reduced to living in a fantasy world.He prefers to spend time in the "temple of solitary reflection" and building designs that will never materialize.For example, he wants to spend an underground passage from the house or build a stone bridge across the pond.

day long dreaming landowner Manilov."Dead Souls" - characteristic of dead heroes landowners whose lifestyle shows degradation of humanity.It should be noted that this figure, unlike the others, has some appeal.

Comparative characteristics of Oblomov and Manilow

Unlike Manilow, Goncharov's character is not new in Russian literature.Oblomov can be put on a par with Onegin and Pechorin, who also had great potential, but could not implement it.

as heroes of Pushkin and Lermontov, and image recreated Goncharov, real sympathy of the reader.Gogol's hero, of course, something similar to Ilya Ilyich, but compassion and the affection does not cause.

Oblomov and Manila, comparative characteristics which so often held the students at school, really a lot alike.In the image of the hero of the novel Goncharova, perhaps, even less foreign speakers: it from morning till night lying on the couch, building projects to improve the situation in his estate, thinks and dreams.His plans do not reach realization, because he is so lazy that sometimes does not get off the couch in the morning to wash.

terms "Manilovism" and "Oblomovism" put in a row, but they do not represent the same thing.Synonymous with "Oblomovism" is "lazy.""Manilovism" best defined the concept of "vulgarity".What is the difference

Oblomov and Manila?Comparative characteristics of these two characters can not bypass this point, the difference in the level of intelligence and depth of the personality of the two protagonists.Manilow superficial, trying to please everyone, he does not have his own opinion.Ilya Ilyich, on the contrary, deep and personal development.The hero of Goncharov is capable of a very serious judgment, he is not afraid of being misunderstood (the scene with Penkin), moreover, it is really a good man.Manilow correct to describe the word "good-natured."

Feature Oblomov Manilow and similar characters in relation to the issues of farming.Ilya Ilyich mulls response to an unpleasant elders obtained a few years ago, reflects on the transformation plan in the affairs of the estate.I must say that such letters violate its peace Oblomov receives annually.

Manilov economy is also not doing it conducted itself.On offer clerk enter any transformation, the master replied: "Yes, not bad."Very often Manilow immersed in empty daydreaming about how nice it would be ...

For some reason, readers likable hero of Goncharov?The fact that the original Manilow, as the Gogol seems a nice person, but it is worth to talk with him a little longer as you start to feel a deadly boredom.Oblomov, in contrast, it did not initially produces a very good impression, but later, opening with the best hand, wins universal sympathy and the sympathy of readers.

In conclusion, it should be noted that Manilow - happy man.He is satisfied with his serene way of life, he has a lovely wife and children.Oblomov deeply unhappy.In his dreams he struggles with slander, lies and other vices of human society.